Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 33


4 months later……
Abhi opens his eyes slowly, he looks around, he feels something on his hand and mouth, he then sees Arohi sitting next to him with tears in her eyes and AP on the other side with tears also. He then notices he’s in hospital. Abhi tries to get up when AP and Arohi stop him,
AP: No Abhi, take a rest.
Abhi: B…but how…?
Arohi: You..you were dancing and that’s how you got here.
Abhi: Dancing.
It then goes into a flashback when Abhi was dropping Arohi home, he then comes out and starts talking, Arohi was about to leave when he starts dancing and singing to Buddhu sa man hai…. He then faints and Arohi rushes him to the hospital and the Flashback ends.

He then looks at Arohi,
Arohi: Why didn’t you tell me?
Abhi closes his eyes,
Shaurya: Abhi!
Abhi opens his eyes and laughs,
Abhi: I’m not gone yet.
All are in tears, DP is looking on.
Shaurya: I hate you! Saale this is the first time you made me cry!
Shaurya wipes his tears and Antara consoles him. Ragini ignore Laksh while he looks on.
Abhi: I…I
Abhi takes of the mask,
AP: Abhi! What are you doing beta….
Abhi: No..no Maa, I…I don’t think I..I could..survive anymore…
AP nods no and tears fall out of APs eyes and Arohi’s.
Abhi: Sw…Swara Bhabhi ko congrat…congrats kehna.
(Swaras in the maternity ward and gave birth to a girl, Sanskaar is with her)
Sujata: Ch..chore rest.
Abhi takes deep breathes.

Shaurya: What the hell are you playing at Abhi?! Put the mask on!
Arohi tries to but Abhi stops her.
Abhi: This is the first time I’m sca…scared of dying.
Antara: Stop being stubborn and put it on!
Abhi: I have 1 last wish t..that I..I would like to….
AP: Shut up Abhi!
Abhi: No Maa… I…
AP: Ji..say something to him..he won’t listen to me…
DP: Abhi…..
ABHI: No papa…I’m…im sorry if I ever hurt you….I….
Ragini: Abhi….
Abhi: Bhabhi…congrats before hand.
Arohi: Abhi…please….
Abhi: My last wish is that…that you..you all smile huh and w..wipe these nasty tears.
Abhi breathes.
Arohi and all get tensed.
RP: Chore….
Abhi: I’ll miss you Chachu…..
RP gets emotional.

Kal Ho Na Ho tune plays………
Abhi: Smile Na…
Laksh and Shaurya wipe their tears and smile,
Laksh: Come on everyone, it’s not like anythings going to happen.
Shaurya: True, now come on and wipe your tears.
Abhi smiles,
Abhi: Maa, you have Shaurya here with you….you…d..don’t need me.
AP slaps him on the shoulder.
Abhi then turns to Arohi
Abhi: A..Arohi… You should move on…I
Arohi: How can you think like that Abhi…I…. Why didn’t you tell me?!
Abhi: Sorry…..
Arohi: You can’t do this…
Abhi smiles and the machines start beeping and his pulses are going down. All get worried.

AP: Abhi…
The machine stops and Abhi closes his eyes, his heartbeat stops too and all get shocked.
Arohi: Abhi!
AP starts crying and DP is shocked.
Arohi: A..Abhi please open your eyes Abhi…

Ragini runs out and Laksh follows her, Ragini cries. Laksh touches Ragini but she jerks him off.
Ragini: Don’t touch me Laksh!
Ragini turns around and Laksh looks on,
Laksh: Listen Ragini, I promise that all you heard was not true I…
Ragini: No Laksh! Whatever I heard has proved you and your intentions! You lost the rights on me and this child that moment and don’t ever think I’ll let Ved stay with a person like you! I’m taking him with me!
Laksh: Ragini..Ragini please listen…
Ragini leaves and Laksh hits the wall out of frustration.

Arohi couldn’t bear this so she cried and ran out, Laksh sees her go, he then looks at the door and at the way in which Ragini went, he then follows Ragini and it goes into a flashback when it was Raginis godh Bharai, Lakshs friends come, Laksh and his friends talk,
Omi: Lucky…isn’t she the one who slapped you?
Laksh thinks just then Ragini comes, Omi notices her,
Omi: Tell Na!
Laksh: Haa.
Omi: What? So it means you got married to her to take revenge?
Laksh: No. It was a forced one.
Ragini looks on,
Omi (silenced the did): Did you love her?
Laksh: No
Ragini gets shocked as she thought it was do.
Omi: What was your reaction when you found out she was pregnant.
Laksh (sarcastic): I was shocked…I didn’t want the baby!
Omi smirks and Ragini is teary eyed. Ragini then goes,
Laksh: Obviously…I was happy that I’m having twins, that was the best experience ever, I just can wait and FIY I do love her now!
Laksh then leaves,
Omi: Poor thing, he didn’t even notice she was there.
Omi smirks evilly, he then remembers when Ragini slapped him for touching her.
Ragini confronts Laksh and he gets shocked just then they get a call that Abhi is in the hospital. End of Flashback.

Arohi was about to jump off from a bridge when Ragini goes up to her and slaps her.
Arohi breaks down and hugs her.
Ragini: What are you doing Arohi?
Arohi: Wh..what should I do? He left me!
She continues crying.
Ragini breaks the hug: No Arohi..he wouldn’t want you to loose hope. Come with me!
Ragini takes Arohi.

Laksh misses Ragini, he then looks around and says where are you Ragini? I won’t let you leave! He then gets a call,
Laksh: Hello?
Laksh gets shocked,
Laksh: Okay, I’m coming….
Laksh disconnects the phone and goes.
Laksh starts driving.

Laksh reaches MM, he sees Ragini making Ved get in the taxi and sees Arohi sitting there lifeless.
Laksh: Ragini…..
Ragini ignores him and goes, Ramdeen Kaka comes out,
Ramdeen: Saab, she took her and Ved Babas luggage, I tried to stop them but she didn’t listen.
Laksh: Don’t worry, I’ll go and get them back, don’t tell anyone.
Ramdeen: Okay but what happened to Abhi baba? Is he okay?
Laksh nods no and Ramdeen Kaka realises and gets sad, Laksh then gets in the car and goes towards the taxi direction but thinks where they must have gone.

Antara is outside the hospital, Shaurya comes out to tell her something but she gets a call,
Antara: Hello? Where are you and where is Arohi?
Ragini: We are leaving, if you want to come then you can but you have the rights to choose him.
Antara: What do you mean?
Ragini: Me and Arohi are leaving Kolkata, in fact India and going and if you want to come with us you can but you have to choose 1, us or Shaurya, you can live your life with Shaurya happily and…..
Antara gets shocked,
Antara: But….
Ragini: Text me after you made the decision and then I’ll tell you where we are.
Ragini disconnects the phone and Antara is stunned, she then looks at Shaurya.
Shaurya: What happened?
Antara then looks at Shaurya and remembers Arohi and Raginis words. She then hugs Shaurya while tears fall out of her eyes.

Laksh gets another call,
Laksh: Hello?
He then gets shocked again and drives faster.

Laksh reaches in and asks for Ragini, he then sees Ved and Arohi standing outside and walks there,
Laksh: Where’s Ragini?
Ved: In the room.
Laksh goes in and sees Ragini sleeping and next to her is a cart where two babies lie, the Dr sees him,
Dr: Congrats, you had two daughters.
Laksh is happy and surprised, he smiles and Ragini opens her eyes.

Precap: Fight between Raglak….explosion….accident….

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

I know some of you are upset and will be more upset in the next episode but sorry….

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Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) by Pushpa ??????

Credit to: Halima

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