Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 19


The episode begins with Ragini coming to her room, she sees Tia sitting on the bed,
Tia: You must be here to collect your luggage Na? It’s there.
Tia points at the suitcases, Ragini looks there,
Tia: Sorry babes but this room is mine now!
Ragini: Thanks.

Tia looks on surprisingly, Ragini takes her two suitcases out and leaves,
Tia: I thought she was going to argue, but she agreed? That’s good! Shaurya gave me a challenge till tomorrow and I need to complete it!

Abhi walks down the corridor and smiles, he sees Ragini with her suitcases,
Abhi: Bhabhi you’re leaving?
Ragini: Haa, there’s no point in staying.
Abhi: Don’t leave today, go tomorrow in the morning.
Ragini: But…..
Abhi: You can stay on my room.
Abhi takes Raginis luggage towards his room.

Swasan room:
Swara: Sanskaar, were you gone crazy? What if someone saw?
Sanskaar: I will tell them that you’re my wife.
Swara: Don’t do that in public!
Sanskaar: Okay Baba I’m sorry.
Swara smiles,
Swara: Its okay.
Sanskaar then hugs Swara tight.

Tia thinks, it goes in to a flashback where Laksh calls her but after Laksh calls her, Shaurya calls her too,
Shaurya: Tia baby, I need a favour.
Tia: What favour?!
Shaurya: You need to make someone jealous using Laksh!
Tia: Laksh already called me and told me, I will be coming tomorrow and you can tell tomorrow!
Shaurya: Great, see you there then.

Tia comes to MM, she meets Shaurya near the balcony and Shaurya and her talk,
Tia: What? Okay but he will be mine if he doesn’t say I love.
Shaurya: Agreed but you have o make her jealous and if he still doesn’t say it then he’s yours!
Tia: Accepted!
FB ends.

Tia: I need to make Laksh mine. I can’t let Ragini have him! But Shauryas challenge?
Laksh comes in, he opens the cupboard and sees Ragini clothes and jewelries missing.
Laksh: Where’s her clothes.
Tia looks there,
Tia: Whose clothes? Hers? I packed them up and gave it to her, she doesn’t need to stay here anymore, she completed her challenge!
Laksh thinks and Tia smirks,
Tia in her head: I hope he reacts, now plan B should be Karans.
Laksh goes out,
Tia: Baby?!……
Tia smiles.

Laksh comes and sees Ragini in Abhi’s room, Karan is with her, they are talking and laughing,
Laksh in his head: What is he doing here?
Karan: I wish you weren’t married Ragini or else I swear I would’ve married you.
Ragini: You’re late but tere may be a chance.
Karan: Meaning?
Laksh looks on,
Ragini: You will find out tomorrow.
Laksh angrily leaves,
Laksh is at the terrace,
Laksh: What is he doing with her, doesn’t he go to sleep?
Laksh hears them laughing and gets more angry,
Laksh then realises why he cares and why he’s getting angry.
Abhi comes,
Abhi: What you thinking bro?
Laksh: Nothing?!
Abhi: Ahh, I’m also lost in someone.
Laksh looks at him,
Abhi (as a joke): Her beautiful eyes, her smile kills me, I think I’m in love.
Laksh thinks: Am I in love? Is this LOVE? When? How? Why? No this isn’t love, stop being stupid Laksh!
Abhi: Love happens anytime, anywhere and anyhow and it doesn’t need a reason to come.
Laksh thinks: Can he read my mind?
Abhi then goes and Laksh looks on,
Abhi turns around and smirks,
Abhi: Plan C completed!
Abhi goes.

Abhi wakes up and drinks water,
Abhi: Last step and I’m done, but I hope Shaurya successfully completes plan D!
He then turns and sees Shaurya sleeping, he looks at the time,
Abhi: I wish I could sleep but I can’t.
Abhi gets up and gets changed and heads downstairs, Shaurya wakes up.

Laksh wakes up and finds himself sleeping on the terrace,
Laksh: I slept here.
He nods his head and stands up and goes to his room.
Laksh gets changed and comes out, Shaurya comes,
Shaurya: Hi Laksh.
Laksh: Good morning Shaurya.
Shaurya: Finally you’re back and Bhabhis leaving.
Laksh: Why?
Shaurya: Bhabhi’s leaving because she got you back to your family, you don’t respect her as your wife and you have your girlfriend Tia and all that, anyways I’m going to rush, you can catch up.
Shaurya walks ahead and smirks,
Shaurya: Plan D successful and now we can party!

Laksh is thinking about Shauryas words,
Laksh: Is she actually leaving?
Laksh then sees Ragini in Abhi’s room,
Laksh: It’s a good time to go, that Karan won’t be able to come.
Laksh rushes in and locks the door, Ragini thinks it’s Karan, her back is faced towards the door, she is putting her eating on,
Ragini: Karan?
Laksh walks forward,
Ragini: Karan wait outside, it’s not good to come in to this room without my permission!
Laksh walks closer to Ragini, he moves her hair, Ragini feels it,
Ragini turns around,
Ragini: Karan!
She then realised it was Laksh, he moves closer to her, she moves back,
Ragini: La…Laksh….?
Laksh: Shhh!
Laksh moves more closer, he moves back and opens the door, he then picks her up in his arms, she looks at him, Laksh then starts taking her somewhere, Shaurya and Abhi smile.

Abhi: Plan successful!
Shaurya: There’s one more thing that Laksh’s hiding from us.
Abhi: I tried asking her but she didn’t tell me, she was quiet all the time.
Shaurya: She might not but her sister….. What was her name?
Abhi: Uh…. A…..
He then remembers Arohi saying Antara Di.
Abhi: Haa, Antara!
Shaurya: Antara, she would tell us now.
Abhi: She’s not going to say easily, you don’t know her, even Arohi is better, I could get her to say it in seconds.
Shaurya: Really? You go find out your ways and I will find out using my techniques and we will see who finds that secret out first, deal?
Abhi: Deal!
Abhi and Shaurya think, they go downstairs.

Laksh and Ragini reach the terrace, they see a big tent, Laksh remembers him setting that up at night, he smiles, he makes Ragini stand and she smiles seeing it,
Ragini: It’s so beautiful.
Laksh: See the inside, not always the outside is beautiful.
Ragini looks at Laksh, he signals her to go and she goes in,
Ragini in her head: You’re right, you need to see the inside first.
She goes inside and gets memorised, she sees a mat and cushions in the middles and candles around them, she smiles,
Ragini: It’s beautiful.
Laksh brings her out, she looks at Laksh,
Laksh gets on his knees and she looks on, Karan and Tia are standing at the door and looking.
Laksh: My heart is also not bad, you seen my outside Ragini not my inside. I…. I love you.
Ragini gets shocked,

Tia: He said I love you!
Karan: She hasn’t responded.

Laksh: I loved you since you first trusted me, I don’t know how I fell in love with you but I actually do, will you support this idiot, arrogant, rude and dumb guy for the rest of your life?
Ragini turns around and Laksh looks on, he stands up, tears fall out of Raginis eyes,
Laksh: Ragini……?
Ragini: You don’t Laksh!
Laksh: I do and I know I do.
Ragini: I can’t.
Laksh: If it’s about your friend then I paid her to say all that.
Ragini: What?
Laksh then tells her how he paid a girl to do something for him, that was Raginis friend.
Laksh: I don’t know how my heart connected with yours, I…. I can’t see you go away, especially with Karan. Love can be one sided right? I don’t mind my love being one sided, I said what I wanted to you and the rest is up to you.
Ragini turns around and hugs Laksh, Laksh smiles, he hugs her back.
Ragini: Yes, I love you too! So it’s from both sides.

Karan: She said I love you.
Tia: It’s so surprising how we lost but we still won,
Karan: I know, we lost because we lost them but we won because we completed our challenge.
Tia: Well he’s happy then I’m happy.
Karan: Same.
Karan and Tia leave.

Laksh and Ragini are hugging,
Laksh breaks the hug,
Laksh in his head: I can’t let you go and I never will! I need to win her trust!
Laksh smirks,
Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini, I know I hurt you a lot but……
Ragini: You don’t need to apologise Laksh.
Laksh smiles, his smile then disappears,
Laksh in his head: If Ragini gets to know about the secret then would she leave me, I can’t let that secret out! But then I will gain her trust and…..
Ragini: What happened?
Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: I want to tell you something.
Ragini: What?
Laksh gets thinking.

Scene shifts downstairs, Tia and Karan come down with their suitcases,
Tia: Bye.
Tia leaves,
Karan: Bye Aunty and bye everyone!
Karan leaves and all get confused, Shaurya and Abhi tell everything to everyone and they get less confused,
Sujata: Oh…. So these chora Chori came to reunite Ragini and Laksh? No wonder, It’s good that they did something good before leaving.
RP: It’s good everything is back to normal!
Shaurya and Abhi smiles.

The episode ends on Laksh’s thinking face and Abhi and Shauryas smiling ones.

Precap: Laksh decides to tell Ragini his secret.

Tia – Krystle D’souza
Karan – Karan Tacker

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Credit to: Halima

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