Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 21

The episode begins with Abhi turning his face but she sees him,
Dr Mittal: Abhi!
Abhi closes his eyes and bites his tongue. He then turns to her, the family look,
Dr Mittal: Follow me.
Abhi: But….
Dr Mittal looks at him, he then nods and stands up and leaves with her the family are confused.

Dr Mittals office:
Dr Mittal: Why don’t you tell them?
Abhi: I can’t, not now, my Maa just had her surgery and she had an heart attack, I can’t give her stress.
Dr Mittal: But you have to Abhi, how long would you hide this fact?
Abhi: Till I die, on my deathbed they will find out.
Dr Mittal laughs at his stupidity,
Dr Mittal: They will miss you if you’re like this, I will miss you too.
Abhi: Thanks, I know I will be missed.
Dr Mittal: Tell everyone else and you can tell your Mum later.
Abhi: What are my survival chances?
Dr Mittal thinks,
Dr Mittal: You’re on your second stage, if you started the treatment earlier then…..
Abhi: 50-50? There’s no point in telling them if I’m not going to survive, they will have false hopes.
Dr Mittal: You will survive, I assure you.
Abhi: I’m not scared of death now, my family is happy so I’m happy.
Dr: I’ll catch you later, make sure you she your medicines and…..
Abhi: I know, come for regular check up twice a week.
Dr M: Good, you can go.
Abhi smiles and leaves,
Dr M: After enduring all this he still has smile on his face? Hats of to this boy!
Then the name stand is shown and it says Oncologist.

3 days later:
AP comes back home, Sujata does her Aarti, Abhi, Shaurya and Sanskaar hug her, Laksh stands behind Sujata and looks at her, he has his head down,
Sujata: Let JiJi rest!
AP: I’m okay Sujata.
Swara: No Badi Maa, you have to rest, the Dr said so.
Ragini: Haa Maa, don’t worry, me and Swara will handle everything.
AP smiles, Shaurya takes AP upstairs,
Sujata: Abhi, who was that Dr that was talking to you?
Abhi: Chachi, you asked this question 100 times in a day, she was a Dr, she was telling me about how to take care of Maa.
Sujata: But how does she know your name and……
Abhi: Chachi, she is my friends Mom, that’s how she knows me.
Sujata thinks,
DP: Ram, how is the office work going?
RP: It’s good Bhaisa.
DP: I want the report of everyone from the past 3 days!
RP nods.

Laksh stand outside AP’s room, Shaurya: Maa, you rest and if you need anything then call me.
AP nods, Laksh hides and Shaurya goes, Laksh comes in and DP was about to go in when Abhi holds him back.
DP: What misbehaving act is this?
Abhi: Shhhh, listen!
Shaurya comes,
Shaurya: Don’t go in, you will ruin everything, just stand near the window.
Abhi and Shaurya peek from the window, DP stands behind them and nods his head.

Laksh: Maa, how are you?
AP looks at him confusingly,
Laksh: Look Maa, you haven’t ate your breakfast.
Laksh picks the tray up and sits next to her, he feeds her orange juice and she smiles gets emotional,
Laksh: Maa, don’t cry.
Laksh wipes her tears,
Laksh: Offo Maa, come open your mouth, sorry it’s not your favourite breakfast but the Dr suggested it, now you have to eat all of it.
Laksh forwards the spoon and AP opens her mouth and eats it.

DP: You’re making me stand here to watch this Drama?
Abhi: Papa…. Shush!
DP glares at him,
Shaurya: Wait and watch.

AP: I’m sorry Laksh…. I couldn’t become a great mother, I…. I couldn’t……
Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: No Maa, I’m sorry!
AP nods no,
Laksh: No Maa, let me say how bad and selfish I was, I’m sorry!
AP places her hand on his head and he puts the tray to the side and hugs her,
Laksh: Maa, I hurt you, I don’t deserve to be called your son!
Tears are flowing through APs eyes and she hugs Laksh back,
AP: Laksh…
AP breaks the hug and wipes his tears.

Abhi and Shaurya are smiling and are happy, DP looks on at AP and Laksh.

Laksh wipes APs tears and places his head on her lap, AP caresses his hair,
Laksh: You have to admit Maa that mothers have a favourite child and you must have one too.
AP: I love all my sons equally.
Laksh: I know you’re lying Maa, tell me, I won’t feel bad.
AP smiles,
AP: It’s true, Maa’s do have a favourite Child but if they treat them equally then love will grow. Mothers favourite child would be their strongest in their eyes, the child who needs their mother more, don’t let Abhi hear this but Shaurya is my favourite.
Laksh: Shaurya?!
AP nods yes,
Laksh: I thought it would be Abhi.
Shaurya smiles, DP glares at him,
DP: I don’t know what’s wrong with Aannapurna, how can he be her favourite child?!
Abhi: I agree with Papa for the first time, him?!

AP: I still remember when Shaurya fell down, he didn’t cry, he got up and looked at me, that time I was so proud of him and so happy and do you know what he said to me?
Laksh: What?
AP: He said that Maa, I’m not your weakest son, I’m your bravest and strongest son!
Laksh lets out a laugh and AP smiles, Abhi looks on.
Abhi in his head: Maa likes Shaurya more? I’m handsomer than Shaurya and still Shaurya over me?

AP: You know what, Shaurya is my strongest son.
Shaurya gets glad and Abhi makes a face.
AP: You’re my…….
Laksh: I’m your what?……
AP: You’re my beloved son.
Laksh smiles,
AP: Adarsh is my best and mature son.
Laksh: What about Abhi?
AP: Abhi? I don’t know what to say.

Abhi in his head: Shaurya favourite and strongest, Laksh beloved, Aadarsh Bhaiya best and mature and Abhi nothing?

Laksh sits up,
Laksh: If Abhi’s hearing this then he would be extremely upset.
AP: But he’s not here.
Laksh: I seriously want to apologise Maa, I was gone mad to take revenge, I…. I didn’t realise that I would’ve lost all of you and I would’ve regretted all my life time…
AP: I’m glad I’ve got my son back.
Laksh: Will Papa be glad?

DP: If the old Laksh is back then these trio would ruin me to the core, no!
Abhi: We have ears too Papa, you could’ve said it in your head.
DP enters and Laksh looks there, Abhi and Shaurya smiles.
DP: If Maa Beta talk is done then can I come in?
Laksh: Sure.
Laksh kisses AP on the forehead and goes.

Laksh in his head: Should I forgive Papa or not?

Precap: Ved…..???

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Dr Mittal – Sonali Bendre

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