Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 16


The episode starts with Abhi fainting, all look at Abhi,
DP: What’s this boy doing? Now what drama is this?
AP: Abhi?!
AP kneels down, she shakes Abhi, Laksh gets worried,
AP: Someone call the doctor!
DP: He’s acting Annapurna! He was perfect a minuet ago!
Sujata: Bhaisa, I think he isn’t.
Shaurya: Abhi!
Shaurya wobbles Abhi with his legs, Abhi doesn’t move.
DP comes forward and puts his leg on Abhi’s stomach, Abhi opens his eyes,
Abhi: Aahhhhh!!!
DP doesn’t move, DP gets angry and pushes it more down,
Abhi: Ah! Papa, it hurts take it off please, Papa!
DP: Finally I got the chance to take get my anger out, what you did to me on the party was embarrassing, your so fond of ruining my reputation right?!
DP presses harder, Abhi is in pain,
Abhi: Papaaaa……. Why are you taking revenge now?
Suddenly Abhi starts coughing, DP moves his leg, Abhi coughs non stop, all look at him and get worried,
Sujata: Why did you do this Drama Abhi? Now you got your punishment from Bhaisa!
Abhi starts spitting something out, it’s red,
AP: Blood?
Abhi coughs and pukes,
Sujata: Chi!
DP looks at him,
Tia: Oh god Laksh, is he okay?
Finally Abhi stops and lies back,

Abhi: What did you feed me Shaurya?!
Shaurya: You ate it!
Sujata: Meaing?
Shaurya: Meaning ki he ate tomato soup and drank pomegranate juice.
AP gets relieved,
DP: What was the use of doing this drama?
Abhi: I…I need water.
Ragini goes in and gets water, she comes out and gives it to Abhi,
Abhi sits up and starts drinking the water fast, DP looks at him,
DP: The water isn’t running away! You can drink it calmly!
Laksh: Let’s go Tia!
Laksh takes Tia upstairs, DP and the family look on.
Sujata: It does smell like soup, we thought it was blood!
Abhi: Sorry Chachi, I was feeling uneasy so I decided to lie on the floor but I didn’t know that someone would step on me!
Sujata: Chore, we thought you fell unconscious, we didn’t know you were lying down!
DP: You could’ve went to your room, you didn’t have to do your drama here!
Abhi stands up,
Shaurya: Abhi, take rest!
Abhi: I can’t yet! And Papa, what if I actually fainted? Would you still step on me?
DP looks away angrily and Abhi looks at Ragini,
Abhi: What’s the plan for today Shaurya?
Shaurya smirks,
Shaurya: Come with me and I’ll tell you!
Abhi: Okay!
Shaurya and Abhi walk up.

Shauryas room:
Abhi is lying down in the blanket,
Abhi: Seriously? How would me being in the blanket help?
Shaurya: It would help you, why don’t you tell them Abhi?
Abhi: Thank god Papa stepped me on time or else I would’ve blanked out and they would’ve found out.
Shaurya: What happened?
Abhi: My head suddenly started hurting and feeling heavy then I fell down and then everything started going black, your voices were fading and going in slow motion, then Papa stepped on me and I woke up in shock and managed to handle the rest.
Shaurya: And the puking?
Abhi: That was seriously pomegranate and tomato soup, not blood!
Shaurya: It better be!
Abhi: Now what?
Shaurya: I would use Tia.
Abhi: What? Chi Shaurya, if Papa hears then you would be…..
Shaurya: Not that way! I would use her to make Bhabhi realise her love and then we will reunite them and Laksh will be back!
Abhi: And after that I can tell and I’m not going anywhere without helping Bhabhi and Laksh as I promised Maa.

They then hear a knock and look there, it’s Ragini,
Abhi: Bhabhi, do you need anything?
Ragini: Haa, you said you were going to make a plan.
Shaurya: Bhabhi, I got a plan to bring Laksh close.
Ragini: What?
Shaurya tells Ragini the plan and Ragini gets shocked along with Abhi,
Ragini: No, I’m not doing this.
Abhi: Papa will never agree and Maa, I told you his ideas are rotten!
Shaurya: It will work! Trust me.
Ragini: I need to think but Maa…?
Shaurya and Ragini look at Abhi,
Abhi: I’m not convincing Maa!
Shaurya: Please Na!
Abhi: No! If Laksh finds out then he’s going to kill me!
Ragini: Please Abhi.
Abhi thinks and nods yes,
Abhi: Okay, anyways I’ll blame it on Shaurya!
Shaurya looks at him.
Ragini: Abhi are you okay?
Abhi: Yes Bhabhi, why?
Ragini: You look sick.
Shaurya: Haa Bhabhi, that’s why I told him to rest, anyways let’s check out where Laksh and Tia is.
Ragini nods and leaves with Shaurya, Abhi looks on.

Tia gets changed and comes out,
Tia: Lucky, now what?
Laksh: You have to make my family and Ragini hate me.
Tia: That’s my right hand game.
Tia in her head: And I will make you mine Lucky, I will separate you and Ragini forever and you will only be mine!
Tia smirks,
Laksh: So you know what the next plan is?
Tia: Haa, now as soon as Ragini comes I’ll kick her out.
Laksh nods, Laksh then stands up and goes to the bathroom and Ragini comes in,
Tia: Woah, hello?! Where do you think your going?
Ragini: This is my room so I can come whenever I want!
Tia: But now this room is mine and so is Lucky!
Ragini looks at her.
Ragini: I’m married to him and I have rights over this room and him!
Tia: Really? What kind of woman are you? Don’t you have shame? He doesn’t like you and you’re forcing your rights on him, there’s no point in showing these rights, you should divorce him and leave him!
Ragini looks at her,
Ragini: He’s married and do you have any shame? Eyeing a married man isn’t good!
Tia looks at her,
Tia: But he doesn’t like you and this marriage was forced, he’s going to leave you so he will be mine!
Ragini: Yours?
Tia: Haa mine, I will make him mine and you won’t be able to do anything!

Ragini: So you’re challenging me?
Tia: Basically yes! Now you should leave!
Ragini looks at her, Ragini then grabs Tia’s hand and throws her out of the room and Tia glares at her,
Tia: What the hell?!
Ragini: This is my room until I’m married to him and will always be!
Tia grabs Ragins hand and pushes her out,
Tia: Now this room is mine and so is he!
Tia goes in and shuts the door, Ragini looks on, Laksh, who was standing outside the bathroom heard everything,
Laksh in his head: I’m sorry Ragini, I can’t let you get close to me!
Tia turns around,
Tia: How was my acting?
Laksh is still thinking,
Tia: Lucky?!
Laksh looks up at her,
Laksh: It was good.
Tia: Sirf good? (Only good?)
Laksh: You need to try more.
Tia: Okay, next time I will impress you!
Laksh sits on the bed, Tia sits next to him,
Tia: Why did you call me? To make Ragini jealous Na?
Laksh: No, to hate!
Tia: It doesn’t look like it!

It goes into a flashback when Laksh was talking on the phone, outside the community hall,
Laksh: Hello, you need to come tomorrow.
Tia: Okay, and tell me the reason tomorrow.
Laksh cuts the call and the flashback ends.

Laksh: Thank god you picked up.
Tia: Only thought about me?
Laksh: Haa, because your the only diva I know.
Tia: Diva?
She slaps Laksh on the shoulder,
Laksh thinks about Ragini.

Precap: Ragini to agree to Shaurya’s plan.

Thank you for Liking, there’s 2 secrets that are yet to be revealed and I know some of you would be shocked and some would be upset, I’ll try my best to reveal the truth till then enjoy.

Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Tia – Krystle D’souza.

I think there might be three or four secrets but don’t worry.

Credit to: Halima

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