Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 39


The episode starts with Ragini coming to the hospital, she sees Aahana, Swara goes to the wash room,
Ragini: What happened?
Aahana: Mamma, my friend met with an accident while saving a puppy and Ved Bhai gave her blood.
Ragini: Where is she?
Dr: We have shifted her to the ward, you can meet her now.
Ragini: Is she okay?
Dr: Yes she’s out of danger. Are you the mother of the patient?
Before Ragini could say anything the Dr gets called and he leaves.
Ragini: Arohi, take the children hotel, I’ll come with Ved.
Arohi nods yes,
Aahana: But Mamma….
Ragini: Beta, you’re a good girl Na? Don’t bother Mausi and listen to her.
Aahana: Okay.
Riya: Aai, I’ll stay with you…
Ragini: No…who will help Arohi? You all go.
They nod and Arohi heads out with the children.
Ragini goes to meet Aaradhya.

Arohi is walking out, she then looks up and sees Abhi outside in the car park talking on the phone and gets shocked.
Arohi: A…Abhi’s alive?
Ayaan: Mamma…why did we stop?
Tears fall out of Arohis eyes,
Ayaan: Mamma, why are you crying?
Arohi: You stay here, I’ll be back. Riya…take care of them.

Arohi heads towards Abhi, she then taps his shoulder, he while talking on the phone looks there, she slaps him hard across the face which made him drop his phone and everyone look there, including Ayaan, Aahana, Riya and Aaisha.
Abhi: What the hell?!
He looks up and sees Arohi.
Abhi: Arohi?
Arohi nods her head and gives a disgusted look.
Arohi: You’re alive?
Abhi: Haa.
Arohi: And you didn’t tell me?
Abhi: It was too late, you were gone and after 8 years I’m seeing you.
Ayaan comes there,
Ayaan: Mamma, what happened?
Abhi sees him,
Arohi: Nothing beta, come lets go, you shouldn’t stay here with these type of people.
Before Abhi could say anything Arohi leaves with Ayaan and the children, Abhi looks on,
Abhi: I wish I could stop you but I have to do Shauryas work.
He then picks his phone up,
Abhi: It broke! What a slap man! She directly broke my phone. But I will clear the misunderstanding later.
Abhi sees a man and borrows his phone,
Abhi: What the hell? What was need to publish it in the front page of the magazine?!
Guy: Sorry sir, it was an order.
Abhi: Assume you’re company got sued!
Abhi disconnects the call and hands the phone back to that man.
Man: Sir if young mind can I ask why Ma’am slapped you?
Abhi looks at him: No no why don’t you ask for the life history too!

Then it shifts to inside the hospital,
Ved is shocked to see Laksh,
Laksh: Hi, I would like to say thanks to you.
Ved looks on confused and angry, just then the Dr comes in and starts checking Ved.

It then shifts to Ragini walking up to Aaradhya, she smiles looking at her,
Ragini: Why do I feel that I know her?
The nurse then leaves after checking her,
Ragini comes closer and sees her head, arm and leg covered with bandages, Aaradhya is sleeping.
Ragini then smiles seeing her, she touches her head and Aaradhya screams Mamma and wakes up. Ragini and Aaradhay look at each other.
Ragini: Beta…are you okay?
Aaradhya in her head: Arey, she’s the same Aunty who’s name and picture is forbidden in our house.
Ragini: What happened?
Aaradhya: R…Ragini?
Ragini gets shocked and looks at Aaradhya.
Ragini: How do you know my name?

Then it shifts to Ved and Laksh,
Dr: He’s feeling better, I must say that he’s a brave boy.
Laksh: Dr…did you do Aaradhyas operation?
Dr nods yes and Ved looks at him,
Laksh: Is she okay? I mean….
Dr: Yes Mr Maheshwari, your daughter is fine. In fact this boy saved her life but it’s a shocking news to find out that he’s not related to her because his and her blood matched and that type is found in family members and siblings.
Laksh looks at Ved and Ved gets shocked,
Ved in his head: Aaradhya is his daughter? Meaning she is…..
Laksh: Are you sure Dr?
Dr nods yes and says excuse me and leaves.
Laskh: What is your name?
Ved thinks.
Laksh: It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.
Ved: Is Aaradhya your daughter?
Laksh nods yes.
Laksh: I’ll quickly meet her and thank you for saving her.
Laksh goes and Ved looks in with anger and teary eyes.

It shifts to Shaurya and Antara,
Shaurya ignores her and leaves,
Antara: Shau…Shaurya!
He gets in his car and heads home.
Tears fall out of Antaras eyes and she looks on.

It shifts back to Aaradhya and Ragini.
Aaradhya: S..so you are Ragini?
Ragini nods yes,
Ragini: How do you know?
Aaradhya: Th..there is your picture in our house.
Ragini gets confused,
Laksh opens the door, Aaradhya looks there,
Aaradhya: Papa..?
Ragini turns around and sees him gone, he is talking on the phone outside. Laksh sees Swara and signals her to go in. Swara nods and goes in.
Aaradhya sees her: B..Badi Maa?
Ragini turns around and gets shocked to see Swara, Swara also gets shocked.
Swara: Ragini..?
Ragini: Swara.
Ragini gets up and hugs Swara. Swara hugs her back.
Swara: Where did you go Ragini? Why did you leave your Swara and go?
Ragini: I’m sorry Swara…what did I have left after all that?
Swara: Forget me but you also left your daughter.
Ragini and Aaradhya get confused.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at her,
Ragini: What do you mean?
Swara points at Aaradhya,
Swara: Your Aaradhya…. Your blood…your daughter.
Ragini gets shocked,
Ragini: But she….
Swara: No, come with me.
Swara opens the door and shows Ragini Laksh, Laksh looks up and also sees Ragini and gets shocked, he drops his phone. Ragini also gets shocked.
Ragini: Laksh?
Laksh: Ragini?
Aaradhya: Maa? What’s going on?
Laksh: You’re alive?!
Ragini: So you survived meaning my daughter…
Ragini turns around and rushes to Aaradhya and kisses her, Laksh picks his phone up and enters the room,
Ragini: Aaradhya…
Aaradhya: Papa…Badi Maa, I’m confused.
Swara: She is your Mamma.
Aaradhya: What?
Ragini nods yes, Aaradhya gets teary eyes and avoids contact with Ragini.
Aaradhya: Tell her to go away!
Ragini, Laksh and Swara are shocked.
Aaradhya: I’m serious! If she loved me then where was she all these years? My Papa is and will remain my everything! I don’t need a mother, I’m happy without her!
Ragini gets heartbroken and looks at Laksh.
Swara: You two go outside and sort out the misunderstandings and talk…I’ll stay here with Aaradhya.

Ragini walks out lifeless and Laksh also goes out, they reach the garden outside the hospital and sits on the bench and cries, Laksh looks at her, Abhi sees Ragini and also gets shocked, he was about to go there but stops and says they need time alone and goes inside to check on Aaradhya.

Laksh: Ragini….where were you 8 years ago?
Ragini doesn’t respond and cries,
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini: Enough!
Ragini stands up and faces towards him.
Ragini: Enough Mr Laksh Maheshwari! Weren’t you happy after separating my daughter from me? Now she hates me and you must be celebrating from the inside Na?!
Laksh: Enough! You also seperate day my son and daughter from me! Wasn’t that enough for you and now you want to separate Aaradhya from me?
Ragini: No…
Laksh: Then think before you speak, what you said also hurted me! I..I thought you died with my other daughter and you thought I died with Aaradhya but I survived and you were gone so how is it my fault and maybe Ved and my other daughter hate me!
Ragini: No…
Laksh: How do you know? What Aaradhyas feeling must be what they’re feeling.
Ragini: My daughter hates me…
Laksh: My son and daughter hates me too. You’re not the only one that’s being hated by there children! You got only 1, I have 2.
Ragini: Stop it Laksh…
Laksh: Now what did I do? I was saying the truth!
Ragini: Laksh?! You haven’t changed…you still enjoy annoying me!
Laksh: You remembered?
Ragini: Why?
Laksh: I should ask you Why too!
Ragini: They don’t hate you!
Laksh: You never know!
Ragini: I’m taking my daughter with me!
Laksh: You can’t do that!
Ragini: Why? Who are you to stop me?
Laksh: The father!
Ragini: Well I don’t care, I’m taking her and I hate you!
Laksh: I hate you too! But I’m not letting you take her! In fact I’m taking my other daughter and Ved!
Ragini: You wouldn’t dare!
Laksh: You haven’t seen what I would do yet!
Ragini: Your acts still haven’t changed after 8 years! After betraying me, deceiving and lying to me you’re still not satisfied, now you want to take my children away from me?
Laksh: I will!
Ragini: I wouldn’t let you!
Laksh: I will win their trust and get them on my side from under your nose and you wouldn’t be able to do anything!
Ragini: Challenging me?
Laksh: Haa.
Ragini: Well you two listen Mr Laksh Maheshwari, I will take my daughter and wouldn’t let you take Ved or Aahana!
Laksh: Aahana? You named her Aahana? Thank you Ragini, now it will be easier for me to gain her trust!
Ragini: Try! You wouldn’t succeed!
Laksh: She’s my daughter and I think I know how I will handle my daughter! I will find Ved difficult but I will get him!
Laksh puts his black sunglasses on and leaves smirking.
Laksh in his head: I would also try to get you back!
Ragini in her head: I wouldn’t let you separate me from my children!

2 days later:
Aaradhya gets discharged, Laksh is at the hospital and is talking to AP,
AP: Why didn’t you tell us before? We could’ve stayed with her but you…
Laksh: Mom…chill, she’s coming home.
AP nods and he disconnects the phone, AP thinks that he seems a bit changed and back.
Aaradhya: Papa, when are we going home?
Laksh: Don’t worry, very soon.
Ragini comes to the hospital with Aahana and gets shocked to see Laksh there and sees Aaradhya,
Aaradhya: Papa, I want to go home now.
Laksh sees Ragini and smirks,
He then sees Aahana,
Aahana: Hi.
Laksh: Hi princess, how are you?
Ragini gets shocked,
Aahana walks up to Aaradhya,
Aahana: How are you feeling?
Aahana: I’m feeling better now.
Aahana turns around to Ragini,
Aahana: Mamma…. Come Na!
Aaradhya hears this and thinks: Aahana is her daughter…is she my…my sister?
Laksh: How are you Aahana?
Aahana hugs him,
Aahana: I’m fine Papa…..what about you?
Laksh: I’m fine.
Ragini In her head: How did they meet?
Ragini: How do you know each other?
Aahana: Offo Mamma, he’s my Papa and we met in the park.
Ragini glares at Laksh.

It then goes into a flashback when Laksh reaches the park, he sees the children and says Aahana, she looks there, he signals her to come and starts taking to her and hugs and kisses her on the head. He also tells her that he’s her father, she gets shocked and doesn’t believe him, he tells her that he is Laksh Maheshwari and shows her pictures of him and Raginj and tells her how they got separated and she asks Arohi, Antara and Ved about her dad,
Ved says his name is Laksh…
Aahana then believes Laksh meets him again in the park just before he came to Aaradhya.
End of FB.

Ragini and Aaradhya are shocked,
Ragini: And you’re okay with it?
Aahana breaks the hug: Haa, it wasn’t his fault or your fault, it was the circumstances fault.
Aahana smiles at Aaradhya.
Aahana: Mamma, your daughter needs you….enough taking care of me, take care of your other daughter.
Aaradhya: No need! I’ve got my Daadi, Badi Maa and Choti Daadi.
Aahana: You are too much Aaradhya…just like Mamma. You’re luck you’ve got your family.
Laksh: Do you want to see them?
Aahana: Haa. I don’t mind.
Laksh: Okay, let’s go now. And Ragini…I will drop her later and just tell me the address.
Aahana: I will tell you.
Laksh nods and goes out with Aahana. Aaradhya looks on and Ragini looks at her,
Aaradhya in her head: Papa left me? He forgot me so early?
Just then Laksh comes in with the wheel chair folded.
Laksh: Ragini…if you don’t mind then can you carry this because the Dr said that Aaradhya needs to rest but we all know she wouldn’t and would want to go out so I went to ask for a wheel chair.
He then gives the Wheel chair to Ragini and picks Aaradhya up and she smiles.
Laksh: Ragini, make it quick, I don’t have time for you to just stand there and think and if you want to tag along then you can.
Laksh takes Aaradhya out and Ragini is shocked and looks on.

Precap: Aahana comes to MM…new member enters…. Ragini is deciding wether to go in or not….Aaradhya and Aahana become best friends (as sisters are first best friends before all the friends) and spend time together….

Thank you for liking, I know this is too long…sorry…hope you enjoy today’s episode….

Harshali Malothra – Aahana
Gautam Ahuja – Ved
Ruhanika Dhawan – Aaradhya

Tasheen Shah – Aaisha
Divyam Dama – Ayaan

Diana Khan – Riya

Amrita Mukherjee – Ruhi
Moheeb Naim – Vivaan

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukriti Khandpal

The new Maheshwari Member was 15 yrs old 8 years ago and has now come back after gaining a degree, he had been sent away at the age of 5 and is coming back in the next episode. I hope you enjoy his entry…..

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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya by Riya ?????

Credit to: Halima

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