Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 34

The episode begins with Laksh and Ragini in the hospital, (not in the same hospital as Swasan and Abhi) Laksh smiles and the Dr leaves, Laksh takes two footsteps towards the babies but Ragini gets up quickly and stands in-front of the cart.
Ragini: Stop right there Mr Laksh Maheshwari!
Laksh gets shocked,
Ragini: You have no rights to even come near my daughters!
Laksh: Your daughters? They’re my daughters too and no one and not even you can snatch that right away from me!
Ragini claps: Wow Laksh! Where was this love…..no no no… Where did this right come from when you didn’t even want them?!
Laksh: God Ragini! Just listen to me and let me clear the misunderstandings!
Ragini (don’t care look): You have 1 minuet!
Laksh: Ragini….. Whatever you heard was not true, you listened to half of it and went away, I love you Ragini and I still will, I was overjoyed when I heard I was having twins, I….i was just joking with Omi!
Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: And you think I will believe you?
Laksh: Yes! You have to because I’m telling the truth!
Ragini: You said you were forced in this relationship and you didn’t even want the babies but now….? I don’t know why I feel like you’re telling the truth but still…… What I heard is a fact also!
Laksh: I am telling the truth, I….I didn’t mean what I said to Omi!
Ragini: I don’t want to break my heart again by trusting you!
Laksh: I’m not lying for gods sake! Ask your heart for once!
Ragini thinks, Laksh then hears one of his daughters and walks up to them, he smiles,
Ragini: I don’t know….. I cant!
Laksh (Looks at Ragini): I really love you but…..
Ragini looks at him,
Laksh: But I love my daughters more!
Ragini: Your 1 minuet is up!

Laksh: Please Ragini, trust me!
Ragini thinks and Laksh angrily picks one of the baby up,
Ragini was about to say I believe you but…………
Laksh:I cannot let you take my daughters!
Ragini gets shocked,
Laksh: I know you wont leave without one so I’m taking her!
Ragini: What is this Laksh?! I was about to give you another chance but this act of yours has proved me wrong and opened my eyes! I cant believe you! Ragini picks the other one up and says I cant let you take her or her!
Laksh: Try stopping me!
Laksh walks outside and Ragini follows him and shouts stop, he quickly gets out and gets in his car and puts the baby inside the car and on the next seat, Ragini stands in-front of the car, Laksh starts the car and Ragini looks on, he reverses the car and Ragini quickly rushes to the other cars, she sees Arohi and hands the baby to her and then sees Laksh leaving,
Arohi: Where are you going?
Ragini: Handle her, I’ll just be back.
Arohi: But…..
Ragini drives and follows while the man shouts stop (she took his car), Ved comes out and asks Arohi what happened.

Ragini follows Laksh and Laksh’s car is increasing its speed, Laksh looks at the baby and smiles,
Laksh: I’m sorry Baby, I had no other choice as I ruined the other one, if I take you to my family then they would not let Ragini leave with you, the other baby and Ved.
Laksh then gets the call and answers it,
Laksh: Hello?
Unknown: Hello?
Laksh: Who is this?
Unknown caller laughs: I had planted a bomb in your car, there is no chance for you to survive!
Laksh gets shocked: Hello?
The caller disconnects the call and Laksh worries and looks at the baby. Laksh then tries to applies the breaks but in vain and gets even more shocked.
Ragini is behind him and suddenly the car explodes and she is shocked, she screams Laksh’s name and because she was not concentrating on the road, her car hits the tree and she has an accident and the car explodes.

It then shifts to MM, Shaurya is sitting down in his room surrounded by alcohol bottles, he is drinking one and is thinking, he then gets angry and breaks the bottle, he sees the sharp edges and slides it on his wrist and lies back,
Shaurya: I hate you! And I always will! Left me…..why?
He then closes his eyes and Sujata walks past and shouts.

Precap: 8 years later…….grown up, changed and new entries…..

Thank you for liking….as I said that you would get more upset so I said sorry and I know you all are even more shocked and unhappy but I’m sorry and I hope you enjoy this episode and the next episode…..I hope the next episode brings a smile on your faces…..

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Do read Destiny Vs Love (Thapki Pyaar Ki) By Nusz
Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) by Pushpa

Thank you………..

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  1. I hope raglak doesnt die….

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  6. Please raglak and their daughter should be safe..

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  9. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Wow Hun, I loved this episode so so much… I just hope raglak doesn’t die and this episode was really sad.
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  11. I just hope Raglak and their babies are alive…

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