Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 3


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The episode begins at MM:
The Moh dikhayi Rasam finishes, the ladies start leaving one by one, Ragini stands up,
AP: Beta, if you want you can change your clothes.
Ragini: My old….
Lady: Annapurna Ji!!
AP and Sujata hear her shouting, Ragini does too, they rush out,
AP: What happened?
Sujata starts coughing, the lady points at the clothes.
AP, Sujata and Ragini look there, they get shocked,
Sujata: Chori, there are your clothes!
Ragini thinks how it happened,
Lady: If you didn’t want these clothes, you could’ve gave it to one of us, these are new clothes that you burnt!
AP: No, we don’t know how it happened!
They look at Ragini, Ragini nervously nods no, she looks on.
Sujata: There has been a misunderstanding but you all don’t worry, we will sort it out!
The ladies leave, Sujata, AP and Ragini go inside.
Ragini: I don’t know how they got there, I was searching for them.
Sujata: Even we don’t know how your clothes got out there and who must have burnt it?
AP: La…
Sujata cuts her words,
Sujata: JiJi!
AP looks at Sujata and Ragini looks at her confusingly,
Sujata fake smiles: No JiJi, I meant that we will think about it later, Ragini, your Dad must be coming to collect you for the Paghpehra!
AP: Sujata is right, Ragini beta, go get dressed.
Ragini nods and leaves to get changed,
Laksh comes and AP and Sujata see him,
Sujata: You done that right?!
Laksh smiles: What Chachi?
Sujata: Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.
Laksh (innocent): No Chachi, please make it clear, I don’t understand.
Sujata: Chore……
AP (angrily): No Sujata, let him go!
Laksh heads to his room.

Raglak Room:
Ragini is choosing what to wear,
Ragini: Who burnt my old clothes and who put these clothes here?
Laksh comes in and sees Ragini, Ragini hears someone but doesn’t look back. Raginis back is facing towards Laksh.
Laksh: Wear the green one, it will suit you!
Ragini hears him and smiles,
Ragini thinks: He hasn’t seen me and he believes green would suit me.
Laksh then goes to the bathroom,
Ragini turns around,
Ragini: Did her place them there? But why?
Ragini then takes the green saree out and gets changed, she feels uncomfortable, she looks at herself in the mirror,
Ragini: Where must he have been all night?
All the questions are running through Raginis head but there are no answers for them, she wears make up and jewellery and looks up at herself in the mirror, her black long straight hair are dangling down her hips, she smiles.
She moves away from the mirror and Laksh comes out, he sees Ragini wearing green saree,
Ragini turns around but Laksh turns towards the window and they miss to see each other’s face. Ragini is nervous, she looks down.
Ragini: Did you put these new saree and Anarkali suit?
Laksh hears her voice and looks up, before Laksh could say anything Sujata comes.
Sujata: Chori, your Baba is here!
Ragini turns and Laksh turns, Sujata sees her in Modern saree.
Sujata then glares at Laksh.

Swara, Sanskaar and Uttra reach the badi,
Uttra: Bhabhi, good luck.
Swara: Thank you.
Sanskaar: Are you sure you want to go Swara?
Swara: Don’t worry Sanskaar, I’ll manage.
Sanskaar nods, Swara gets out of the taxi and looks at the Baadi, Swaragini……tune…..plays……
Swara comes inside and touches the Walls and remembers her moments.
She walks towards her house, she smiles, she knocks on the door,
Daadi opens the door, Daadi’s smile disappears,
Sumi: What happened Maa?
Sumi comes out and is shocked to see Swara, Shekhar and Ragini come to the Baadi, Shekhar goes in and gets shocked to see Swara, Ragini sees their expressions and comes forward, she looks at Swara and smiles,
Ragini: Swara?
The episode freezes on Daadi, Shekhar and Sumis shocked faces.

Precap: Ragini comes back to MM,
She looks at Laksh is shocked and Laksh is shocked to see her too.

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Credit to: Halima

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