Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 15


The episode begins with Laksh talking on the phone,
Laksh: You need to come tomorrow!
Laksh disconnects the call and smirks, he sees his family coming,
Abhi: It was so boring Bhai, so boring, I couldn’t breathe properly in the atmosphere Bhai, I can’t…..I can’t anymore!
Sujata: Stop overacting chore, who was smiling and clapping at the back?
Abhi: That was only two times because someone YOUNG and amazing voice wali sounded so good that she saved my ear drums on time. Or else your beautiful girls would’ve ruined them. Even I sound better!
Sujata: Get in the car and do your drama at home!
Shaurya: Exactly, stop overacting!
Antara and Arohi come out, Antara glares at Laksh and smiles at Ragini, Antara and Arohi then leave in the taxi.
Shaurya, Sujata, AP, Abhi, Uttra, Laksh, Swara, Ragini and Vivaan leave.

They reach MM,
Abhi: It’s good that Laksh drive the car, I would’ve died without energy!
Shaurya: What else do you do other than lying down and being lazy?!
Laksh goes to his room and DP comes down,
DP: You’re exactly right Chiranjeev! What else do you and Abhi know except from lying in the house all day and being lazy?!
Abhi: Chilling is good Papa, we can’t take tension and anger around us all day, we would get stress and eventually heart attack.
DP: But you should do at least some work! It’s better if you do the house work than just lying around in a corner like a dog!
Shaurya gets angry,
Shaurya: Why don’t you do some work too? You can also do the housework in your free time! At least we go out, not like you who sits around all day at home!
DP glares at him,
DP: Chiranjeev!
Abhi: Papa, chill Varna direct heart attack aur bechari Maa Vidwa aur…..
Sujata: Chore Shubh Shubh Bol! Bhaisa ko agar sachi mein heart attack aa Gaya toh? (What is Bhaisa actually gets heart attack?)
AP: Abhi!
Abhi: Okay sorry my beautiful lady.
DP is glaring at Abhi,
DP in his head: You want to kill me? I won’t die easily even in your dreams!
AP: Shaurya, go!
Shaurya: But Maa….
AP: Please Shaurya go! I don’t want you here!
Abhi looks at AP, AP is folding her hands,
Abhi: Chala ja Na Shaurya, (Go Na Shaurya) you can chill up there!
Shaurya looks at DP and goes up.
Abhi: What’s the time?
DP: It’s 6:30pm
Sujata: JiJi, we got late, did Sanskaar ke Papa and Sanskaar have dinner?
Abhi: I didn’t and so hasn’t Papa.
Sujata: You go fresh up and we will make it.
Swara comes out of the kitchen with Ragini,
Swara: Don’t worry Mom, me and Ragini started making the dinner, you two fresh up and we will serve it.
Sujata: Thank you Chori
Swara: Nahi Maa, you don’t need to say thank you.

All the family have dinner and go to their rooms……..

Swasan room:
Swara: Sanskaar, where’s Vivaan?
Sanskaar: Vivaans with Maa.
Swara: He must be troubling Maa Na?
Sanskaar: Our Varun is a good boy but I think he needs a new brother or sister.
Swara blushes,
Swara: Meaning?
Sanskaar: Meaning ki…..
Sanskaar walks up to Swara, Swara smiles but has her eyes down, she is fiddling with her fingers and is blushing.
Sanskaar: Matlab Kuch Nahi. (Meaning Nothing)
Sanskaar then goes on the bed and sits down, Swara look up confusingly and looks at Sanskaar, she walks up to Sanskaar,
Swara: What do you mean nothing Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Haa nothing.
Swara: Acha, what were you saying earlier?
Sanskaar: I don’t remember
Swara: Oh, I see!
Swara then sits on the other side and lies down,
Sanskaar smiles, he goes closer to Swara, he whispers in her ears,
Sanskaar: Swara?
Swara: Kya?!
Sanskaar (Softly): I…..Love you!
Swara smiles and turns her head, she sees Sanskaar closer to her,
Swara: I love you too!
Sanskaar then hugs her and she hugs him back.

A girl comes walking in, she has short knee length, sleeveless golden dress with her hair out, she is wearing volume eyeshadow and red lipstick, she is looking pretty, she has her hand bag on her arm,
Girl: Lucky!
Her eyes are shown looking around,
Girl: Lucky!
Her smile on her lips are shown, DP comes out and is shocked to see her attire,
DP: Who are you?!
The girl looks at DP and smiles,
Girl: Namastay uncle, Kya Lucky ghar mein hai? (Hello uncle, is lucky at home?)
AP comes out,
AP, Sujata, Abhi, Swara, Sanskaar, RP, Uttra, Shaurya and Ragini come out,
Abhi: Woah!
Shaurya: Looking hot!
Girl looks at Shaurya,
Girl: Thanks Shaurya, where is your brother?
Abhi: You know her?
Shaurya nods,
Shaurya: Guys, this is Tia, Tia this is everyone.
Tia: Hello everyone.
Her face is shown and she is smiling,
RP: Che, Che Bhaisa, look at her clothes!
Abhi: Chacha Ji, if you don’t want to see her clothes then stop forcing Papa to as well.
Sujata: Chori, go and wear some clothes and come! Your giving wrong intentions to the men of this house!
Tia: I am wearing clothes Aunty but where is Lucky?!

Laksh walks down and sees Tia,
Laksh: Tia?
Tia sees him and smiles,
Tia: Lucky?
She runs up to him and hugs him, he hugs her back, Ragini and the family look on,
Tia: I missed you so much Lucky.
Laksh: Tia, I missed you too, you were coming back next week!
Tia: Why? Can’t I give a surprise to my baby?
Abhi: Sorry to disturb you too….
DP glares at Abhi,
Abhi: But your baby’s married now!
Tia breaks the hug,
Tia: What?! When?!
DP looks at Laksh angrily,
Shaurya: Tell your Tia when he got married!
Shaurya: It’s true, he got married 1 week ago!
Tia looks at Laksh,
Tia: Laksh are they telling the truth?
Sujata: Haa Chori! See this is his wife!
Sujata stand near Ragini and brings her forward,
Tia looks at Ragini,
Laksh: I was going to tell you but I…..
Tia folds her arms and looks at Laksh,
Tia: You got married?
Laksh: Haa, but it was forced one.
All look at Laksh, Ragini puts her eyes down,
Tia: Pakka? (Sure?)
Tia looks at Shaurya, Shaurya nods yes and DP glares at him too,
DP: Yes he’s married now! And Ragini is his wife!
Abhi: Chill Papa!
Swara: Yes, he’s married!
Tia: Okay, I understood!
Abhi: Who is she?
Shaurya: Laksh’s girlfriend.
All get shocked, Ragini is stunned.

Sujata: Laksh’s girlfriend? How do you know?
Shaurya: I know Tia.
Tia: Shaurya and me are friends. Shaurya introduced Laksh to me!
All look at Shaurya and DP glares at him, he ignores them,
Abhi leans in,
Abhi: Why did you bring a haddi between two beautiful kebabs?
Shaurya: Shut up!
DP: What is this Laksh?!
Laksh: She’s my girlfriend, Tia!
Tia looks at Laksh and smiles,
All the family are shocked,
Shaurya in his head: Now I can use Tia to reunite Bhabhi and Laksh and Tia won’t be able to do anything!
Shaurya smiles,
Ragini in her head: You have to be strong Ragini, you can’t break down, you don’t like him!
Sujata: Chore…….
Laksh: Let’s go Tia!
Abhi faints.

Precap: Tia challenges Ragini.

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Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh
Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth

Tia – Krystle D’souza

Credit to: Halima

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