Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 35


8 years later in Kolkata…….

MM is shown being decorated, it then shifts inside where AP is giving instructions to the servants, Sujata comes with a basket of flowers and gives it to Ramdeen Kaka, he takes it,
Sujata: JiJi, it’s been 8 years and everything changed after she left.
AP nods, Sujata and AP then turns to Swara who is standing in front of a picture, the picture is none other than Ragini’s, it has a varmala over it, Swaras eyes are shown which is filled with tears, Sujata gets tensed,
Sujata: Why is her picture out? Put it back.
Swara: But Mom….
Sujata: If she asks question then what shall we say? Her photo is forbidden in this house, if he finds out then….
AP: Sujata is right, please Swara….
Sujata: Ramdeen, take this photo and put it in the store room and make sure no one sees it!
Ramdeen nods and takes the photo in front of Swaras eyes and she turns to AP and Sujata and wipes her tears.
AP: Don’t worry Swara beta.
Swara: I still can believe it Badi Maa…
Sujata: Forget the past! We lost our house boys on the same day, first Abhi then Laksh and after that Shaurya. That was one dark and evil night, it took our happiness away.
Swara, AP and Sujata think.

Then office is shown, a man is shouting at a employer, his face isn’t shown but his suit is, he is wearing orange shirt with white blazer and white trousers, he hits the file on the table,
Man: What is this?! This type of work isn’t acceptable in here!
Employ: Sorry Sir, I won’t repeat this mistake…..
Man: No! You done mistake and you know he won’t give you another chance! He must be typing your termination letter!
The employer gets worried.

Then scene shifts to a man, his hair is shown but his face is blocked by the computer screen, he is typing something, he then clicks print.

It shifts back to the employer,
Employer: Sir please give me 1 more chance….
Man: It isn’t in my hand! We need everything perfect! The Maheshwaris have raised so high in 8 years that no one can compete and because of your small mistake we can suffer from loss! I think he must have printed out your termination letter!
The empolyer gets emotional,
Man: Okay, I’ll do something but I won’t always help!

The man walks, he enters a cabin and that man that entered is none other than Abhi, he sees the other mans back facing towards him with his hand on the chair.
Abhi: Yaar, give him one chance…
Man: His letter is on the table!
The man turns and is none other that Shaurya,
Abhi: You type the letter before I finish talking…
Shaurya: Everything in work has to be serious, his mistake has ruined his chance!
Abhi: I don’t get why we have to be tight to him? In fact everyone…..
Shaurya: You have to show them anger and create fear because they will misuse your niceness and eventually use it against you and hurt you!
Shaurya gets angry,
Abhi: I don’t know what happened in these 8 years. Everyone changed, even me.
Shaurya: Some things and people have to change, time doesn’t wait for anyone! You need to show your anger more! They’re not scared of you much, you need to create fear so they listen to your order, you melt easily…..
Abhi: Correction, I am strict but I’m not the same Abhi 8years ago, I’m more responsible and not childish…
Shaurya looks at Abhi,
Abhi: Okay….I know…. I help people, you changed too much, we need to be strict in front of everyone but why this attitude? But anyways I’m a little responsible I only understand those who have critical condition! Yaar his Maa is in the hospital!
Shaurya: Whatever!
Abhi: Exactly, I’m not heartless like you two, I’m different and this is more lovable and they fear me!
Shaurya: If he finds out then you will be responsible!
Abhi (with attitude): I’ll handle it!
Abhi leaves the office and tells the employer, employer smiles and thanks him,
Abhi (strict): But this is your last chance and no more!
Abhi then leaves and the employer prays: Oh god help Abhi sir, I know he is nicer but help Shaurya sir and…..
Just then the employer gets called and he leaves.

Office work is finished, they reach home and see the house decorated.
Abhi: Is there any party?
Sujata: Have you forgot?
Shaurya goes up to his room, AP worries,
Abhi: He’s not going to agree!
Abhi goes up,
AP: What has happened to them? They aren’t the same people I knew ages ago.
Sujata: JiJi, even Abhi changed a little but the other two have become distant from family and heartless, Shaurya and…..
AP: I’m grateful I got Abhi back that day.
It goes into a FB when Arohi leaves,
AP: Abhi please wake up, you’re my life….if Shaurya is my strongest son then you’re my life… Without you my life is colourless please….!
Suddenly Abhi’s heartbeat and everything start rising, the dr comes and sends everyone out, she then tells them Abhi survived and they did operation on him and he also survived Cancer.
End of Flashback.

Just then two girls come down, one girl hugs AP while the other one hugs Swara,
Girl: Mamma, are we allowed to go?
Swara breaks the hug and kisses her on the cheeks (it’s Swaras daughter)
Swara: Haa Ruhi, but your Papa would drop you.
Ruhi: Is there a party going to happen Mamma?
Swara: Haa beta, it’s your Chachu’s engagement.
Ruhi: Wow engagement…? Listen Aaradhya let’s cancel the party at our friends house and stay here…it will be fun Na?
Aaradhya breaks the hug from AP,
Aaradhya: Haa, it will be fun, I can’t wait to see our new Chachi but which Chachu?
AP: Shaurya….
Aaradhya and Ruhi smile,
Swara: Where is Vivaan?
Ruhi: Bhai is getting dressed, Daadi gave him new clothes.
Aradhya smiles and runs to hug someone,
Aaradhya: Papa….
All look there. Laksh is shown with Sanskaar, Laksh is wearing white shirt with black blazer that is tied and black trousers, he is on the phone and looks at everyone. (Aaradhya is his daughter.)

Then all of a sudden London is shown, Arohi is shown cooking while wearing a white salwar,
Arohi: Ayaan! Aaisha! Ved! Riya! Aahana!
Arohi then hears a sound of music, she look around confusingly and walks in the room and sees two girls dancing on chikni chameli…..
They girls eyes are shown, then the girls lips are shown which have a smile on their face.
Arohi: Aahana….? Aaisha? Where’s Riya?
They stop and turn to her shocked.

Precap: Engagement party. FB…

I know that the previous episode made all of you upset but sorry….I hope today’s episode relaxed you a little? Anyways I hope you enjoy today’s episode.

The twins in here are fraternal not identical. They don’t look like each other.

Aaradhya – Ruhanika Dhawan
Aahana – Harshali Malothra
Aaisha – Tasheen Shah

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal

Do read Destiny Vs Love (Thapki Pyaar Ki) By Nusz ?????????

Credit to: Halima

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