Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 38


The episode begins with Aaradhya looking on,
Aaradhya: I need to find out who she is and what connection she has with us….is she my…..no no….maybe? I need to go to the store room and find out…..
Aaradhya thinks.

2 days later:
The plane lands and Ragini, Arohi, Antara, Aahana, Ayaan, Aaisha, Riya and Ved come out, Mr Mehra also comes,
Ragini: This place looks familiar…
Antara: That’s what I feel too.
Ved: Mamaa!
Ragini looks at him,
Ved: Mamma its Kolkata!
Ragini, Antara and Arohi get shocked,
Antara: What?
Mr Mehra: Yes….it is Kolkata.
Antara, Arohi and Ragini get double shocked. Ved then gets flashbacks of him and Laksh with the family.
Antara: But Sir….
Mr M: I don’t want to hear anything, come….
Aahana: What happened Bhai?
Ved doesn’t say anything.
Aahana: Bhai…?
Ved comes to his senses,
Ved: Haa…vo…
Aahana: You’re fine Na? Okay since you know this place then take us for a tour….
Mr M: Of course….you kids will get a tour but your Mamma and Mausi need to get work done.
Riya: But who is going to take us?
Aahana: Bhai…..
Ved: Sorry, I forgot this place 8 years ago and…..
Ragini looks at him,
Aahana: You came here 8 years ago..?
Ved: Well you forget that but where are we going to stay?
Mr M: Good Ved, thank you for reminding us, well we will stay in a hotel.
Ragini: Near by…?
Mr M: Well come and you will find out.
They leave from the airport and sit in a car and leave towards the hotel.

In the hotel:
Aahana: Mamma, I want to go out.
Ragini: We will go tomorrow beta.
Ragini then sees Ved sitting on the bed and thinking,
Aahana: Mamma, can I go to Mausis room?
Ragini nods and sits besides Ved, Aahana leaves,
Ragini: Ved…are you okay?
Ved: The past that I’ve been running away from has brought me close…how will I manage..?
Ragini looks at him,
Ved: I miss my family but…but they forgot me….!
Ragini: No Ved….they didn’t forget you.
Ved: Then why didn’t you go back? Why did we go London? Why did Papa leave us?
Ragini gets teary eyed.
Ragini thinks: I haven’t told you about Lakshs death….I knew you would break down but how should I tell you…?
Ved: Mamma, you had twins Na? Where’s your other daughter?
Ragini remembers the blast and cries,
Ved: What happened? I’m sorry….
Ved hugs Ragini,
Ved: Did Papa take her or…?
Ved breaks the hug and wipes her tears,
Ved: I’m sorry…
Ragini: No, don’t apologise….she’s gone with your Papa. Anyways freshen up and get ready.
Ved: For what?
Ragini: Well I have to meet our clients and you can go with Arohi.
Ved: Where?
Ragini: I don’t know, she might take you to the park nearby or make you stay in her room well where’s Riya..?
Ved: She’s with Antara Di.
Ragini kisses Veds head and sends him to the bathroom and thinks about Laksh and her other daughter.
Aahana stands at the door and looks on,
Aahana thinks: Papa..? Sister? Family? What is all this? I have a family in Kolkata? But who…?

AP is talking on the phone and smiling and laughing, DP notices,
DP: Who is she talking to and why is she getting happy?
Abhi comes and knocks on the door,
Abhi: Papa, the clients came and we need your signature.
DP: Why?
Abhi: Laksh sent this file, read it and sign it.
DP takes the file and starts reading it,
Abhi: Who is Mom talking to? She doesn’t get this happy when talking to us or you…
DP then looks at him,
Abhi: Papa…sign.
DP then signs the papers and Abhi goes out.

Aaradhya and Ruhi come out,
Ruhi: Chachu…are you going somewhere?
Abhi: Yaa, we have a meeting with a client today why?
Ruhi: Okay.
Aaradhya: Can you drop us somewhere?
Abhi: Where?
Aaradhya: Uh…hospital.
Abhi: Why? Are you two okay?
Ruhi: Haa we are fine but Aradhay wants to….
Aaradhya squeezes Ruhis hand and Abhi looks at that.
Abhi: Okay, tell the truth!
Aaradhya: Who is Ra…ha Ragini?
Abhi gets shocked,
Abhi: Shhh. Don’t say that name…
Aaradhya: Why?
Abhi: That name is forbidden in this house.
Aaradhya: Why?
It goes into a flashback when DP declares that her name would not be taken in this house as it makes everyone sad and makes Laksh feel guilty, angry and upset and he also declared that her photo can’t be out too. End of Flashback.

Aaradhya: Okay, we are not allowed to say her name in this house but we can outside Na? Please Chachu tell us.
Abhi: Umm….I’m getting late, sorry.
Aaradhya looks at Ruhi,
Ruhi: Don’t worry Aara, we will find out.
Aaradhya: But how?
Ruhi: Chill for now…lets go park.
Aaradhya: I don’t want to, you go.
Ruhi: No Aara, you need air and need to relax. I’ll ask Mamma if I could….anyways Papa is gone to tat meeting with Chachus.
Aaradhya thinks and nods.

After a while…. Swara takes Ruhi and Aaradhya to the park,
Arohi also comes with Ved, Riya, Aahana, Ayaan and Aaisha. Arohi sits on the bench and misses to see Swara. Riya also sits on the bench and is on her phone listening to music.
Aaradhya sits on the swings and thinks, Aahana comes there,
Aahana: Excuse me? Can I please have a go?
Aaradhya doesn’t respond as she is thinking,
Aahana: Hello?
Aahana touches Aaradhya and the wind blows, Aaradhya and Aahana feel something along with Raglak.
Aaradhya: Sorry…I
Aahana: No it’s okay…. Um…
Aaradhya gets off the swings and Ved comes there,
Aahana: Hi, my name is Aahana and you are….?
Aaradhya: I’m Aaradhya.
Aahana: Nice name…it’s something that my Mamma would like.
Ved: What happened?
Aahana: Nothing….Bhai, this is Aaradhya and Aaradhya this is my brother Ved.
Aaradhya smiles at him and he smiles back,
Aaradhya: It’s nice meeting you….
Aahana: Did you come here with your Mamma?
Aaradhya nods no,
Aahana: Papa…?
Aaradhya nods no,
Aaradhya: I came here with my cousin Ruhi and Badi Maa.
Aahana smiles,
Aaradhya: Did you come here alone?
Aahana: No…I came here with Mausi, Bhai and my cousins.
Just then Ruhi and Aaisha Coke there,
Aahana: Friends..?
Aaradhya thinks, she then smiles and forwards her hand and Aahana shakes it and Ved smiles.
Aaisha: Becoming friends? What about me?
Aaradhya shakes hands with Aaisha and they say friends and Aahana shakes hands with Ruhi and Ruhi shakes hands with Aaisha. They smile at each other.
Aaradhya: Are you new in Kolkata?
Ved: Yes, we are new and you?
Aaradhya: No I’m old…I mean I stay here and nearby.
Aahana: Really? We live nearby too.

Swara looks for the children and smiles, she then walks towards them, Veds back is turned towards them.
Arohi also walks towards the children, Arohi then gets a call and turns her back towards them, Swara comes there,
Ruhi: Mamma?
Ved turns around and gets shocked to see Swara,
Swara: Hmm, making new friends?
Ruhi nods yes,
Ruhi: Meet Aahana, Aaisha, and…
She looks at Ved, Ved doesn’t say anything and continues to look at Swara,
Aahana: And my brother Ve….
Before Aahana could complete the name Swara gets called and looks behind
Swara: You all play and I’ll be there if you need me.
They nod and Swara goes to her friend and starts talking.

Ragini, Antara and Mr Mehra reach the conference room, Laksh, Shaurya and Abhi reach there too,
Laksh: I want this deal at any cost!
Abhi: Command accepted.
Ragini and Antaras back is faced towards them as they are outside the room.
Mr Mehra: Have you got the contract papers and presentation ready?
Ragini: Why presentation sir?
Mr M: We need to show them our work too.
Ragini: Oh..okay.
Mr Mehra turns around and sees them,
Mr Mehra: There they are.
Ragini and Antara turn around but don’t see anyone,
Laksh is on the phone and gets shocked, he tells Shaurya and Abhi and they get shocked too.
Abhi: We will cancel the meeting and…
Laksh: No, I want you to continue, I’ll leave.
Shaurya: How can we continue?
Shaurya then calls the man and tells him to tell them they’re leaving. The man nods and goes in the room.
Man: Sorry they cancelled the meeting.
Mr M: What?! Why?
Man: Well their daughter met with an accident and they are going to the hospital.
Mr M: What? Okay I understand this.
Ragini feels restless.
Antara: Sir, they have a valid reason. But we came all the way from there to here they can’t leave, I’m talking to them now!
Mr M: Okay but we will talk to them later.
Antara ignores and goes out,
Shaurya: I need to do some work, I’ll be back.
Laksh and Abhi nod and go in the car,
Laksh: Don’t tell the family, I told Swara not to tell them too.
Abhi nods and Laksh drives hard.

Antara comes there and sees Shauryas back towards her,
Antara: Excuse me? We came here for a meeting and we will leave with the meeting! You can’t cancel it all of a sudden, you can at least present it!
Shaurya angrily turns around and both of them are shocked to see each other.

It then shifts to the hospital:
Aaradhya is taken in the OT, Swara is in tears, Aahana, Riya, Arohi, Aaisha and Ayaan stand and wait.
Dr comes out: She is out of danger. Thank you for donating blood but we will keep him under observation today because he feels a little weak and he’s underage, you can take him tomorrow.
Arohi nods and Swara looks at her.
Swara in her head: Arohi? Where were they? Ved….
Laksh rushes to the hospital while Abhi parks the car, Arohi sees him and hides with her Pallu and gets shocked,
Swara: Where is she?
Swara: She is out of danger now…Ve…a boy donated blood to her.
Laksh: How did this happen? How can you be so careless?!
Ruhi feels bad,
Aahana: Uncle…it’s not aunties fault.
Laksh looks at her,
Aahana: It was your fault! If you can’t trust her with others then why did you leave her alone?
Laksh: Who are you? And stay in your limits!
Aahana looks at him,
Aahana: You can’t also shout at her without knowing….If you don’t know the truth then you can’t blame others…I’ll tell you what happened.
It goes into a flashback when Aaradhya was playing with them, then suddenly Aaradhya sees a puppy and goes to help it and gets hit by the car, all get shocked and then Swara and Arohi Rush there,
Swara shouts Aaradhya and Arohi sees her, they bring her to the hospital and Swara and Arohis blood didn’t match, Arohi and Swara didn’t talk to each other, then Ved asks the Dr to try his blood but the dr rejects but after seeing the patients condition he agreed and it matched.
End of flashback.

Aahana: My Bhai has saved Aaradhyas life.
Laksh: Where is he, I want to meet him!
Swara tells him and he goes there, he sees Ved lying down, he enters and Ved looks there and gets shocked.

Arohi then goes to the corner and calls Ragini and tells Ragini to come to the hospital, Ragini asks why and Arohi tells her to come here and she will find out.
Ragini tells Mr M and he lets her go and she rushes to the hospital.

Precap: Ved angry with Laksh and Swara to see Ragini and Ragini to find out Aaradhya is her daughter.
Raglak to meet……??

Thank you for liking,

Aaradhya – Ruhanika Dhawan
Aahana – Harshali Malothra
Aaisha – Tasheen Shah
Ruhi – Amrita Mukherjee
Ayaan – Divyam Dama
Ved – Gautam Ahuja
Vivaan – Moheeb Naim
Riya – Diana Khan

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

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Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) by Pushpa ??????
Heart needs what it needs by ???… ??????????
Journey to Love by Akira ?????????

Credit to: Halima

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