Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 32


The episode begins with all the guests arriving and Swasan come down so does Raglak, Vivaan and Ved are with AP and Sujata. They see the decorations and get impressed. DP comes down and stands far from Shaurya, Shaurya looks for Antara,
Abhi: Are they gone? They didn’t even see our awesome decorations.
Shaurya: I know but they won’t leave that easily.

Ragini and Swara sit on the chairs, Laksh and Sanskaar sit next to them, suddenly lights go off and music starts playing,
Antara is shown and the light shows her,
Antara: maiyya yashoda……..ye tera kanhaiyya…….
Antara moves forward and the lights come on,
Antara looks at Shaurya: Maiyya Yashoda, Yeh Tera Kanhaiya,
Panghat Pe Meri, Pakde Hai Baiyan,
Tang Mujhe Karta Hai, Sang Mere Ladta Hai,

Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se…
Also starts dancing and is wearing black and green ghaghra choli.

Arohi comes and dances, also looks at Abhi: Gokul Ki Galiyon Mein, Jamuna Kinaare,
Woh More Kankariya, Chhup Chhup Ke Maare,
Natkhat Adayen, Soorat Hai Bholi,
Holi Mein Meri Bhigaye Woh Choli,
Baiyan Na Chhode…
Kalaiyan Marode…
Baiyan Na Chhode, Kalaiyan Marode,
Paiyan Padun Phir Bhi, Peechha Na Chhode
, Meethi Meethi Baaton Mein, Mujhko Phansaye, Hai.
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se…

Abhi and Shaurya smile, Arohi and Antara dance along with singing,

Arohi: Chhan Chhan Chhanakti Hai, Meri Payaliya,
Antara: Nainon Se Jab Woh Kare Chhedkhani,
Dil Thaame Reh Jaye, Prem Deewani,
Arohi: Sudh-Budh Gawai…
Neende Udayee…
Sudh-Budh Gawai, Neende Udayee,
Jo Karne Baithi Thi, Woh Kar Na Payee,
Badi Mushkil Se Dil Ko Sambhaala, Hai.
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se, Main Bachi,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se…
AP, Swara, Ragini and Sujata smile.
Abhi and Shaurya glare at them,

Ragini: Gokul Ka Kanha, Har Dil Mein Samaaya,
Swara: Main Bhagyashaali, Unhe Maine Paaya,
Ragini: Maana Ke Sabke, Hain Yeh Kanhaiya,
Kehlayenge Par, Tumhare Hi Maiyya,
Pyara Piya Hai…
Tumne Diya Hai…
Swara: Pyara Piya Hai, Tumne Diya Hai,
Mamta Ke Aanchal Mein, Humko Liya Hai,
Charano Mein Teri O Maa Humko Rehna Hai,
Swaragini: Ramji Ki Kripa Se,
Haan Ji Haan,
Ramji Ki Kripa Se…

Antara and Arohi finish dancing and everyone clap. Arohi is wearing light pink and gold ghaghra choli.
Abhi smiles,
Shaurya: We tease them or they tease us?
Abhi: I tease her but she teases you!
Shaurya looks at him and Abhi stops laughing.

Abhi: Now it’s Sanskaar Bhai and Swara Bhabhis turn.
Sanskaar nods no but Shaurya and Abhi make him and Swara stand,
Abhi: Lights!
The lights go off,
Shaurya: Music!

The music starts playing, the spotlight shines on Swasan, Sanam re….plays….. Swara blushes, Sanskaar twirls her, DP looks on, the song finishes, everyone clap, Swara and Sanskaar sit back down,.

Shaurya and Abhi make Raglak stand,
Abhi: Now it’s your turn.
Laksh: No, I….
Shaurya pushes him on the floor,
Abhi: Lights!
Shaurya: Music!

Hua hai aaj Pehli baar….plays….Laksh mouths it and starts dancing with Ragini, Ragini looks at him…….song finishes and Raglak are still looking at each other. Everyone clap.
Shaurya: Haath Bhagne Nahi Vala! (Hand isn’t going to run away!)
Ragini and Laksh realise and get embarrassed,
Abhi: Kya tu bhi Shaurya!

The party finishes….. And the guest leave….after a while,
Antara: Aunty, we will leave, we need to go home.
AP: Stay here for tonight. Swara and Ragini will feel good and not bored.
Antara: But Aunty…..
Sujata: JiJi is right, stay here for a night.
Antara looks at Arohi, Arohi nods,
Antara: Okay, we will stay for a night.
All get happy, DP quickly rushes up before Shaurya. AP, RP and Sujata leave, Laksh walks up to Ragini,
Laksh: Come Ragini, you must be uncomfortable in this attire right? Go get change.
Laksh takes Ragini up,
Sanskaar: You change too.
Swara: You change too? At least say it sweetly.
Sanskaar: Okay Baba, Swara Devi, would you like to change your clothes?
Swara puts her hand up: Haa, take me to my room and this is my order!
Swara giggles a little,
Sanskaar: Ji.
Sanskaar takes Swara to her room, Swara turns back and winks at Abhi, Shaurya, Antara, Arohi and Ved.

Ved: Why did Bade Maa wink? Anyways I should go get changed too.
Ved leaves,
Arohi: Where are we going to stay?
Abhi: Come, I’ll show you.
Arohi nods and Abhi leads the way.

Antara was about to go when Shaurya holds her hand,
Shaurya: You didn’t tell us how you liked the decorations?
Antara: Um….it’s okay.
Shaurya: Only okay?
Antara: Haa.
Shaurya: Hm….
Shaurya pulls her closer, she is shocked and avoids eye contact,
Shaurya: How was it?
Antara: Uh….it was good.
Shaurya pulls her closer, she eventually looks up at his greenish eyes, they have an eyelock,
Shaurya: Now?
Antara: It was….it….I…it had to be awesome….because Abhi helped you!
She moves back and laughs, Shaurya glares at her and she runs off while laughing and Shaurya looks on.

Abhi: Where’s Antara?
Arohi: I don’t know…she must be coming.
Abhi: Well you danced and sang quiet well.
Arohi: Thanks.
Abhi: Anyways this is your room.
Arohi goes in, she turns around and finds Abhi gone, she feels he is hiding something from her and looks on.

After few days:
Arohi and Abhi spend time and they fall in love, Abhi is trying hard to tell her the truth but he can’t see her broken.

Ragini doesn’t want to find out the gender yet because she wants the genders to be a surprise. Laksh doesn’t let Ragini do any work. They have fun time and have nokjhok…..

Swasan have nokjhok, they spend time and have fun….. Sanskaar doesn’t let Swara do anywork, they go out for a few months as Swara should be stress free before giving birth, they will return 4 months later… Vivaan is with Sujata.

DP finally started feeling safe and he got the chance to shout at Shaurya, he pushed Shaurya down the stairs and got happy, Shaurya broke a bone and was in the hospital for few days, DPs revenge got completed.

Antara and Shaurya spend time, Antara and AP take care of Shaurya while he broke his leg and he is getting pampered by everyone. DP made it sound like an accident.

Precap: 4 months later……

Thank you for liking, I know you all must be wondering why I’m taking leaps but there would be something big coming…..

Shehzad Shaikh – Abhi
Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Also there is another twist awaiting?

Do read Destiny Vs Love (Thapki Pyaar Ki) by Nusz?????????
Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) by Pushpa ????????

Credit to: Halima

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