Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 17

The episode starts with Abhi coming out of APs room, he sees Ragini standing near the railing,

Abhi: Bhabhi, are you okay?
Ragini: Haa I’m okay.
Abhi: Let those tears flow, you’ll feel easy.
Ragini turns to Abhi,
Abhi: Maa agreed.
Ragini: Really?
Ragini wipes her tears and smiles,
Abhi: Now it’s your turn.
Ragini: But how will this help?
Abhi: It will help us and him a lot, he will realise his love for all of us.
Ragini: He never loved me.
Abhi: You trust Shaurya Na?
Ragini nods,
Abhi: Well don’t too much because it can be dangerous, trust Abhi because he’s clean right?
Ragini nods yes and smiles,
Ragini: You’re just like a child Abhi, I can’t wait to see your wife.
Abhi: Bhabhi, wife and yet? I’m still young.
Ragini: 21 and young?
Abhi: Who told you I’m 21? I’m 12.
Ragini looks at Abhi and smiles and nods yes,
Abhi: No I’m serious.
Ragini: So tall and you’re 12?
Abhi start laughing.
Abhi: Si do you agree Bhabhi?
Ragini: Haa……
Abhi: Yes!
Ragini: I mean no….
Abhi: You said yes Bhabhi, I’m going to tell Shaurya.
Abhi leaves and Ragini looks on, she then smiles at his childish behaviour.

RP and Sanskaar reach home, DP is sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper, he gets angry,
RP: What happened Bhaisa?
DP: Read this news, nowadays these youngsters don’t care about their parents!
DP gives the newspaper to RP, Abhi comes and takes the newspaper,
RP: Chore I was reading it.
Abhi: I’ll read it for you but it’s Dinner time Chachu.
DP stands at walks, he slips but Abhi catches him,
Abhi: Careful Papa, you should sometimes use your eyes than your pride.
DP: Glares at him.
Abhi: Joking Papa, you take everything seriously.
DP walks to the dinner table,
DP in his head: I don’t even have a single good child, Laksh, Abhi and Shaurya, are my life and respects enemy, and Adarsh is sat in Canada enjoying!

Everyone come and sit at the dinner table, Tia sits next to Laksh and Sujata and AP look on, they see her clothes and get relieved, she is wearing a shirt with jeans and a button jumper on top.
Arohi comes in, she is looking nervous and scared, Abhi looks at the news,
Abhi: 3 sons killed their father by using all tools, one used a hammer, the other used a screwdriver while the third one used a drill!
DP looks on, he then imagines Laksh, Shaurya and Abhi holding those tools and coming towards him, he then comes out of the imagination and starts sweating,
Abhi: They’re such a crucial sons.
DP: Like you three!
Shaurya: Why are you sweating?
DP: Nothing!
Abhi then sees Arohi and gets confused, he stands up and walks towards her,
Abhi: You? Do you need anything? How’s your foot now?
Arohi: It….its okay. Where’s L…Laksh?
Abhi: Laksh?
Arohi nods yes,
Arohi: I need to talk to him.
Abhi in his head: Everyone comes for Laksh, there’s no Abhi in this house? No one thinks about this hot and cool Abhi, only Laksh!
Abhi turns around and shouts Laksh, Laksh stands up and walks towards her,
Laksh: Haa?
Arohi looks at Abhi,
Abhi: Okay, I’m going!
Abhi leaves and stands from far and watches it while the whole family do too. Arohi tells Laksh something and Laksh gets shocked,
Laksh: Abhi pass me your car keys.
Abhi: Why?
Laksh: Abhi quick!
Abhi takes his car keys out and throws it and Laksh catches it,
Laksh: You stay here and I’ll go.
Arohi: But….
Laksh leaves and Arohi looks on, she is feeling uncomfortable.
Ragini walks up to her,
Ragini: What happened?
Arohi: Nothing.

Arohi gets a phone call, she gets relived,
Arohi: Di you found him?
Antara: Haa, Laksh found him, you can come home now.
Arohi: Okay Di, I’m coming.
Laksh comes back, he then goes to the dining table, Shaurya gets suspicious, suddenly AP starts feeling something, she starts breathing heavily, she drops the glass and all look at her,
Shaurya: Maa!
Ragini and Abhi turn,
Shaurya goes towards AP,
AP touches her chest,
Shaurya: Call the doctor!
Abhi takes his phone out and calls the doctor,
Abhi: He won’t pick up!
Tia: Oh God, is Aunty alright? Lucky do something!
Laksh looks on guilty,
Abhi keeps on trying to call the Dr,
Abhi: Fish!
Arohi looks on,
Arohi: You have to take her to her room and lie her down, then you should push her chest and….
Ragini: You know that to do?
Arohi nods yes and Abhi looks at her,
Abhi: Take her to her room!
Shaurya lifts AP and takes her to her room, the family follow on,
Abhi: Come!
Arohi: Me?
Abhi: We don’t have time to waste, come!
Arohi nods and rushes up with Abhi and Ragini.

APs room:
Arohi: Could you all stay out and…..
Ragini: I’ll stay.
Shaurya: I’m staying too!
Abhi: The rest of us get out!
Laksh is standing outside and is thinking.
Ragini shuts the door and all are worried.
Arohi looks at AP and AP stops,
Arohi: Aunty, you’re perfectly fine.
AP: I know beta.
Arohi: Then why?
Shaurya and Ragini tell Arohi everything and Arohi looks on,
Arohi: But I can’t lie.
Arohi opens the door and Shurya, Ragini and AP look on,
Abhi: What happened?
Arohi: Aunty is fine now, she….
Arohi looks at AP,
Arohi: She just had a minor Heart Attack due to the stress.
AP gets relieved.
Shaurya: Abhi, drop her home.
Arohi: I’ll manage.
Abhi: I’ll drop you.
Arohi goes out and Abhi follows on,
Ragini comes out and sees Laksh going somewhere, Tia is worried, Ragini follows Laksh.

Laksh is sitting in the garden and starts crying, Ragini sees him and looks on emotionally, she then goes towards him and kneels down,
Ragini: Laksh…..?
Laksh: I’m a bad son!
Ragini nods no,
Laksh: I broke everyone’s trust, I’m not worthy of being in this family!
Ragini: No Laksh…..
Laksh: I’m not worthy of being with you…..!
Hamdard tune plays….

Swara and Sanskaar look from upstairs, they smile,
Swara: Finally, they would get back together!
Tia is watching this angrily, she hears Swara and gets more angry.

Ragini: She’s your mother, she would forgive you.
Laksh: How will I face her?
Ragini: Everyone will forgive you. In fact they forgave you.
Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini.
Ragini: You should say this to your Mother and Family.
Laksh breaks down and rests his head on Ragini, Ragini is in tears.

Tia gets angry, Swara looks at her and smiles,
Swara: You were here to seperate them? Well look at the luck, it reunited them in a day!
Tia smiles, Shaurya comes and sees Raglak.
Shaurya: Thanks Tia!
Tia: How do you do this Shaurya? You win the challenge every-time!
Shaurya: I don’t like loosing!
Swara and Sanskaar get confused,
Tia: I’m still not going to give up!
Shaurya: You’re late now!
Tia: I like him and that’s true but if his happiness is with that girl then I’m ready to leave him but only on one condition!
Shaurya: I know your condition and I agree but you have to do that part first!
Tia: Then get ready!
Swara: What do you two mean?
Tia: I will win the challenge!
Shaurya: It doesn’t look like to me!
Tia: The day Bhai will say I love you to Bhabhi then we will reveal everything!

Precap: Karan enters to reunite Raglak.

Karan will be coming as an cameo, he will be played by Karan Tacker. He will leave in episode 19.

Shehzad Shaikh – Abhi
Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya.

Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal
Tia – Krystle D’souza

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  1. Awesome loved dp and abhis chemistry ??

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  9. What is wrong with you?….. It’s so boring! It has nothing special in it! What the hell is this?! ….. Unbelievable! Who’s Abhi, Sho….. And whatever? You just ruiend the story….. God! There’s Grammar mistakes!! What year are you in? Do you call this a story?…. OMG!!!

    1. Gina…..do you actually think it’s boring? I read your comment on Pushpa’s, you have no right to criticise whatsoever, I had a reason to add them and if you have a problem then I don’t care…… Stop being rude to people, please….. You hurt people…. I was abit hurt…..

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  10. Awesome epi l like abi’s character

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  11. It is so.good di…a small request pls make laksh feels jealous of ragini& I liked laksh in rude character only…bcoz he good there…u showed different angle..
    I just love u r ff di

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