Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 13


The episode begins with Abhi getting tired, he looks at Raglak and sees them staring at each other,
Abhi: What’s the time Shaurya?
Shaurya: Why?
Abhi: Lagta hai ki Bhai ne Babhi ko kabhi Nahi dekha, Isi liye toh Kab se dekh rahe hai. (I think that Bhai hasn’t seen Bhabhi yet, that’s why he’s still looking at her!)
Laksh: Just shut up!
Laksh sits straight, Ragini looks away, Abhi gets bored and places his head on Shauryas shoulder,
Shaurya: Sit properly.
Abhi: I’m tired Shaurya, let me rest Na!
Shaurya: Even I’m tired, he’s tired, Bhabhis tired but we’re not doing that!
Abhi: Because you’re not me and please Shaurya, my neck hurts and these chairs……
Abhi closes his eyes,
Abhi: And anyways it’s better to sleep than hearing their voices, there isn’t a single good song, I’ll rather be unconscious.
Shaurya: Abhi you…..

Ragini gets thinking and is nervous, she stands up and walks out, Laksh sees her and follows her, Ragini reaches outside and breathes heavily and starts crying,
Ragini: He’s not mine and I shouldn’t develop something for him.
She then wipes her tears and Laksh comes there,
Laksh: What are you doing here?
Ragini (trying hard not to cry): I’m….I’m just here to get some fresh air.
Laksh walks towards her, he makes her turn to him but she looks down,
Laksh: Are you okay?
Ragini: Haa, I’m okay.
Laksh: You don’t sound okay.
He makes Ragini look up and sees tears in her eyes, he is surprised, Ragini starts crying and Laksh hugs her.
Laksh: Why are you crying?
Ragini: Nothing….
Laksh: You’re crying and saying nothing? Tell me what’s wrong?

Shaurya moves onto the next chair and Abhi falls but manages to hold on in time,
Abhi: Shaurya!
Shaurya: You see, you were giving me a neck ache so I thought to move away. Your 1kg head was being a pain!
Abhi sits up,
Abhi: 1kg? Shaurya, you can’t even take 1kg and you call yourself strong! Now I know why you moved!
Shaurya sees the person next to him and is surprised to see an Aunty glaring at him, Shaurya was about to move back to his old seat but Abhi puts his hand there,
Abhi: Now my 1kg head will rest there.
Shaurya: It wouldn’t!
Shaurya sits on Abhi’s hand,
Abhi: Are you crazy? Get up!
Shaurya stands up and Abhi moves his hand and caresses it,
Abhi: Idiot, he was about to break my hand.
Shaurya: Did you say anything?
Abhi glares at him,
Abhi: I said its boring.
Just then someone starts singing,
Abhi: This sounds good, finally after 2 years of waiting will be paying off!
Abhi looks at the stage and sees Arohi, she’s nervous and singing Rehnuma.
Abhi: She was going to dance.
Shaurya: What?

The scene shifts to Raglak, Rehnuma……. playing………
Laksh breaks the hug and wipes her tears,
Laksh: I know why you’re crying.
Ragini looks at him,
Laksh thinks: I can’t love her, it’s not good for her, she needs to hate me.
Laksh: Come inside!
Ragini: I would in a minuet
Laksh: Stop your Drama and come in’
Ragini looks at him and he looks away,
Laksh: Your and
this family’s dramas never end!
Ragini: Laksh…..
Laksh: Enough! I don’t have time for this stupid boring drama, I’ll get the keys of Shaurya and I’m going!
Laksh goes in and Ragini looks on, tears fall out of her eyes.

Laksh comes back in and sits next to Abhi, Abhi doesn’t notice as he is enjoying the song,
Abhi: Now real singing is going on!
Laksh is thinking about something,
Shaurya notices Laksh,
Shaurya: When did you come?
Laksh doesn’t listen.
Abhi: Stop disturbing him and me!
Shaurya rolls his eyes and looks at the stage.
Lady on the stage: Now we would move on to dance and the results will be declared at the end!
All clap,
Sujata: Now it would be fun JiJi, I can’t wait to see girls do Bahartanatyam and Khatak.
AP: Haa Sujata.

They start the show,
Arohi struggles to walk, she holds onto Antara,
Arohi: Di are you sure you would do it?
Antara: Haa Aru, don’t you trust your Di?
Arohi: I do but Di, you never did this and I used to do it from the past 2 years and now…..
Antara: Chill Arohi, if you can sing then I can dance. Come on now smile!
Antara takes her in the audience place, she sees an empty place and takes Arohi there,
Antara: You sit here and I’ll make a move, we need to win Na?
Antara leaves and Arohi looks on.
Ragini comes in, she sees the space filled in by the Aunty and sees a space next to Arohi and sits down. Ragini wipes her tears. Arohi notices her.
Arohi: A….are you okay?
Ragini lets a smile out: Yes I’m okay, thank you for asking.
Antara starts dancing on mere dholna sun….. and she is doing Bharatanatyam.
Abhi gets surprised, AP and Sujata smiles and enjoy.
Arohi is surprised: I can’t believe Di actually done it.
Ragini: She’s your Di?
Arohi nods yes,
Ragini: Antara is your Di?
Arohi: Haa, do you know her?
Ragini nods yes,
Ragini: And you must be Arohi?
Arohi looks at her and nods yes,
Arohi: How?
Ragini turns around and looks at Laksh, he is shocked to see Antara.

Precap: ???

(Didn’t know what to put for the Precap, I hope you continue liking)

Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Antara – Nikita Sharma
Arohi – Sukirti Khandpal

Credit to: Halima

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  1. Nice one but… plz five some importance to swasan also… plz…

    1. Thanks Sara, okay I will try to give them importance…..

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    1. Thanks Aditi, Antara negative? Will another character do? Tia? She would be a negative role in this FF, she would…….

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