Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 31


The episode begins with Laksh and Ragini sitting down and Laksh looking at her, he walks up to her, Ragini smiles and blushes,
Ragini: What happened Laksh? Aren’t you happy?
Laksh: No, I’m not happy.
Ragini gets shocked,
Laksh smiles,
Laksh: I’m very very very very happy.
Ragini smiles, he runs up to her and sits besides her and holds her hand,
Laksh: Thank you Ragini, I’m going to become a father again.
Ragini: I didn’t expect you to be this happy.
Laksh: I want a girl.
Ragini: Well I want a boy.
Laksh: We already have Ved, now I want a cute and innocent daughter.
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: What if it’s a boy?
Laksh: Then you have to bear another Laksh.
Ragini laughs,
Ragini: I’m scared.
Laksh: Why?
Ragini: Say if I don’t give Ved as much love as I would give to my own child?
Laksh smiles,
Laksh: Impossible, I know my Ragini, she gives love to everyone equally but she gives Ved love more than her husband and she will never stop loving Ved.
Ragini: I wish that happens.
Laksh: Don’t worry, you’re one and unique piece, the amount of love you gave Ved, not even a real mum would have him that much, Haa it’s different if he doesn’t call you Maa.
Ragini gets sad,
Ragini: I’m waiting till he calls me Maa.
Ved knocks on the door and comes in.

Ved: Would you forget me after this Chotu Baby comes?
Laksh opens his arms and Ved runs in,
Laksh: Impossible, how can I forget Ved when Ragini loves Ved, I am jealous of you.
Ved: Of me? why?
Laksh: The love that I should get, you’re eating all of it and not saving some for me!
Laksh looks at Ragini and smiles,
Ved: I love you Papa but I’m scared.
Laksh: Why are you scared now?
Ved: I don’t know, I feel that you would go away from me and us.
Ragini looks at Ved,
Laksh: Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.
Ved looks at Ragini and Ragini smiles at him,
Ved: Can I ask you one thing?
Ragini: Haa, bolo.
Ved: Why do you love me? I’m not even your real child and you still take care of me, why?
Ragini: Because you are my child, my first child, I know I didn’t give birth to you but Yashoda also didn’t give birth to Krishna, still Yashoda treated Krishna like her own son and Krishna loved her as her real mum.
Ved thinks and smiles,
Ved: Yashoda maiya. So you came as a form of Yahsoda for me?
Ragini smiles and Ved hugs her,
Ved: In this world, your the only Yashoda that accepted this Krishna, thank you.
Ragini gets emotional and Laksh smiles,
Ved: Can I call you Maa?
Ragini: Sure.
Ragini hugs him tighter.
Laksh joins the hug and they make a group hug,
Ved: I want a baby sister.
Ragini blushes,
Laksh: See, I’m not the only one!

Sanskaar comes inside, Swara turns to him,
Swara: Sanskaar…. Why did you do that in front of everyone?
Sanskaar: Sorry Swara, I was so happy that I didn’t realise who was there and what was happening.
Swara: Ragini is also…..
Sanskaar: Meaning double happiness in the house.
Sanskaar hugs Swara and Swara smiles,
Swara: Calm down Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: I feel like partying.
Swara laughs,
Sanskaar: Why are you laughing?
Swara: I found somebody that cares about me more than this world, I feel so lucky.
Sanskaar smiles,
Sanskaar: Not in this world only, in the next 7 lifetimes you will be Sanskaars Swara and no one can seperate Swara and Sanskaar.
Tears fall out of Swaras eyes and she hugs him tighter.

Abhi is lying down, he is thinking about Arohi,
Abhi: No Abhi, no! You can’t, she doesn’t know and I have to tell her so she could stay away from me.
He remembers Arohi laughing and all their moments and her getting angry at him and smiles,
He then realises,
Abhi: I can’t give her my heart or I can’t take hers, I can’t let her reach there but is it too late now?
Abhi sits up and thinks,
Abhi: No Abhi! You are going to die, you can’t let her love you or you love her! You have to remain distance from her!

Shaurya and Antara are texting,
Antara: Duffer, go to sleep?
Shaurya: I can’t??
Antara: Can you answer 1 of my question??
Shaurya: What?
Antara: Why did I make you my friend??
Shaurya: Because I’m attractive and no one could resist me☺️?
Antara: Attractive my foot?? I found you rude and arrogant and now I find you cool and nice???
Shaurya: It’s the magic of Shaurya?
Antara: Can I tell you a secret?
Shaurya: What?
Antara: I think Abhi and Arohi like each other!?
Shaurya: What?!?
Antara: Why what happened?
Shaurya: Um…uh… I’ll talk to you later…..bye.
Shaurya goes off the message and thinks, his phone buzzes and he see a message from Antara,
Antara: Okay, bye.?
Shaurya smiles.

4 months later:
Ragini is waiting in the car, she sees Laksh rushing,
Laksh: Sorry I’m late, let’s go.
Ragini: Laksh, we are 2 minuets late because of you.
Laksh: For your information, I was dropping Ved, so technically Ved made you late!
Ragini: Really? Who woke up late?!
Laksh: Uh….well….
Ragini: Uh? Well? Exactly Laksh, it was you.
Laksh: So what? Now by arguing you will make yourself more late and today I’m excited.
Laksh starts driving, Ragini touches her small baby bump,
Ragini: Your Papa always argues with me, come and teach him a lesson.
Laksh hears this and smiles.

They reach the hospital, Swara calls Ragini and Ragini picks it up,
Ragini: Haa Swara, how was yours?
Swara: It was good, they told me the gender.
Ragini: Swara, I can’t wait, quickly tell.
Swara: A daughter.
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: Congrats Swara, I’ll call you after I go.
Swara: Haven’t you been?
Ragini looks at Laksh,
Ragini: I got late.
Ragini sits down and disconnects the phone, Laksh goes to the receptionist and signs in.

The Dr comes out,
Dr: Mrs Ragini Maheshwari?
Ragini stands up, Laksh rushes there,
Dr: Please follow me and this is…
Laksh: Her husband.
Dr: Oh, okay, come.
The Dr takes them and checks Ragini,
Dr opens the curtain and sits on her seat,
Dr: There’s nothing to worry about Mr Maheshwari, your wife would have normal delivery, I’m going to refer you to the screening test today as Mrs Maheshwari can find out more about the child and its position, so here’s the note.
Laksh takes the note and takes Ragini to for screening test.
Laksh: I can’t wait…..
They sit down and wait, Laksh gives the note to the nurse and she takes it, then after a while they call them in.

Ragini lies down and the nurse applies cream and does screen test, the nurse smiles,
Laksh: Is there a problem?
Nurse: No sir, congrats.
Laksh smiles,
Nurse: Your children are healthy and fine, there’s not complications.
Ragini and Laksh: Children?
Nurse: Yes Sir, you’re going to have twins.
Laksh and Ragini smile,
Laksh: Twins? That’s so cool, can we find out the genders?
Nurse: Yes but not here or now, you have to wait till Ma’am is 5 months.
Laksh: Thank you.

After the screening test, they come home, Swara sees Ragini and smiles, (Swara is 5 months pregnant) Ragini is smiling,
Sujata: Tell Chore, what did the Dr say?
Laksh: The Dr said everything’s normal.
AP smiles,
Abhi: You look so more happy than before, is there anything that we don’t know?
Laksh: We are having…..
Abhi: Having?
Shaurya: Let me guess, twins?
Laksh nods and smiles, everyone get happy and hug Ragini. Ragini says congrats to Swara and Swara says it to Ragini.
Sujata: I can’t wait till this house would be filled with three happiness.
Swaragini……..title plays………

Antara and Arohi come with gifts, they give the gifts to Swara and Ragini,
Antara: Congrats.
Arohi: Congrats.
Swaragini: Thanks.
Shaurya looks at Antara and gets shocked, Abhi smiles at Arohi, Arohi walks up to him,
Arohi: You have been avoiding me nowadays.
Abhi: Nahi toh…..
Arohi: You have been talking and doing things less, is there a problem?
Abhi: No, I still talk to you.
Arohi smiles.
Shaurya: Antara and in Salwar? Everyone come and take photos.
Antara slaps Shaurya on the shoulder and all smile,
Sujata: Toh? (So?) can’t a girl wear that?
Shaurya: Haa but Antara?…
Arohi: Di looks nice.
Sujata: Haa, she looks better than you.
Antara smiles,
AP: Now stop teasing her!
Antara is wearing green plain Salwar with blue leggings and blue stole. Arohi is wearing red Anarkali suit with scarf pinned on her shoulder.

Abhi pinches Arohi and she looks at him,
Arohi: What are you doing Abhi? It hurts!
Abhi: When your heart breaks it will hurt worser.
Arohi looks at him,
Abhi: I was just checking what you would do.
Arohi: You’re so mean to me now.
Abhi: Abhi is always like this to his friends!
He smiles and runs near AP.

Antara and Arohi glare at Abhi and Shaurya. Antara and Arohi then smile at each other. Sanskaar comes out and hugs Laksh, so does Abhi and Shaurya.
Ved comes home and rushes up to get changed, after a while he comes down and hugs Ragini, Antara and Arohi,
Swara: Ahem! You forgot someone.
Ved runs and hugs Swara, she smiles and kisses him on the cheeks.

Sujata: I think we should party.
AP: Sujata…..
Sujata: JiJi, I’m not lying, anyways Bhaisa got better and we have good news so why not?
AP thinks,
Sujata: We got Antara and Arohi to help us.
Antara: Haa Aunty, we will help.
Shaurya: Antara and help?
Shaurya laughs,
Abhi: They will make it go worse.
Arohi: Oh really? Why don’t you try?
Abhi: We can do it better.
Shaurya: All of you faces would be shocked after seeing our decorations.
Antara: Well good luck, we can’t wait to see your rotten decorations!
Arohi: Do you think that they could do it Di?
Arohi giggles and Abhi looks at her,
Abhi: Yes we can, you’re questioning Abhi’s talent, I need to show how good we are.
Shaurya: Ha…ha!
Shaurya in his head: Oh god….
Sujata: JiJi, don’t invite the guests, we will get embarrassed.
Sujata looks at Shaurya and Abhi.
Abhi: No Maa, invite the whole Kolkata!

Abhi and Shaurya see the decorations and smile, Sujata comes down and gets surprised,
Sujata: Wow, unbelievable chore, it’s so good.
Abhi and Shaurya: Thanks.
Abhi: Chachi, get ready quick, guests may arrive.

Ragini is dressed and sitting in front of the mirror, Laksh comes and sees her and smiles,
Laksh: Red suits you.
Ragini smiles, Laksh comes forward and puts a necklace on Ragini, she smiles and touched it,
Ragini: It’s beautiful.
Laksh looks at her from the mirror and smiles.
Ragini: I don’t know why I don’t have a good feeling.
Laksh turns Ragini and kisses her on the forehead, she closes her eyes.

Sanskaar touches Swara bump,
Swara: She will kick, she did.
Sanskaar: I don’t feel anything.
Swara thinks,
Swara: She did, did you feel it?
Sanskaar nods no,
Swara: How can you not feel it?
Sanskaar touches Swaras hand and places it on top of his, Swara felt the kick,
Swara: So you……
Sanskaar nods,
Swara: Then why did you say no?
Sanskaar: I wanted to feel it with you and she kicks every 5 minuets if you smile.
Swara smiles and the baby kicks and Swara gets surprised. Sanskaar kisses her hand and smiles,
Sanskaar: I won’t ever leave you Swara.
Swara smiles.
Swara is wearing light green and yellow Lengha.

Precap: Party……Dance….

Thank you for liking,

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Do read Destiny Vs Love (Thapki Pyaar Ki) by Nusz ?????????
Also Dangerous Ishq (Swaragini) by Pushpa ???????

Credit to: Halima

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