Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 36


The episode begins with Arohi looking at Aahana and Aaisha, Aaisha switches the music off with the remote,
Aaisha: Mamma, we…. Haa, we were practising for our dance competition.
Aahana: Haa Mausi…..and Riya Didi must be here somewhere.
Arohi looks at the time in her watch,
Arohi: It’s school time, get dressed. And Riya must be sleeping. Breakfast is ready.
Aahana and Aaisha nod, Arohi goes out and Aahana and Aaisha get relieved.

After a while………
Aahana and Aaisha get ready, they see Ayaan and Ved sitting down eating breakfast,
Ayaan (teasing time): Chikni….chameli….
Ved holds his laugh in, Aahana glares at them both,
Ayaan and Ved look at each other and burst out laughing,
Aahana: What’s so funny?!
Aaisha: Bhai, I’m telling Mamma.
Ayaan: So? It was so funny.
Ved stops laughing and drinks water.
Arohi comes there: Stop troubling these two Ayaan, and Ved you…..
Ved: Sorry Di.
Arohi: Where is Riya? Hey Bhagwan, she will never reform!

Then Riya is shown sleeping inside the blanket, she slowly pulls the blanket down and looks at the time, her lips are shown: Oh god, now Di won’t spare me.
She quickly rushes in the bathroom.
She comes out wearing a skirt with white shirt and a tie, she wears her blazer and ties her hair in a pony tail, her face is shown and she is smiling,
Riya: You should hurry before Aai tells me off.
Riya then comes out sneakily and collides with someone, Riya gets shocked seeing her.
Riya: Aai? Vo main…..
The women puts her hand in front to say stop, that is none other than Ragini and she is shown wearing white Anarkali suit with her hair tied up.
Ragini: What is this Riya? Your exams are nearly finished, study and at least reach there on time!
Riya: Aai, I’m sorry Na….come Arohi Di and the rest must be waiting…
Ragini: You’re 15 still you don’t act mature.
Riya: Aai, I’m only 15 and this is the most fun time to Chilax! Where Antara Di?

Then Antara is shown, she is presenting a presentation, the clients look on impressed, she is wearing black Salwar with leggings and hair out with Orange stole around her neck. She finishes talking and everyone clap. She thanks them,
Client 1: Amazing Mr Mehra, your presentation is awesome….
Mr Mehra: Thanj you, it’s all because of Ms Antara and her hard work.
Antara: No Sir, if it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t have got this job…
Client3: I must say your presentation department is quite impressive….
They all smile.

Laksh moves Aaradhya back,
Laksh: Excuse me, I’ll be back.
Laksh leaves while Aaradhya looks on, AP, Sujata, Swara and Sanskaar look at Aaradhya.

The children finish eating breakfast, Aahana hugs Ragini,
Aahana: I love you Mamma….
(Aahana is Ragini’s daughter)
Ragini: Love you too Aahana, but you have to go school.
Aahana: Mamma, can’t we miss school?
Ragini smiles: You need to study to become something big, anyways you would be back.
Aahana thinks,
Aahana: Okay Mamma…..
Ragini: Now go… They’re waiting for you…
Aahana: Mamma, you’re forgetting something…..
Ragini thinks and Arohi comes out,
Aahana: Kiss….I’m not going until I get a kiss.
Ragini then kisses Aahana and Aahana smiles and leaves, Ragini then remembers Laksh.
Arohi comes out: She’s just like her father….
Ragini (angrily): Don’t mention him ever again! I’m getting late for office, I’ll be back before the children arrive.
Ragini leaves and Arohi looks on.

It then goes into a flashback when Ragini sees the car going towards the tree and jumps out, she then gets hurt a little on the arm and breaks down while shouting Laksh’s name, then she goes back to the hospital and leaves with Arohi, Ved, Antara and Aahana. On the way they find Riya, Riya was an orphan so Ragini decides to adopt her and take her with her. End of Flashback.

Arohi: How much will you run away from the truth? There’s one truth that Aahana should know…..
Then on the TV there is a news, Abhi is giving interview with Shaurya, Arohi feels familiar with the voice so she turns around but the electricity goes and she huffs.

Laksh is in his room thinking, it goes into a flashback when Laksh opens his jacket and zips it up with the baby in it and Jumps before the car exploded, Ragini misses to see as she looked down for a second and assumed they’re dead, then Laksh gets injured and assumed Ragini was dead as her car hit the tree and exploded, he then faints and the baby cries a little…then he is at the hospital while AP is holding the baby, they tell him Ragini is no more and he breaks down saying it was his fault… End of FB.

Shaurya is in his room, he is thinking, it goes into a flashback when Antara breaks the hug,
Antara: I’m sorry Shaurya…..
Shaurya gets confused, Antara chose Arohi over him,
Antara: Me and Arohi have been there for each other, I…I can’t leave her!
Antara leaves while Shaurya looks in shocked.
End of FB.
Shaurya: You left me and went…..I will always hate you and today I’m getting engaged!

Aaradhya knocks on Lakshs door, he opens it and she smiles seeing him,
Aaradhya: Papa…you’re still not dressed? Arey the guests even arrived and you still haven’t….Papa, don’t just stand there….(slaps her head) Offo Papa, now do I have to do all the work?
Aaradhya comes in and opens the wardrobe, she looks around,
Aaradhya: Umm….
Laksh gets shocked, he sees Ragini standing there,
Ragini: How about Red? (Looks at him) no actually cream….ha cream…
He then gets out of his imagination and sees Aaradhya and gets angry,
Laksh: I can do it myself, you can leave!
Aaradhya looks at him,
Aaradhya: Papa….
Laksh (angry): Can’t you hear once? Leave!
Aaradhya gets teary eyed and runs out, Laksh then realises and closes his eyes.

DP makes an announcement: Hello and welcome….today my son Shaurya would get engaged to Mr Merchant’s daughter Shanaya….!
Everyone clap, Shanaya then comes out wearing a Lengha and looks down shyly.

Shaurya gets dressed, he then sees a ring, he remembers Antara giving it to him, he angrily takes it of and throws it…
Shaurya: I don’t want any of your memory’s in my life!
He then heads out.

Aaradhya is at the terrace crying, Ragini feels restless, she can’t concentrate,
Aaradhya (while crying): Why God? I don’t have my Mamma…I don’t even know her…why isn’t she here with me?! Papa doesn’t even love me…Mamma….
Laksh comes up and hears Aaradhya crying and complaining.

Ragini gets tensed and thinks: Why am I feeling restless? Is Aahana alright…? I…I….is Ved okay….?

Ragini and Laksh then get the same flashback when Laksh and Ragini were arguing,
Laksh: If it’s a daughter I want to name 1 Aahana.
Ragini: Well I want to name 1 Aaradhya.
Laksh: Aahana!
Ragini: Aaradhya!
Laksh: If we have both girls then we will name both Aaradhya and Aahana and if it’s one girl then it will be Aahana!
Ragini: No Aaradhya!
Laksh: We will see and time will tell!
End of FB.

Laksh then comes in,
Laksh: What happened?
Aaradhya wipes her tears and ignores him,
Laksh: I’m sorry…I got a little angry…
Aaradhya: A little angry? You shouted at me like always….!
Laksh: Okay…I’m sorry.
Aaradhya gets shocked,
Aaradhya: You said sorry? But you never did before…?
Laksh: I know I neglected you….but now you’re 8 and you’re growing up…I can’t punish you for my mistakes and I can’t ruin your present and future because of me neglecting….
Aaradhya gets confused: I don’t understand….
Laksh: I’m sorry I won’t do it again and I promise I’ll spend time with you…happy?
Aaradhya thinks: Haa happy but why did you always shout at me…?
Laksh to himself: Venting out my frustration and anger….. I’m upset at my self that’s why…..but I can’t neglect you….you’re the only child I have…..left.
Aaradhya: Bolo Na Papa!
Laksh(doesn’t smile): Nothing….I’m sorry.
He then bends down and kisses her on the forehead, he suddenly gets a call and Aaradhya leaves,
Laksh: Hello?
TA(agent): Hello sir….I couldn’t find out where Ved Baba went but…
Laksh: I don’t want but…I want him….I know he’s with Arohi and Antara…search for them because I want my son back at any cost and you know what I can do!
Ta: Okay….bye sir.
Laksh disconnects the call and looks in angrily.

Precap: Shaurya gets engaged….. Aaradhya sees Raginis picture….

So Aahana and Aaradhya are the fraternal twins….Aaradhya stays with Laksh in Kolkata and Aahana stays with Ragini in London.
Riya is adopted by Ragini(not real daughter) Ved also stays with Ragini.
Since Laksh wanted to name 1 daughter Aahana then Ragini decided to name her Aahana and since Ragini wanted to name 1 daughter Aaradhya he named the other 1 Aaradhya in the remembrance of Ragini.

Aaisha and Ayaan are Arohi’s children….Arohi got married again because Antara didn’t want to et married and ran away on the marriage day….Arohi had no choice but to get married to him, then Arohi found out she was pregnant but with Abhi’s child, the guy accepted Ayaan as his own child….Arohi and the guy became friends and then fell in love(Rohan Qadir) he died in an accident when Arohi was pregnant with his child….
So Ayaan is 7 while Aaisha is 5.

If you are confused then please do comment…..

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Aaradhya – Ruhanika Dhawan
Ruhi – Amrita Mukherjee

Aahana – Harshali Malothra
Aaisha – Tasheen Shah
Ved – Gautam Ahuja
Ayaan – Divyam Dama
Riya – Diana Khan
Vivaan – Moheeb Naim

Thank you….

Credit to: Halima

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