Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 11

The episode begins with Laksh taking Ragini to the bathroom, he takes the glass out of her and and she makes a face, Laksh then opens the water and puts her hand under it,
Ragini: What are you doing?
Laksh: I know what I’m doing!
Laksh then takes her hand out and wipes it with the towel, he takes her and makes her sit on the bed and goes to get the first aid box.

Sanskaar comes out of the bathroom, Swara stands up and walks up to him,
Swara: What happened Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Nothing!
Swara: Something is troubling you, tell me Na.
Sanskaar: Laksh……
Swara: Oh, so your upset because Laksh was about to hit Bade Papa?
Sanskaar: He changed too much, I know he must be pained.
Swara: Why did he do that then?
Sanskaar: Not for Bade Papa!
Swara: What do you mean Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: He hit Shaurya so that’s why he’s pained!
Swara: What?!
Sanskaar: Haa, he loves Shaurya more than all his family, in fact him and Shaurya used to get along more than he used to get along with Abhi, Laksh loves Abhi as his younger brother and if anything happens to Shaurya and Abhi then he would go mad.
Swara is stunned: I thought he was……
Sanskaar: One day when Shaurya was getting shouted at for not concentrating in his studies and Bade Papa was about to hit him with the cane Laksh came in between and saved him, now Laksh is acting different in front of him. Laksh took that for Shaurya. There’s only a year difference between them too and Laksh didn’t call him Shaurya.
Swara: Don’t worry Sanskaar, soon he would change.
Swara hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar looks on,
Swara: Cheer up Sanskaar!
Sanskaar smiles and relaxes,
Sanskaar: Thank you Swara.
Swara breaks the hug and slaps him on the shoulder,
Swara: Thank you and too Swara?
Sanskaar: Okay sorry.
Swara puts one of her eyebrows up,
Swara: Sorry?
Sanskaar smiles, he moves closer,
Sanskaar: Happy
Swara looks up at him.

Swara closes her eyes as Sanskaar moves closer and closer, he was about to kiss her but she moves her head and he kisses her on the cheek.

Laksh finishes bandaging Ragini,
Laksh: Are you sure you’re okay?
Ragini: Haa, I’m okay.
Laksh was about to leave when Ragini grabs his hand and he turns around,
Ragini: I know your hurt, you can tell me and I’ll……
Laksh nudges her hand,
Laksh: You want to know why I’m hurt right?!
Ragini nods yes,
Laksh: Because I hit my brother! I hit my Charlie!
Ragini: Charlie?
Laksh: I hit my brother!
Laksh is standing and looking outside the window, Ragini realises who Charlie is, she stands up and walks towards the window and stands near Laksh,
Ragini: Sometimes we don’t realise what we are doing in anger, you hurt your brother but what about your father and your family?
Laksh ignores her,
Ragini: You pushed me in anger, but I still forgave you because I know you didn’t do it intentionally, soon he would forgive you like your family forgives you everyday.

Ragini looks at the time,
Ragini: It’s 5:15pm, everyone would be waiting for you at the dining table for dinner.
Ragini leaves while saying this and Laksh turns around and looks on.

Laksh comes to Shauryas room, he sees him sitting down and thinking, Shaurya sees him and ignores him,
Shaurya: If your here to start your drama then I’m not interested!
Laksh: I’m here to apologise to you Charlie.
Shaurya looks at Laksh,
Shaurya: It would be better if you call me Shaurya not Charlie because they won’t call me Charlie and it will become confusing.
Laksh: You haven’t changed Shaurya.
Shaurya: I know, I don’t change for anyone.
Laksh: I’m seriously sorry, you won’t speak of this?!
Shaurya: I wouldn’t because your my brother!
Laksh smiles and hugs him and he hugs him back, Abhi enters and smiles,
Abhi: Brothers reuniting? Vah, Ram and Lakshman reuniting in this life time. Speaking of brothers, have you watched the movie brothers?
They break the hug, DP walks past and sees them, he stands near the door,
Shaurya: And Raavan also came in this lifetime to seperate these brothers!
Laksh looks there and Abhi turns around,
Laksh: You won’t speak of it!
Abhi: Promise, shall we go?!
Shaurya: No, I didnt watch brothers.
DP: There is time for you to talk later, don’t you get tired?! The principle called me!
Shaurya and Abhi look on,
DP: Come down quick!

Dinner – 5:30pm:
Laksh sits beside Ragini and Shaurya sits beside Laksh and Abhi sits next to Ragini, all look at Laksh,
Sujata hurriedly gives Laksh his plate and sits down,
DP: We may start now!
All start eating nervously expect from Abhi and Shaurya and Laksh, Shaurya and Laksh eat normally while Abhi eats like he never had anything, Abhi finishes one thing and puts more in, he eats quickly, and eats more than one thing,
Ragini looks at him and he looks up and notices them looking,
Sanskaar: Abhi slow down, you’re going to choke.
Abhi lets out a smile and continues eating, DP looks there,
DP thinks: He’s eating like a Bhukar, hasn’t he had food before?!
DP looks at AP and she nervously looks at Abhi and DP,
Sujata leans in near AP and whispers: JiJi, hasn’t your son ate anything? Bhukar kahika!
AP: Abhi, beta aaram se. (Abhi, slowly?)

Abhi finishes swallowing,
Abhi: Forget me but worry about Bhabhi!
AP and Sujata get confused,
Sujata: Ke Matlab hai tharah? (What do you mean?)
Abhi: If you all stop focusing on me then you would see, ladies, I know I’m handsome but you don’t need to show it, some men are getting jealous
All look at Abhi and DP looks on,
Abhi completes his sentence: and at least look out of my zone and the person next to me!
They look at Ragini,
Sujata: Ragini beta, are you okay? What is Abhi saying?

Laksh notices Ragini hiding her other hand and trying to eat with her left hand,
Ragini: Haa Chachi Ji, I’m okay.
Abhi eats and Sujata looks at Abhi,
Abhi: She’s lying to you, I see what you don’t see and what you don’t see I see!
Sujata gets confused and thinks,
Sujata: Chore are you trying to tell me or confuse me?
DP: Stop talking in puzzles and tell us what’s wrong?!
Abhi looks at Ragini, Ragini is nervous, she has her head down,
Swara: What’s wrong Ragini?
Ragini: Kuch Nahi Swara (Nothing Swara)
Abhi: Maa pass the Chawal (rice)
AP: Give me your plate and I’ll fill it in.
Abhi nods and passes the plate to AP.

Sujata: What were you saying earlier?
Abhi picks Raginis right hand and shows it to everyone, they look on,
AP: How did this happen beta?
Swara: Ragini?
Ragini: Nothing, I accidentally dropped the glass and I was picking up the pieces and I accidentally slipped and my hand fell in to it.
Swara looks angrily at Laksh,
Sujata: Pakka yahi baat hai? (Are you sure this is the reason?)
Laksh looks at her,
Sujata: I was just asking and……
Sujata shuts up and starts eating,
RP: Sujata, eat your food and finish it.
Sujata starts eating slow,
Abhi: She’s struggling to eat with her left hand.
Swara: I’ll help you Ragini.
Abhi: No, when Bhai’s here then why do you need to help?
Laksh looks at Abhi,
Abhi: Maa, why did you stop? Put more in.
Shaurya: How much would you eat Abhi? You would explode.
Abhi: Stop eyeing on my food and focus on yours!
Abhi then looks at Ragini and Laksh,
Abhi: Arey, why are you sitting there? Feed her Bhai.
Laksh glares at him and Shaurya looks at Abhi, Shaurya nods no but Abhi ignores him,
Laksh: Listen I…..
Abhi: Please Na Bhai, Bhabhi is struggling and you’re here next to her and eating?
Laksh: No!
Abhi: Bhabhi is hungry!
Abhi then takes his plate back and start eating Daal Chawal.
Laksh look at Ragini and Abhi nods no to everyone.

Abhi and everyone finish eating,
Abhi: Bhai, we finished and you still haven’t ate it fed her!
DP: We can go now!
Everyone stand up, Shaurya was about to leave but DP stops him,
DP: I noticed that everyone call you Shaurya but I will not!
Shaurya looks on,
DP: I will call you by your first name!
Shaurya in his head: Jaan Ka dustman (enemy of life) why is he going to spoil my image? If anyone out of here gets to know my real name then…..
DP: I will call you Chiranjeev because your real name is Chiranjeev Shaurya DurgaPrasad Maheshwari! I regret the last name!
DP leaves and Shaurya looks on,
Abhi: Maa, is there anything to eat?
Sujata looks at him,
RP: Chore, you are 4 plates and you’re asking if there’s anything to eat? What’s in front of you?
Abhi: My sweet Chachu, I mean desert like ice cream or chocolate.
Sujata: Check in the fridge!
Abhi nods and goes towards the kitchen, the rest leave and AP follows Abhi to help him.

Laksh looks at Ragini, Ragini was about to leave but Laksh stops her,
Laksh: You haven’t ate and you can’t leave.
Ragini: It’s okay, I’ll manage.
Laksh: It’s an order, I’m not asking!
Ragini: No but…….
Laksh puts more food on his plate and starts puts the spoon up, Ragini opens her mouth and starts eating and Laksh starts feeding.

Abhi and AP watch from the pillar, Sujata and Shaurya watch from the stairs, Uttra sees this from the stairs and smiles, Sujata then takes Vivaan from her and goes to her room, Uttra stand next to Shaurya,
Shaurya: I didn’t expect Abhi to complete what he said!
Uttra: Haa, soon Laksh Bhaiya would be back and we would be enjoying and won’t you help?
Shaurya: I need to think.

Abhi and AP smile,
Abhi: See Maa, soon he would be feeding you!
AP: Thanks Abhi.
Abhi: Maa, come on, you’re saying thank you to me? I promised you that I would bring them close so I’m doing it and I promise that I would help Bhabhi to bring Bhai back and this time I will make sure Shaurya helps!
AP smiles.

Swara and Sanskaar smile too,
Swara: I hope it stays like this.
Sanskaar: And I hope Laksh changes.
Swara: Haa, I trust my sister, she’s going to do it.
Sanskaar: And she will succeed.
Swara and Sanskaar leave, Shaurya and Uttra leave too.

Laksh finishes feeding Ragini, hamdard…….tune…..plays……
Laksh: Now you can go!
Ragini: You haven’t ate.
Laksh: I have and I’m finished!
Laksh stands up and leaves and Ragini looks on.

Precap: 2 days later……

Thank you for commenting, if any things confusing then please do comment and let me know so that I can get you less confusing, I hope you like today’s episode. Thank you? If your confused on Charlie then………

Charlie is Shaurya because his first name is Chiranjeev and only Laksh used to call him Charlie and the rest call him Shaurya because he doesn’t like the name Chiranjeev and Shaurya is his middle name so that’s why he told them to call him Shaurya. I hope this helps.

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