Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 29


The episode starts with the sun going down and the hotel being showed, it’s night, Abhi knocks on everyone’s door,
Abhi: Are you all ready?
DP comes out,
DP: What’s this?
Abhi: We have a dinner today.
Shaurya comes out wearing dark black bomber jacket with black shirt and black chinos, Abhi looks at him,
Abhi: Ohho, wearing all black huh? Look papa, even his shoes are black.
Shaurya: Latest air max.
Abhi: Papa, he wasted your hard work on these shoes.
DP: What do you mean?
Shaurya: Nothing.
Abhi: He’s the latest living horror, instead of women in black, he’s a man in black. Meaning your bad days are coming papa!
DP: Stop your nonsense and where is everybody?
Everybody come out.

Abhi: I also booked a hall for us, we can sing, dance and do everything there.
DP: Shall we go?
Abhi: Okay let’s go.
They reach the dinner place, DP sits down first, then he signals everyone to sit down. All of a sudden DP starts feeling things happening in his stomach, he gets shocked.
DP: I need to use the toilet.
Abhi: It’s on the left hand corner.
DP stands up and goes to the toilet. He touches his stomach,
DP: What’s happening? Why did all of this happen all of a sudden?
Then he releases a gas and looks on, men start coming in, they close their nose, DP rushes out and back to his place,
DP in his head: What happened?
Abhi: Are you okay Papa?
DP comes back to his senses,
DP: Haa, we may start.
Sujata serves herself first, DP leans in and feels that he needs to release a gas, he thinks and looks around, he sees all of them eating and enjoying, DP starts sweating,
Abhi to DP: Papa, just go for it, no one will say anything.
DP looks at Abhi confusingly,
Abhi looks around, he sees the balloon and smiles,
Abhi to DP: I know you need to….
DP gets shocked,
Abhi: When I say go, you do it okay?!
DP doesn’t get anything, Abhi gets a sharp thing and throws it to the ballon and says go, DP releases the gas and the balloon pops, all look there, Shaurya smells something,
Shaurya: Chee, what is this smell?
All start smelling it,
Antara: It isn’t the food right?
Shaurya: It was okay a minuet ago.
They all make a face,
Abhi: I think the ballon left a smell after popping.
All think,
AP: I think you’re right, but how did it pop?
Abhi: Forget that and start eating.
Laksh: The smell put me off, I…I don’t feel like eating.
Shaurya: Same here.
Abhi: Don’t be stupid, Bhabhi, I think you should feed Bhai and Maa since you’re sitting next to Shaurya you might as well feed him too.
Sujata: Chore, are you sure it was the balloon?
Abhi: What else could’ve it been?
Ragini: He’s right, if we leave the food like this then it would be disrespecting the food.
Abhi thinks: Where is Swara Bhabhi? If Sanskaar Bahi is here then why isn’t she and Vivaan?

Swara is seen with Vivaan in her room,
Swara: Baba doesn’t even want to see my face so with what right should I go?
Swara remembers Daadi shutting the door at Swara and Shekhar shouting at her along with Sumi.

They finish eating,
Abhi: Now Masti time…..
DP looks at him,
Abhi: Meaning sleep time.
They all leave to their rooms, Sanskaar brings food for Swara and feeds her with his own hands. Swara looks at him emotionally.

Laksh and Ragini talk and laugh, AP and DP lie down, DP thinks about the favour that Abhi did for him, Abhi goes to sleep and so does Shaurya and Ved, Antara lies down and Arohi thinks about Abhi, DaadaJi and Daadi are asleep, Sumi and Shekhar talk and eventually fall asleep.

Morning, the sun is shown rising, Abhi steps out of his room and smiles, Abhi gets Uttras call, he picks it up,
Uttra: What is this Bhai? Picnic and that too without me?
Abhi: Well it’s not my fault you went back to America.
Uttra: Not fair!
Abhi: Come back next time and I’ll take you.
Uttra: You better, OK Bhai I have to go to college I’ll call you later.
Abhi: Haa bye, take care!

Abhi sees Arohi standing outside, he walks up to her, she is smiling seeing the view, he looks forward and sees the family outside, they are setting up.
Abhi: So Ved is there?
Abhi checks the time and Arohi hears him,
Abhi: It’s 10 and they already started?
Arohi: You woke up late so they thought to surprise you by doing the preparations.
Abhi gets surprised,
Abhi: Good, I’ll go and help them. Abhi walks out and meets everybody, they smile and he smiles back.

After a while they start playing cricket, DP is just sitting on the chair and looking, Abhi throws the ball and gets RP out,
RP: This is cheating Chore, no, I’m not out!
Laksh goes to the side,
Abhi: Chachu, you’re out.
Laksh: Can I have water?
Ragini gives it to Laksh, he drinks it,
Laksh: Chachu, ur out!
Laksh thinks and Ragini smiles,
Laksh puts the water bottle down,
Sujata: Your out Ji, even I saw.
RP: Na! I don’t believe all of you, Bhaisa, tell me if I’m out or not.
DP: Ram….you’re out!
RP gets sad, he gives the bat to Sujata and sits down on the chair.

Abhi: Would you play Chachi?
Sujata: I might as well give it a try.
AP, Sumi and Daadi smile, Daadaji also smiles, Laksh sees that no one is looking and takes Ragini to the side,
Ragini: Laksh….?
Laksh: What Laksh? You give time to others but what about me?
Ragini smiles,
Laksh: Even that Ved gets more attention than me.
Ragini: Because he’s a child.
Laksh: I’m a child too.
Ragini: Child?
Laksh: Child at heart……anyways you called me cute….?
Ragini remembers and blushes,
Laksh: Since I’m cute I should get a kiss right?
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Ved gets 10 in a day and me 0?
Ragini: Laksh, your behaving like a child.
Laksh brings Ragini closer, Ragini looks down,
Ragini: Someone will come and….
Laksh: I don’t care? I will only leave you after I get a kiss.
Ragini thinks,

Abhi throws the ball and Sujata hits it, RP is shocked,
Shaurya: Chachi run.
Sujata: What?
Shaurya: You come here quick and I’ll go there.
Sujata starts running and Shaurya reaches the other end, it Abhi hits the ball on the Stamp before Sujata could reach and shouts out!
Sujata: No chore, this is cheating, I didn’t know we had to run!
RP: Now you now how I felt!
Sujata throws the bat and walks off,
Ved comes and picks the bat up,
Abhi: Ditcher!
Ved: Sorry….
Abhi throws the ball and Shaurya hits it, it goes flying and hits DP which shocks everyone,
DP: Aahh!
DP falls back on the chair, Shaurya laughs,

Ragini was about to kiss Laksh but heard DP, they look st each other and rush there, Swara gets shocked and rushes out,
Swara: Bade Papa…?
Sumi, Shekhar, Dadaji and Daadi get shocked, Ragini reaches there.
Laksh: What happened?
DP touches his head, he remembers what Abhi said about Shaurya wearing black meaning your bad days will come and gets shocked,
DP in his head: Whatever Abhi said is true then I’m gone! No! This can’t happen! My respect and dignity?!
Abhi: Are you okay?
Antara: You’re so harsh on your Dad, he’s there in pain and you’re laughing?
Shaurya: Well if it’s funny then a person would laugh.
Antara: He got hurt.
Shaurya: It’s not like he’s going to die.
Antara: Still…. There’s no point in talking to you!
Abhi and Sanskaar make DP stand and take him in,
Shaurya: You threw the ball.
Abhi: You hit it, I feel like you done that on purpose!
Antara nods her head,
Antara: Seriously yaar…. Do you hate your Dad that much?
Abhi: To the core…. When Shaurya wears black, he brings problems for Papa. Especially in the party…
Shaurya lets out a 5 second laugh.

AP, Sujata, RP, Ragini and Laksh go in to see DP, Swara turns around and sees Daadi, Sumi, Shekhar and Daadaji looking at her.
Daadi: What are you doing here?
Swara doesn’t say anything,
Shekhar: Are you here to ruin their happiness too?
Daadi: Or to ruin your sisters?
Swara looks at Daadi, she gains confidence,
Swara: No, I’m not here to ruin anyone’s happiness. Their happiness matters to me.
Daadi: After ruining ours your here too!
Swara: Yes I’m here and I have the right to be here.
Sumi: With what rights?
Abhi comes from behind,
Abhi: Bhabhi, have they taken Papa to the hospital.
Swara: No, they took him to his room.
Shaurya comes from behind too,
Swara: What was that Shaurya?
Shaurya: Sorry Bhabhi, it’s not my fault.
Daadi and Sumi look on.
Swara: Go there or they will think that you did it on purpose.
Abhi: Bhabhi is telling the truth.
Shaurya goes inside, Abhi goes to Antara and Arohi.

Sumi: You’re……
Swara looks at her,
Swara: Haa, I’m this family’s daughter in law, I’m Raginis older sister in law and Sanskaars Maheshwaris wife, Vivaan Maheshwaris mother, is that enough for all of you?
Swara says this and leaves, Daadi looks on,
Daadi: So the person who she got married to is their son?
Shekhar: Haa, Sanskaar.
Daadaji: At least she’s in well respected family and living happily, that’s all I want to see.
DaadaJi leaves and they look on.

Precap: 4 days later……

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Antara – Nikita Sharma.

Credit to: Halima

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