Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 18


The episode begins with Tia smirking,
Sanskaar: Stop talking in riddles and tell us!
Shaurya: Bhai, chill, you would find out tomorrow evening.
Swara and Sanskaar are confused.
Shaurya in his head: Where is Karan? He needs to be here right now!
Tia leaves and so does Shaurya.

Laksh realises what he was doing so he moves back,
Ragini stands up and wipes her tears, she turns around and sees a man and gets shocked, Laksh gets up and looks that way, Ragini smiles and runs up to him,
Man: Ragu, did you miss me?
Ragini smiles and hugs him while Laksh looks on,
Ragini: Karan?
Karan: Sirf Karan?
Ragini breaks the hug and smiles,

Swara looks down,
Swara: Karan?
Sanskaar: Who is Karan?
Swara: He’s Raginis childhood buddy, he was only Raginis friend and he used to make fun of her. I still remember that day.

Abhi comes back, he sees Tia smirking,
Abhi: Don’t get too happy. If something evils going up on your mind then throw it away!
Tia: What if it’s something good?
Abhi: Meaning?
Tia: You won’t understand!
Tia leaves and Abhi looks on,
Abhi: Everyone’s going mad, thank god I survived.

Laksh is thinking who that is,
Ragini: It’s been ages since I saw you.
Karan: You got married too, I can’t believe Ragini got married!
Ragini: Why? Can’t I get married?
Karan: You never used to make friends and you got married?!
Karan looks at Laksh,
Karan: So he’s the one? Oh man you got lucky, I wish I came a little earlier, I swear I would’ve eloped with her from the Mandap!
Ragini looks at Karan and smiles,
Ragini: Yeah sure, in front of Daadi you wouldn’t even look at me!
Karan: That was then and this is now!
Ragini: Really? Let me call Daadi here.
Ragini takes her phone out,
Karan: Nahi Ragini, Daadi must be busy, don’t disturb her!
Ragini: Okay, if you say! But where are you going to stay? And how did you come here?
Karan: Karan knows everything! I’m staying here with you!
Laksh looks at him,
Ragini: Here?
Karan: Haa, I took permission.
Ragini: But…..
Karan: No buts or Vuts, come take me to my room!
He grabs Raginis hand and Laksh gets angry, Karan takes Ragini and Laksh looks on angrily.

Abhi comes out and sees Karan bringing Ragini in, Tia is walking also but she is lost in her phone, Tia collides with him,
Tia: Sorry.
Karan looks at Tia and smiles,
Abhi: First Bhabhi, now Tia, who’s next? Maa or Chachi?
Shaurya comes out, Laksh comes in and walks up towards AP’s room.
Sujata sees Karan,
Sujata: Who is this?
Sujata then remembers Abhi telling her something,
Sujata: It must be him then.

Laksh is outside APs room, he is looking at her from the outside, AP has her eyes closed, Laskh turns around,
AP: Laksh?!
Laksh turns to her, AP opens her eyes,
AP: Come in.
Laksh walks in,
AP: You must be wondering how I got to know? You’re my son Laksh, I know you, I can understand without you even speaking, I am a mother Laksh and you’re my child, I gave birth to you and carried you for 9 months in my womb, how will I not know what my child wants!
Laksh looks at her emotionally,
AP: Why are you standing there? Come sit.
Laksh walks towards the bed and sits down,
AP: You know one thing Laksh, a mother loves her child more and she understands the child more too, mother and Childs relationship cannot be expressed in one word, a mother loves her children equally, when you were in my womb, I only know what that feeling felt like,
I know how happy I was, when I gave birth to you, I was in pain but that pain went when I saw your innocent face. I forgot the pain and embraced you.
Tears drop out of Laksh’s eyes,

Laksh: If you actually loved me then you wouldn’t have been happy seeing me in pain!
He fold his hand and AP looks on,
Laksh: Please stop your Drama!
AP: Nahi Beta, you…..
Laksh: You call yourself my mother? Where were you when I needed you?!
AP cries,
Laksh: You don’t need to show your crocodile tears, I understand your Drama!
AP: You’re wrong! I love you still….
Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: You’re right, they family didn’t do anything wrong so I’m going to forgive them, Ragini didn’t do anything wrong so I wouldn’t do anything wrong to her, but you……
AP: Laksh…..
Laksh: I know that heart attack was a Drama!
AP looks on,

Laksh was walking down, he hears Abhi talking to AP, he then hides and hears Ragini and Abhi talking.
FB ends.

Laksh: You forced her to marry me, you didn’t even think about her life! You’re so selfish!
AP: No…..
Laksh: You only cared about your respect, you never understood what went through her! You and Papa…… I can’t believe you!
AP: If hoping that my son would be back one day is being selfish then I am selfish!
Laksh looks on angrily.

All family enter, AP wipes her tears and smiles seeing him, including Tia and Karan.
Laksh stands up,
Laksh: I would like to say something to you all…..
Sujata: We forgave you chore, you don’t need to apologise!
Laksh looks at everyone and they nod yes, Laksh then smiles and hugs RP, Sanskaar, Sujata, Uttra, Vivaan and eventually DP, DP gets glad and hugs him back,
Laksh in his head: Hug me as much as you want, I’ll never forgive you…!
Abhi: Laksh ko hug aur Shaurya ko kick? This makes no sense to me! (Hugged Laksh and Kicked Shaurya?)
Shaurya glares at him.

Tia takes Karan out,
Tia: I know why you’re here.
Karan looks at her,
Tia: I’m here to make a deal.
Karan: What deal?
Tia: If Lucky and Ragini say I love you to each other then they can stay together, if they don’t then I will take Lucky and you can take Ragini. Deal?
Karan thinks,
Karan: And we have to help them and despite that if they so no then, deal?
Tia: Okay, whatever, deal!
Tia leaves and Karan smiles.

Swara and Sanskaar come out,
Swara: Finally but there’s one more thing left to do.
Sanskaars: What?
Swara: Something, time will tell.
Sanskaar gives Swara a kiss on the cheek and Swara gets shocked.

Precap: Laksh realises his love for Ragini but would it be too late?

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Tia – Krystle D’souza
Karan – Karan Tacker

Credit to: Halima

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