Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 37

The episode starts with Laksh coming down wearing a cream colour sherwani, Shaurya is wearing green while Abhi is wearing turquoise. Aaradhya smiles looking at Laksh, Shaurya puts the engagement ring on Shanayas hand and she puts it in his and everyone clap, Shaurya doesn’t smile and ignore all of them, Abhi then gets a call and he attends it.
He comes back and tells Laksh: Bhai they will be here in two days.
Laksh: Ok but I want this deal finalised at any cost!
Abhi: Leave it on Abhi…
Laksh: I don’t want any trouble!
Abhi: There will be no trouble, well I will get the contract but I want something in return…!
Laksh looks at him,
Abhi: But not now…at the right time!

Abhi goes, he the collides with the waiter,
Abhi: What the hell?! Were you wearing blindfold while walking?!
AP comes: Abhi calm down..it was an accident.
Abhi: Mom please..don’t cover up for his mistakes! I’ve been watching that he’s becoming lazier by day! Last warning!
Abhi goes up to get changed.

Shanaya smiles at Shaurya while he ignores her, she feels a little upset.
Mr Merchant: Well it’s good to have such a hard working son-in-law!
Shanaya in her head: But also a loving husband but why do I feel…
Her thoughts get interrupted by Aaradhya
Aaradhya: Why don’t you dance for us. Please Na Chachu…
Ruhi: Haa Chachu, dance with our new would to be Chachi.
Shaurya doesn’t say, Aaradhya takes Shaurya and Ruhi takes Shanaya, then Shaurya unwillingly has to dance with Shanaya. They dance on Pee loon….. The spotlight shines on them. He looks in the other direction then twirls her, he looks at her and gets shocked, he sees Antara. (Imagines Shanaya as Antara) he keeps twirling her while looking at her……..
Hosh mein….. He dances with her passionately and she’s smiling.
At the end of the song he pulls her closer but then her words echo in his ears ‘I’m sorry Shaurya’, he gets angry and let’s go, everyone clap. He then realised it wasn’t her and gets even more angry,
In his head: Why can’t I get her out of my head?!
He was about to go when Laksh holds his hand,
Laksh: You can’t leave like this! They would question you….stay here!
Shaurya then stands near DP and looks on angrily. Then they take pictures of Shanaya and Shaurya together.

The engagement party ends…..
All the men’s leave to their perspective rooms,
AP: Sujata…but these utensils in the store room.
Sujata: Ji, JiJi….come pick them up(to the servants)
The servants pick the utensils,
Aaradhya: Choti Daadi….I want to help too.
Sujata: But Chori….
Swara: Maa, I’ll be back…I need to check what Vivaans doing…he didn’t come and….
Sujata: Okay go and Ruhi beta you go too. Since you want to help then pick that glass up and bring it.
Aaradhya: Only 1 glass?
Sujata: I’m not letting you carry the rest…Come or go…!
Aaradhya picks up the glass and follows to the store room. The servants put the utensils and Aaradhya puts the glass, Sujata is outside speaking to the servants… Aaradhya was about to leave but slips, she holds on to the box and says thank god I didn’t fall, she then suddenly sees a photo, she picks it up (it’s Raginis)
Aaradhya: Who’s photo is this?
She then sees another photo, in that Laksh and Ragini are together. She pics that one,
Aaradhya: What is she doing with Papa? Who is she…?
Then underneath that photo is another phot with Ragini and Ved and Laksh.
Sujata (shouts): Chori….have you put the glass down..?
Aaradhya takes one picture and hides it,
Aaradhya: Haa Choti Daadi…I’m coming.
She hides it under her dress and walks out nervously, Sujata locks the door and Aaradhya goes to her room.

Ragini and Antara come home, they see Aahana, Aaisha, Ayaan, Ved and Riya sitting at the doing table.
Ragini: How did you do in the final exam?
Riya: I think I did superb!
Antara: Anyways tomorrow is the last day of school right? Then it’s holidays…?
Aahana: Haa, I’m so excited…. I can’t wait but can we go out..? We always stay at home.
Ayaan: Mamma..I want to ask you a question…..
Arohi: Say..?
Ayaan: Why is my surname different from Aaisha’s?
Arohi gets shocked,
Ayaan: People say I’m adopted.
Ved: Why?
Ayaan: Because my name is Ayaan Maheshwari while Aaisha’s is Qadir…..
Ved: So? My name is Ved Maheshwari…Aahana’s is Maheshwari too.
Arohi looks at Antara.
Antara: Haa, well you see your Dad’s name is Rohan Qadir….but…
Ayaan: But he’s not my real Dad…?
Antara, Arohi and Ragini get shocked,
Antara: Who said that..?
Ayaan: People in my school.
Antara: Don’t listen to them…
Ayaan: Please tell the truth.
Arohi gets teary eyed.
Antara: It’s true…he isn’t your father.

All get shocked,
Ragini: Antara…!
Antara: What? He had to find out eventually. His Dad’s name ends in Maheshwari.
Ayaan: I won’t feel bad.
Antara: Okay but you need to turn 8 then I will tell you.
Ayaan: Okay…agreed.
Ved in his head: How do I tell you that you’re Chachu’s son…..
Aahana: Guys…don’t get to emotional…we were going to go somewhere….?
Antara: Oh yes…we’re going India.
Ragini and Arohi get shocked.
Aahana, Riya, Aaisha and Ayaan get happy.
Ragini: What?!
Antara: Haa, weren’t you listening to what Mr Mehra was saying?
Ragini nods no.
Antara: Mr Mehra said we were going to India for a business deal.
Ragini: But…
Riya: Yay, this is the best holiday that we are going to experience ever!
Ragini: Did he tell you exactly where?
Antara: No, he only said India but I hope not Kolkata.
Ved: When are we going?
Antara: In two days.
Ved gets upset: Excuse me.
Ved goes to his room.

Kolkata – MM:
Aaradhya is sitting down in her room, she continues looking at the photo,
Aaradhya: Why do I feel I have a connection with her. Who is she?
Then the servant knocks on the door and comes, she places the milk on the table and was about to go when Aaradhya stops her,
Aaradhya: Listen…kaki, do you know who this is?
Aaradhya shows the photo and the maid gets tensed,
Maid: Where did you get this picture from?
Aaradhya: Who is this? Tell me!
Maid: Vo….I don’t know…
Aaradhya: You’re lying! Fine! I’ll show Daadi and…
Maid: No….her photo is forbidden in this house!
Aaradhya gets confused: Why…? Who is she?
Maid: This is Ragini Malkin.
Aaradhya: Ragini Malkin?
Maid: Give me the photo..I’ll put it away.
Aaradhya: Wait…who is she? I mean what relation….
Just then Swara comes there, the maid gets tensed.
Swara: You go I’ll sort it out.
The maid nods and rushes out, Swara sees Raginis photo in her hand.
Swara: Aaradhya… Give the photo to me…
Aaradhya: Who is this?
Swara: You will find out later.
Aaradhya: I want to know now…please Badi Maa.
Swara takes the photo,
Aaradhya: Who is Ragini..?
Swara looks at her,
Swara: Shhh. Don’t say her name out loud.
Aaradhya: Why?
Swara in her head: How shall I tell you she’s your mother..?
Swara gets teary eyed.
Swara: Assume that this is a rule and if you break rules then you would be out!
Swara leaves with the photo and Aaradhya looks on.

Precap: 2 days later….Ragini, Aahana and the rest come Kolkata and get shocked….. Ved remembers his moments spent at Kolkata and gets sad.

Thank you for liking…if you find anything confusing then please do comment.

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Aahana – Harshali Malothra
Aaradhya – Ruhanika Dhawan
Ruhi – Amrita Mukherjee
Ayaan – Divyam Dama
Aaisha – Tasheen Shah
Riya – Diana Khan
Ved – Gautam Ahuja
Vivaan – Moheeb Naim

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal

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