Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 30


4 days later:

The episode begins with the family on the bus, DP comes on the wheel chair with bandage on his head and cast in his arms and right leg., Abhi gets down and helps him up, Shaurya was about to help DP but DP stops him,
DP: I don’t need your help. You don’t even help, you make it go worse.
Shaurya: Okay your choice.
Shaurya goes back and sits down,
Sanskaar helps DP come in, Laksh folds the wheel chair and brings it in, Abhi and Sanskaar make DP sit down at the front seat,
Abhi: Sorry, we can’t take you at the back.
Shaurya: Cause they can’t carry you.
DP gets angry, Sanskaar sits next to Swara and Laksh puts the wheelchair down and sits next to Ved, Ragini sits at the back with Antara, Arohi, Sujata and Vivaan,
AP sits next to Shaurya and slaps him on the shoulder, Abhi sits next to the seat near DP, Sumi and Daadi sit together and DaadaJi and Shekhar.

Ved and Laksh talk, Ragini smiles seeing them talk,
Ragini: Finally, these 4 days have brought them closer.
It goes into a flashback when Laksh and Ved were arguing,
Laksh: No.
Ved: Please.
Laksh: Just get lost okay!
Ved: Your so rude, I’m not going to come back!
Ved leaves angrily. 30 minuets later Ragini comes to the room,
Ragini: Laksh, have you seen Ved?
Laksh: He must be there somewhere.
Ragini: This isn’t our house Laksh, he’s new to this place and it’s the second day.
Laksh: Well I don’t know.
Ragini: He came to get you for the game but you didn’t come and so didn’t he so we got worried and now we can’t find him.
Ragini leaves and the family search for Ved, Laksh gets worried and starts looking for him.

Laksh reaches the swimming pool area, he sees Ved sitting down with his legs out in the water and arms folded, he gets angry and walks up to him,
Ved (upset): No one likes me, I’m just a burden on people, no one wants me! Am I that bad God?!
Tears fall out of Veds eyes, Laksh hears and looks on,
Ved: Why did you take my Mamma God? I’m so lonely without her, I don’t have anyone in this world, why did you make me an orphan?
Laksh gets upset hearing him,
Ved: I’m not a bad boy, people have family but I have a family but it’s not mine.
Laksh realises,
Laksh in his head: I never thought how Ved would feel, I…I always thought about myself, I did the mistake so why am I punishing Ved? He’s my son and no one can change that fact, not even me. Why was I so rude to him?
Laksh sits next to Ved, Ved notices him and ignores him,
Ved: What are you doing here?!
Laksh: Why? Can’t I sit here too?
Ved: I’ll leave.
Laksh: No, you’re not going anywhere.
Ved: Why? Why can’t I go?
Laksh: Everyone are worried for you.
Ved: No one cares about me so why are they worried?
Laksh looks at him,
Ved: How can I forget, Antara Di and Arohi Didi only care, they must be worried.
Laksh: And Ragini, and your Badi Maa, and your Bade Papa and your Daadi and your Daadu and your chachu’s, and your Choti Daadi and your chote Daadu, and your cousin Vivaan.
Ved: So many people?
Laksh turns Ved towards them,
Laksh: And your Papa.
Ved looks at him, Laksh hugs Ved and cries,
Laksh: I’m sorry Ved, I was so selfish, I never gave you love or affection that you needed, I was never there for you and….
Ved breaks the hug, he wipes Laksh’s tears and smiles, Ved then kisses Laksh on the cheeks,
Ved: You don’t need to say sorry Papa, I forgave you.
Laksh smiles,
Laksh: Say that again?
Ved: Papa.
Laksh hugs Ved and Ved hugs him back.
Ragini and everyone smile.
End of Flashback.

DP feels pain in his leg, Abhi notices him, he then stands up and puts his right leg on the seat making DP face towards him.
DP relaxes and Abhi gives him pain killers and water, DP takes them and moves his head back. He feels pain,
DP in his head: Ek Beta Dushman while the other two saviours. Abhi was right, Shaurya wearing black has brought me bad luck.

It goes into a flashback when after DP got hit on the head another incident happend on the second day, Shaurya was eating Banana peel and he threw it, DP was walking and he slipped on the peel and feel frontwards and hit his head on the rock, then the third day DP was walking down the stairs, Shaurya comes there, DP stops, sees him and comes back up,
Shaurya: Why did you come back up?
DP: You can go first.
DP said that as he did not want to have another injury,
Shaurya: Okay, cool.
Shaurya walks down and DP follows slowly, Shaurya comes down the stairs and DP takes a breath of relief, he walks down and stands outside and looks around, Shaurya kicks the bike and it starts and goes towards DP, DP notices it but it was too late as it was too close and it hits DP and DP hits DP and DP breaks his arm and leg, Shaurya rushes in. On the fourth and final day, DP was walking and Shaurya was near, DP gets scared, he quickly runs and Shaurya accidentally pushes DP and DP falls down the stairs and DP was on the wheel chair.
It’s comes out of the flashback and DP closes his eyes.
DP in his head: Not even a single peaceful day, they all had fun while I had to suffer.

Arohi is thinking,
Arohi in her head: Thanks Abhi.
Arohi smiles and it goes into a flashback where Abhi and Arohi spend time, Abhi teases her and she gets angry and he makes her steal and he makes her talk much and teaches her how to fight and gradually they became friends.
It comes out of the flashback.

Sujata: It was a fun day out, we would never get this experience again.
Sujata looks at Abhi,
Abhi: Don’t worry Chachi.
Antara to Arohi: It was an awesome time Na Arohi?
Arohi: Haa Di.
Ragini: I will miss these four days.

Swara smiles,
Swara: My family forgave me.
Sanskaar: I told you Swara, one day they would forgive you.
Sumi smiles at her and Daadi forces a smile out.

After a while they all reach home after dropping Antara, Arohi and Daadaji and Daadi and Sumi and Shekhar.
Abhi: It feels great to be back.
AP: Beta, take your Papa to his room.
Abhi: Okay but Shaurya you will help me.
Shaurya: But he doesn’t want me to help.
DP in his head: It’s my turn now!
DP: You can come and help me.
Shaurya: What? I mean that….
Abhi: Don’t make excuses, help me!
Shaurya and Abhi lift DP up, they make a sound while lifting,
Abhi: Papa, are you trying to stand up or not?
DP: I don’t have the energy.
Shaurya and Abhi take DP up the stairs, DP finds an opportunity and kicks Shaurya with his left leg, Shaurya feels that and glares at DP.
Shaurya: What the hell?
They finally reach DPs room and make him rest, moves back and releases a breath of sigh with Abhi.
Abhi: Okay Papa, we will leave and you can call….call Maa…if you….if you need anything.
DP nods and Abhi tries to catch his breath, Shaurya and Abhi leave.

Two weeks later:
Arohi is shown, Abhi is teaching her how to punch, they both laugh, Shaurya comes there,
Shaurya: Don’t laugh too much, he can’t even punch himself.
Arohi: No, he’s actually good.
Shaurya: Really? Punch me.
Arohi: No.
Antara comes,
Antara: If you want then I could punch you.
Shaurya: No I’m fine.
Antara: Abhi, you’re the worlds first friend to teach her how to fight.
Abhi: Obviously, for self defence.
Antara: Thanks Abhi, I can see a different Arohi here.
Arohi hugs Antara,
Arohi: I’m the same Arohi Di.
Shaurya: It’s just that she has gained her lost confidence and she knows how to fight this crucial world that has Abhi in it.
Antara and Shaurya laugh.
Antara: She is ready to battle in this world.
They laugh,
Abhi in his head: She won’t need me anymore.
Arohi: Thanks Abhi.
Abhi: No thank you or sorry in friendship.
Arohi smiles,
Antara: Okay, bye, we have to go now.
Antara takes Arohi,
Abhi: She hasn’t changed, she only gained her confidence.
Shaurya: It’s good she has. Did you tell her?
Abhi nods no,
Shaurya: Before she develops feelings, tell her.
Shaurya taps on the shoulder and leaves, Abhi thinks.

MM is shown, Ragini is lying in the bed while the Dr checks her, the family, including Laksh are worried, the Dr comes out,
Dr: There’s nothing to worry about.
All get a relief and smile,
Dr: Congratulations, she is pregnant.
Laksh gets shocked and all get happy, the Dr leaves leaving Laksh in a shock,
Swara: I can’t believe this.
Sujata: Raginis pregnant.
Ved: Meaning another Chotu baby in the house?
AP: Haa beta, I need to inform Abhi, he would get glad.

Antara and Arohi come out, AP sees them,
AP: Antara! Arohi!
They stop and look at AP, AP walks upto them and tells them that Raginis pregnant, a wide smile spreads across their faces,
Antara: Congrats, I mean where is she?
AP: In her room.
Shaurya comes,
Shaurya: I know I heard, so cool, where’s lucky?
Shaurya sees Laksh standing and walk up to him,
Arohi: Aunty, can we meet her?
AP: Sure.
Antara and Arohi go inside the room with Swara, AP and Sujata, they see Ragini smiling,
Swara: I also have an confession to make……
They look at her,
Swara: I’m pregnant.
All get shocked and also are happy.

AP and Sujata bless Swara and Ragini, Antara and Arohi tease them, Laksh comes in and they go out.

Sanskaar comes home, Swara sees him,
Swara: Sanskaar!
Sanskaar stops and turns to see Swaras face glowing,
Sanskaar: Arey Swara, what happened?
Swara: I told them.
Sanskaar: Seriously?
He goes towards her and picks her up and twirls her, Swara smiles and Sujata and AP come there, so does Abhi,
Abhi: Oho, why is there so much happiness?? Won’t you share?
Sanskaar puts Swara down and she blushes and rushes in to her room.
Abhi: Don’t worry Bhai, I understood and I know the reason why you’re happy.
Sanskaar also goes up.
Abhi smiles.

Precap: 4 months later…….Raglak and Swasan find out the gender……

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma

Do read Destiny Vs Love (Thapki Pyaar Ki) by Nusz????????

Credit to: Halima

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