Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 20


The episode begins with Abhi asking Sujata where AP is,
Sujata: I don’t know Chore, I haven’t seen Bhaisa too.
Shaurya: I’ll call her
Shaurya tries calling her on her phone but it’s un-reachable,
Shaurya: Un-reachable!
Abhi: Try Papa.
Shaurya: I’m not calling him.
Sujata: She must be in her room chore, don’t worry.
Swara: Badi Maa isn’t in her room, so isn’t Bade Papa, I went past their room and I couldn’t see them.
Uttra comes,
Uttra: Bhabhi is right Maa, I just checked, Bade Papa and Badi Maa aren’t in their room.

Laksh was about to tell Ragini something when he gets a call, he picks it up,
Laksh: Hello?
Abhi: Where are you?
Laksh: You called me to ask me that?
Abhi: Haa, where are you?
Laksh: I’m at the terrace, why?
Abhi: Have you seen Maa and Papa?
Laksh: No, what happened to them?
Abhi: They’re missing.
Laksh in his head: Now what Drama are they doing, don’t they get tired?!
Abhi: Bhai, are you there?
Laksh: Haa, I don’t know where they went.
Abhi: I find anything fishy.
Laksh: Have you phoned them?
Abhi: Maa won’t pick up and Shaurya won’t call Papa.
Laksh: Why don’t you call him?
Abhi: I’m talking to you so how will I call him?
Laksh: Then disconnect the call, I’m coming down!
Abhi: K, see you there, bye!
Abhi disconnects the phone and Laksh nods his head.

Ragini: Who’s phone was it?
Laksh: Abhi’s
Ragini: Abhi’s?
Laksh: Let’s go downstairs then we will find out.
Ragini nods and they head out.
……after a while…….
Ragini and Laksh reach downstairs, they see everyone worried and Abhi move back and forth, you could tell how upset Abhi is as his face is giving out the expressions,
Laksh: They might have gone out, don’t worry.
Shaurya: Laksh….. They never go out, you know how Papa is, he’s so stingy that he would never take Maa out for a date.
Abhi: If he can’t pay for hair brush then date? Papa is too old minded, he will never ever take Maa out for a date, forget Maa, he won’t take any of us out, he saves every single penny, do you remember when I wanted an Icecream and what he said?

It goes into a flashback when Abhi was 10 years old, he was coming back from school, he wanted some Icecream but DP rejected to buy him some,
Abhi: Please na papa, I really want the Icecream.
DP: Wha will you do by eating that Icecream? It would be a waste of money!
Abhi: But the food you eat would also be waste of money!
DP: Abhi! You don’t need to eat Icecream! What so special about that?
Abhi: Seriously, when I grow up then I’m not going to know what Icecream is and how it tastes like!
FB ends.

Abhi calls DP,
Abhi: Won’t pick up!
Sanskaar gets a call, he goes to the side and attends it, he gets shocked, he cuts he call and comes back,
Shaurya: What happened? Is everything okay Bhai?
Sanskaar: It was a call from the bank, they are saying that Bade Papa took 2 Lakhs out of the bank.
All get shocked, Abhi turns around,
Abhi: Are you sure it’s Papa?
Shaurya: Why did he need that much money, somethings fishy.
Abhi: Call the manager back and ask him.
Sanskaar: He won’t tell.
Abhi: Let Abhi handle it.
Sanskaar calls back the bank manager and gives the phone to Abhi.

Abhi: Hello, could you please tell us where that transaction was done as we think it may not be DurgaPrasad……
They look at Abhi and Abhi winks at them, they nod their heads.
Manager: Sorry Sir, we cannot allow that information.
Abhi: I understand your safety rules and regulations but we need to know why that much money was taken out from the bank, we are the share holders of the company and you know our rights…..
Manager: May I know your name sir?
Abhi: My name is Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh looks at him,
Manager: Okay Sir, what’s the personal greeting?
Abhi: Personal greeting?
Abhi looks at Laksh and he smiles,
Abhi: The personal greeting is Lakshmi…..
Laksh looks at Abhi,
Manager: Correct and could you complete that please.
Abhi in his head: Now what else? Think Abhi, what will papa put it as?
Abhi: Om Hrim Shri Lakshmibhyo Namaha‎.
Laksh in his head: Sale ne Kya guess mara, how? (What a guess)
Manager: Correct, now what would you like to know sir?
Abhi: Where this transaction took place, today.
Manager: Sir this Transaction took place in the city hospital for an operation.
Abhi: What?! Okay thank you.
Abhi disconnects the phone.

Laksh: How did you guess it and why did you use my name?
Abhi: It was easy, just put me in Papas shoes and think like him, I used your name because he just talked to Sanskaar and if I say I was him then he wouldn’t believe me, he’s new to me so he wouldn’t give me the information.
Sujata: What did he say?
Abhi: In city hospital for an operation.
They all get shocked,
Abhi: We need to go hospital.
They all leave for the hospital.

Abhi rushes in, he goes to the recreation and asks the Lady about AP or DP, the lady points there and he turns around and sees DP facing then theatre.
He runs there,
Abhi: Papa, what happened?
DP turns around and sees Abhi, all the family come in and see DP, they rush there.
The doctor comes out,
DP: Doctor, how is she?
Dr: We can’t say yet, we done her operation but her survival chances are 50-50.
All get shocked, including DP.
Dr leaves, Laksh goes to him.

Laksh: How much did they pay you Dr?
Dr: What do you mean?
Laksh: They must have paid you for this Drama but 2 Lakhs are abit too much.
Dr: They didn’t pay me, these two Lakhs were for the operation, what made you think this?
Laksh: Are you sure?
Dr: Unbelievable, your mother is fighting between life and death and you think it’s a drama? Sister!
The sister comes there,
Dr: Show him the operation bill and his mothers state.
Sister: But Dr…..
De: Yes, I’m permitting him to go in but only for 2 minuets!
Dr leaves and Laksh looks on.
Laksh: Is she actually…..?
He looks at the OT.

Sujata: How did this happen Bahisa?
DP: I don’t know, Annapurna was sleeping, she then woke up in s shock and started feeling pain, so I took her to the hospital and she had a major heart attack.
All get shocked,
Ragini looks at Laksh, Laksh is standing shocked, he was about to fall when Ragini grabs him,
Ragini: Laksh…..
The nurse takes Laksh in, he sees AP in a oxygen mask and machines around her, he is absolutely shocked to see her condition.
Laksh: Maa!
Laksh couldn’t see her state so he went out, Laksh’s voice is echoing in APs ear then suddenly all the machine start beeping.

Sister comes out,
Sister: Dr! Dr!
Laksh and everyone get shocked, the Dr rushes in,
After an while the Dr comes out and all look at him,
Dr: The operation was successful and she is out of danger.
All get happy, Laksh gets relieved.
Dr: You can meet her after the patient is shifted to the ward and please only two people at a time.
They nod and Dr leaves.

Laksh in his head: This is all my fault, because if me she’s in this condition, I…..
Ragini goes near him.
Ragini: She’s fine now Laksh, you don’t need to worry.
Laksh: It all happened because of me.
Ragini: No Laksh, by blaming your self wouldn’t help.
Laksh looks at her.

Abhi lets out a big sigh,
Abhi: After all she had to survive.
Shaurya: I know.
Abhi gets shocked to see Dr Mittal.
Abhi: Oh no.
Shaurya looks at him,
Shaurya: What happened?
Abhi: She’s coming here.

The screen freezes on Abhi’s shocked face.

Precap: ???
(Sorry, didn’t know what to put)

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Dr Mittal – Sonali Bendre

Credit to: Halima

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  1. Wat is abhi truth i hope he wonnt die
    He is so sweet

    1. Um…..thank you for commenting Sindhu, hopefully it will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

  2. awesome……….

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  3. Ur tooo good! I’ve no words to tell? u always end up with a mystery?N thats what makes me crazy abt ur ff?Keep rocking!

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  5. Laksh’s truth??? Abhi’s disease??? Ap’s heart attact??? and now Mr Mittal????

    So much of suspense Halima???
    And even the paor of Abhi????
    And Abhi’s guess was right????

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  6. Awesome abhi is literally ???

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  10. Is abhi suffering frm any disease… Dnt kill him…

    1. oye is thr any plan of killing abhi means pls change ur though really I like him by his entry onwards am only reading for him so dnt try to close his chapter .. I want him to support & entertain us pls pls pls..

    2. Thank you for commenting. Uh….everything will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

  11. Always so impressvie!!! Man I love your ff so much
    Also I posted episode 12 for my ff and I added your name on it so people can read your amazing ff!!!
    Good luck for the next episode sweetheart!!!~nusz

    1. Thanks Nusz? I can’t wait to read episode 12!

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