Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 22


Laksh wakes up, his phone starts ringing and he gets a call,
Laksh: Hello?
Antara: Hello Laksh, you must be happy right now?!
Laksh: What do you mean?
Antara: Look at the time.
Laksh looks at the time and it’s 8:30am.
Laksh: So?
Antara: Get up and go downstairs and then you will know!
Antara cuts the call and Laksh sits up, he goes to the washroom and freshens up and gets changed, he picks his phone up and heads downstairs.

He walks down the stairs and is shocked, he walks towards the dining table,
Laksh in his head: Oh God, what is he doing here? How did he come here anyways?!
He gets a message and checks it, it’s from Antara,
Antara said: Are you happy now? It’s good he’s there and I wish he tells everyone everything! Anyways we went park and Ragini found him and saved him from the goons, if I went in front of her then she would ask me who he is and then I would have to tell her the truth but since he’s there, enjoy! ?

Laksh gets angry, he puts his phone in his pocket,
Laksh: What was the need of him coming to the park and why did Ragini go to the park? If they find out then……
AP sees Laksh, Laksh continuously looks at the boy. He sits next to him, the boy looks at him, Abhi sits on the other side of the boy,
Abhi: Good morning everybody.
Abhi then notices the boy,
Abhi: Who is this? Vivaan grew up so quick?
Sujata: No chore, Ragini found this boy in the park and brought him home.
Laksh: What was the need of bringing him here? You could’ve gave him to the police.
Ragini: I did tell the police, they said to take him with me and then they will contact me.
Laksh: You could’ve dropped him somewhere else.
Ragini looks at Laksh and so does the boy, the boy rolls his eyes,
Ragini: Laksh….
AP: Laksh, where else would’ve she left this child, after the goon incident, no one would want to leave this child alone.
Sujata: Chore, why are you feeling insecure?
Laksh: I’m…..
DP: End this topic here, we may start.
Abhi whispers to the boy: Mind him, don’t feel bad, he’s….
The boy: I know.
DP looks at Abhi, Abhi smiles and takes the plate, Laksh feels uncomfortable. Shaurya hurriedly sits next to Laksh, Shaurya then notices the boy.
Abhi: What is your name?
The boy: Ved
Abhi: Ved?
Laksh: You shouldn’t talk while eating!
DP: Laksh’s right! Stop talking Abhi!

Ved gets sad, Abhi smiles,
Abhi: What do you want to eat?
DP looks at Abhi,
Abhi: I just asked what he wants.
Ragini thinks: What happened to Laksh? Why is he angry?
Abhi: How old are you?
Ved: 6 years old, I’m nearly 7.
DP: Abhi!
Abhi: I was asking how old he was so I could give him the food that…. Fits his age.
Sujata: chore, this is the first time I’m hearing about the food given for your age limit.
Abhi: If there blood group diet then there is this diet as well.
Shaurya: Called? I never heard of it!
Abhi curses Shaurya under his breath,
Abhi in his head: Idiot, why does he wants to get me in trouble?!
Abhi: Uh, called…..
Ved: Called age diet.
Abhi: Haa, age diet!
Shaurya: Let me google it up.
Abhi: You’re not allowed to take phones out while eating!
DP: Stop your nonsense and let us eat peacefully.
Abhi: I thought you said sleep!
Abhi lets out a laugh and Shaurya and Ved giggle.
DP in his head: They are embarrassing me In front of a little child, I need to do something.
DP looks at AP,
AP: Abhi!
Abhi: Sorry.
Abhi then remembers AP saying Shauryas her favourite son.

Ved and Abhi finish eating,
Abhi: You finished?
Ved nods yes,
Abhi: Where’s your Papa?
Ved think and Laksh hears,
Ved smiles: I don’t have one.
Abhi: Sorry, I didn’t…..
Ved: It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault.
Laksh looks on,
Abhi: What about your Mom?
Ved: She’s also gone, she died when I was born.
All the family hear and get emotional,
Ved: I’m an orphan.
Abhi: Who did you live with?
Ved: My aunties.
Abhi: Blood related aunties?
Ved nods no,
Ved: Antara Didi and Arohi Di.
Laksh gets shocked,
Ragini: Antara and Arohi?
Abhi: Antara and Arohi?
Ved nods yes.

Abhi: How?
Ved: Antara Didi found me and took me to her home and I have been living with her from the past 5 months.
AP: She isn’t even his own blood and she treats him like her own, nowadays, own people are strangers to them.
Laksh thinks,
Ved: You’re right Aunty, sometimes your own blood neglects you and strangers accept you. It is said that Family isn’t always blood and blood isn’t always family, Antara and Arohi Di treated me like their own family member, they never neglected me.

Laksh looks at Ved.
Ragini: I’ll phone her, she might be getting worried.
Abhi: I’ll drop him if you want.
Laksh: I’ll drop him.
Abhi: It’s okay Bahi, I’ll take him.
Ragini: Okay, Ved, do you want to go now or later?
Ved looks at Laksh,
Ved: I would leave now.
Swara: You can stay for a bit.
Abhi: Yh, you can stay here and I’ll drop you.

Ragini comes back,
Ragini: She said he can stay here with us and we can bring him to the wedding.
Laksh: What wedding?
Sujata: Oh, I forgot to tell you chore, we are going for a wedding today……. Bhaisa, they invited all of us.
DP: You all go, I’m not coming.
Abhi: Come Na papa, stop being boring, when are we leaving?
Sujata: They invited is at 4:00pm.
DP glares at Abhi,
Abhi: It’s 9:00am, we should start leaving it must be far right?
Sujata: It’s near by.
Abhi: Last time you said that but we saw how it turned out to be like.
Shaurya: Stop throwing fits and be patience.
DP: I’m not going!
Shaurya: They will laugh at you even more, they would say DurgaPrasad stayed at home because he got embarrassed!
Abhi laughs and Shaurya lets out a little laugh, DP glares at them with anger,
DP: Annapurna! Get my wedding suit ready!
Abhi: Papa! You’re getting married?
Shaurya: Are you mad?! Who wants to marry him in this age?
DP glares at Shaurya,
DP: Chiranjeev!!!!!

Shaurya, Abhi and Ved laugh, DP glares at them and AP looks on.

Precap: Wedding……friends…..Dr……

(Thank you for liking, I read the comments and some of you don’t want Abhi to die?….
Well I can’t say anything yet, but stay tuned to know what happens next…..)

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Ved – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani.

Credit to: Halima

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