Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 14


The episode begins with Antara finishing and everyone clapping, Laksh is shocked,
Abhi: Her?
Shaurya: Do you know her?
Laksh looks at Abhi,
Ragini in her head: I don’t think I should tell Arohi but I have to meet Antara.
Arohi: How do you know my Di?
Ragini: We are friends, In fact we were best friends. We studied in the same School, same College and then she went away at the graduation day so after that I haven’t seen her for a year and I got married and……

Arohi: Congrats, you must be Ragini?
Ragini looks at her,
Arohi: Di used to talk about you after graduation when she came Dehradun, she said she made a mistake and she regrets it.
Ragini: What mistake?
Arohi: Di didn’t tell me, whenever I ask her she avoids the topic and changes it.
Ragini: Don’t worry, I need to surprise her.
Arohi: She will be happy to see you.

Laksh in his head: She’s here, if she opens her mouth then……
Lady: And the winners for today’s sangeet are Antara and Arohi.
All clap and Antara walks on the stage,
Antara: Thank you Ma’am, Arohi can’t come because she has sprained her leg but thanks.
Arohi smiles,
Abhi: I knew they were going to win.

Shaurya: How?
Abhi: Because they tried and they done it better. The rest were……
Shaurya: Yh, I get you, thank god it finished, we had to sit here for two hours. My ears need break!
Abhi: My head needs air!
Shaurya stands up and heads out, Abhi follows him.
Laksh is thinking.

Antara goes to the changing room, Ragini brings Arohi there, Antara comes out wearing a purple ankle length dress with baby pink scarf draped over her neck. She sees Ragini and smiles,
Antara: Ragini?
Antara hugs Ragini and Arohi smiles,
Ragini: After a year Antara.
Antara: I know Ragini, how could’ve I stayed here after all that?
Arohi gets confused.

Antara: Tell me how are you?
Ragini breaks the hug,
Antara: Mangalsutra? So you married?
Ragini nods,
Antara: Who is he tell Na? I want to know who your mister perfect is!
Ragini: It’s…..
Antara: What happened?
Ragini: Laksh Maheshwari.

Antara gets shocked,
Antara: Lucky?
Ragini nods yes,
Arohi: Lucky? Di isn’t he the one who…..
Antara: Shh Arohi.
Ragini looks at Arohi and then Antara,
Ragini: He what? Tell.
Arohi looks at Antara nervously,
Antara: Nothing, Arohi was joking.
Ragini: There’s something else.
Antara: I need to go to the washroom, Arohi, stay with the trophy and our stuffs, I’ll be back.
Antara leaves while Arohi and Ragini look at each other.

Antara is standing outside, she thinks to tell Ragini or not, suddenly someone grabs her arm and turns her around, it’s Laksh,
Laksh: What are you doing here?!
Antara: Leave my hand!

Laksh leaves Antaras hand,
Antara: You stay in your limits or my mouth might open!
Laksh gets angry,
Antara: Anyways don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone! But Ragini is my childhood friend, I can’t let this happen to her!
Laksh: It’s not ruining anyone’s life!
Antara: But I feel somethings not right! I can’t believe you did that, why?
Laksh: I had my own reasons.

It goes in to a flashback, Antara is mad at Laksh for cheating her friend, Krystle tries calming her down but she doesn’t listen, she goes up to Laksh and slaps him,
Antara: How dare you?!
Laksh doesn’t respond, (this was when Krystle married someone else)
Laksh: She cheated me, she left me for that man, I didn’t do anything.
Antara: Just shut up! You left her and now you’re crying?
Laksh breaks down,

Laksh: I didn’t leave her, my dad didn’t accept this marriage and she left me for him! Just because he’s rich!
Antara: No! She married him because of you, you didn’t come and her family forced her to marry that man, her family gave you 2 days to make your decision!
Laksh: I…..
Antara: Oh please, don’t start your melodrama and stand up!
Laksh wipes his tears,
Antara: Man up! It’s been 2 days after our graduation, you can get another girl!
Laksh gets angry,
Laksh: My heart was original and it broke!
Antara laughs and Laksh looks at her,
Antara: You sound dramatic! Cheer up!

After Laksh comes out of the mental asylum:
Antara is leaving, she sees Laksh and hides behind the tree, she sees him paying a girl and she nods yes,
Laksh: Exact one year later you will meet me here and I will tell you what to do next.
Girl: Okay. (The girl isn’t Krystle)
Laksh: They are very proud of themselves? I will show them Laksh other face, I will show them Laksh wrath!

Antara comes out of the flashback and looks at Laksh,
Laksh: I said I had reasons! If you didn’t see me that day then I would’ve been tension free now!
Antara: You paid her to say that you did something wrong with her and that she could bring your family to the pub so that you could show them your other side and that they could hate you too the core but let me guess, Raginis getting in your path because she is planning to bring you back. I know my Ragini, she is innocent and too nice.

Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: Yes, she is getting in my way but…..
Antara: She told me, I asked her.
Laksh: She’s gone now to America so that’s why I’m succeeding but you came back and……
Antara: If my friend Ragini is in danger then I will say something!
Laksh: You need to keep her away from me!

Antara: How did you manage to marry her?
Laksh tells her and Antara gets shocked,
Antara: They cheated her, but your not that bad from the inside, you’re just melodramatic!
Laksh glares at her,
Antara: Okay chill!
Laksh: You won’t speak of it!
Antara: If I kept my mouth shut for a year then I can keep it shut for the rest of the years!
Antara leaves and Laksh looks on,
Ragini and Arohi are hiding behind the pillar, they hear that and get shocked.

Shaurya and Abhi are also stunned to hear this as they were near the door. They hide and Laksh walks out to the car.
They come out and see each other,
Abhi: Did you hear what we heard?
Ragini: They hid such a big thing, we all misunderstood Laksh.
Shaurya: At least we found out that Laksh didn’t do anything wrong.
Ragini: Antara knows Laksh, because she was complaining about him to me but she didn’t tell me all this.

Arohi leaves,
Ragini: We need can bring him back.
Shaurya: Why is he scared that she would say this? There is something else also!
Ragini, Abhi and Shaurya look on.

The show/programme finishes, Swara gets Sanskaars call,
Swara: Hello?
Sanskaar: Hello Swara? Where are you?
Swara: Why? Are you missing me?
Sanskaar: Why wouldn’t I?
Swara (teasing): Who is this?
Sanskaar: Acha? Who am I?
Swara: Haa.
Sanskaar: I’m the same guy that saved you from falling and the same guy you were flirting with!
Swara: Ho! Why are you lying when did I flirt with you?
Sanskaar: Just now!
Swara: No, if my Husband finds out then he will beat you up and you will end up in hospital!
Sanskaar: Who is your Husband?
Swara: Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari!
Sanskaar: Oh, him? I can easily defeat him!
Swara smiles: Don’t worry, I have a son too, Vivaan will beat you up!
Swara and Sanskaar start laughing,
Sanskaar: I love you!

Swara stops laughing and smiles,
Swara: If my someone hears then?
Sanskaar: So what? I’m your husband!
Swara: Husband?! I’m coming, have patience!
Sanskaar: Hurry up!
Swara disconnects the call and blushes, she then goes towards the car.

Precap: Laksh’s girlfriend Tia.

Tia will be playing a negative character played by Krystle D’souza.

Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal

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Credit to: Halima

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