Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 10


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The episode begins with Mr M and S taking the cake towards Laksh, DP stands at the edge of the stairs, he moves one of his foot forward to step down but gets pushed, DP falls down on his bum and with his one leg out and the other half folded that is bumping on each of the stair, he could hear some rips and gets shocked, he is unable to hold on and is struggling, all look there, he suddenly stands up and couldn’t control his balance and nudges the cake and the cake falls on the floor and DP falls too, his face goes flat in the cake and everyone get shocked, DP is shocked and embarrassed, Ragini is shocked and looks at Laksh nervously, Laksh is looking at him angrily, DP is too embarrassed to get up, he thinks and remembers hearing a rip, he has no choice but to act as if he fainted, they all look up and see a Man, the man is standing there is shock and is frozen, he stops chewing, he has his hair spiked up a little and is wearing a black suit, another man enters and he is wearing black suit with white shirt,
Sujata: Abhi?!
AP: Shau….?!
AP looks at Laksh and Laksh looks at them angrily, Shaurya looks at Abhi,
Shaurya: What happened? First you were throwing pride and now why did you freeze?
DP hears his voice and gets shocked along with angry, Shaurya sees Abhi looking that way and looks there,
Shaurya: Who is that man lying in the cake? If he’s so fond of eating cake then he could’ve grabbed a piece, he didn’t have to stuff his face!
DP gets angry but his face isn’t shown because his face is still on the cake,
Ragini looks at Laksh who is boling with anger, she gets worried,
Abhi unfreezes and looks on worried,
Abhi: Chup kar ja, kyu musibatt ko bularaha hai? (Shut up, why are you calling problem?)
Shaurya: Who is that anyways? Has he died while eating the cake? He isn’t even moving!

Laksh (angrily): Thank you for coming, I think that you should leave now…….
All nod and start leaving, they laugh too, Abhi runs to DP, he pushes him out of the cake and makes him lie on his back, Swara comes with towel and water, Ragini continually looks at Laksh, Shaurya stand near Abhi, Abhi crunches down,
Laksh: What was need to do this drama?!
Sujata: Now Bhaisa and Abhi are gone!
Abhi: Shaurya pushed me!
Swara kneels down and wipes the cake of DP’s face, Shaurya gets shocked seeing DP,
Laksh: You can wake up now, everyone are gone!
DP opens his eyes and all are shocked,
Abhi: Are you okay?
DP glares at him angrily, Ragini walks up to them,
Ragini: I think everyone need rest and……
Laksh: No! I told everyone that I don’t want any scenes! What part of that didn’t you get?!
Sujata: Vo Chore……..
Laksh: Did I ask you?!
DP sits up, Abhi tries to help him but DP rejects to get up,

Shaurya looks on, Abhi notices Laksh’s anger and stands up, he moves a little back and Shaurya catches him,
Shaurya: Where are you running of too?
Abhi: I was going to the washroom and……
DP stands up, he feels that his trousers would fall off so he before he could hold his trousers, they slide down, all are shocked,
Sujata: JiJi!
Sujata turns around in a shock, all the ladies turn around and Abhi looks on,
Shaurya: What the hell?! Is he wearing anything underneath that?
Abhi: Shhh!
DP hears Shaurya,
DP: What are you two doing here?!
Shaurya: We are here to celebrate our holidays why?
Abhi: We are back because our graduation finished! Where else are we meant to go?!
Laksh: Ramdeen!
All get shocked, RP comes back and gives DP new trousers, DP quickly slides them on,
Abhi: All the beautiful ladies, you may turn now!
None of them turn,
Sujata: Chore, we know your acts! We won’t turn around!
Laksh: You can turn!
They all turn quickly, Sujata lets a sigh out, Sanskaar looks at Swara,
DP: You weren’t going to come till next year!
Abhi: Why don’t you want us here?
Laksh: Ramdeen!
Ragini gets worried, they see Ramdeen bringing a cane and are shocked, Abhi imagines Laksh hitting him with the cane and screams no, all look at him,
Shaurya quietly: Don’t mess with him, he gets angry and he will beat you up!
Abhi: He changed from the last time we saw him, a year ago he was like us and three months ago he was the opposite and now abusive? Hi those days were lush and now what happened to him?
Laksh: What is happening?! Because of you two my day got ruined!
Abhi: I swear Laksh……
Laksh: Shut up!
DP looks at Abhi and Shaurya with anger.

Laksh picks the Cane up and looks at DP, all are shocked,
Laksh: You made mistake so you should get punished!
Shaurya: Saale, would you hit your father?
Laksh ignores him, Laksh raises his cane, Ragini was about to go forward when Swara stops her and thinks, Shaurya tries to go out but Abhi grabs him and pushes him, Laksh hits the cane but Shaurya comes in between,
Shaurya: Aaahhhhhhh!
Abhi: Fish! Ab nahi chore ga yeh mujhko! (He won’t spare me now!)
DP looks on,
DP thinks: He came in between to save me? Impossible!
Shaurya: Are you crazy?!
Sujata: He saved Bhaisa?!

Laksh: Who told you to come in between?!
Shaurya: I wasn’t fond to come in between, this kamina pushed me!
Abhi: Like you pushed me! But I fell into him and you saved him!
DP in his head: I was right, he only cares for himself!
Laksh throws the cane angrily and head upstairs, Ragini follows him and the family let out a sigh.

Raglak room:
Laksh throws his blazer on the bed, Ragini comes in, she sees him pained and wonders why,
Ragini: Laksh are you okay?!
Laksh: Leave me alone!
Ragini: But Laksh why are you in pain if you don’t like him?!
Laksh: No matter how bad he is he’s my………
Laksh realises,
Ragini: He’s your what?!
Laksh: Just leave before I get angry!
Ragini: You love him……..
Laksh throws the glass on the floor and Ragini jumps in shock,
Laksh: Go!
Laksh sits down on the bed with his hand on his face, Ragini sees that and looks on upset, she goes near him,
Ragini: Laksh……
Laksh: Get lost!
Ragini: This is my room too because I’m married to you and I have rights that……
Laksh stands up, he squeezes her hand, she feels the pain and Laksh pushes her, she falls down and her hand hits the broken glass, Ragini cries in pain and Laksh looks there.

DP: Because of you I had to face embarrassment!
Abhi: Chill na Papa, I said it was an accident!
DP: Who told you to come with attitude?!
Abhi: Papa, Shaurya pushed me!
DP: Enough!
Shaurya: We are not here for anymore dramas so please stop!
DP: What you did was a drama too!
Shaurya: Come on, I just pushed him and you fell!
Shaurya realises,
Shaurya: How did you fall into that cake?!
DP: You were the one that was saying that I died in the cake! Because of you I had no courage to look up!
Shaurya: Chill! I got caned because of you!
DP: Who told you to come in the way?! I was surprised when I saw you there! You only care about your self!
Shaurya: Please, you’re crossing your limits and I will get angry and you would get hurt and start your Drama and then Maa won’t talk to me and I won’t get nice food and all this will happen because of you!
DP gets angry,
DP: Annapurna! Handle your beloved sons and make them understand!
DP leaves in anger and Swara looks on confused.

Ragini stands up, she is bleeding, Laksh gets worried, he comes near her and holds her hand,
Laksh: Are you okay?!
Ragini moves her hand back,
Laksh: Stop throwing attitude and come with me!
He grabs Raginis hand and Ragini looks at him.

Swara is thinking, Sanskaar comes there, Sanskaar is looking angry,
Swara notices him,
Swara: Are you okay Sanskaar?
Sanskaar ignores her and goes to get changed, Swara looks on.

Precap: Raglak and Swasan moments.

Thank you so much for liking, Abhi and Shaurya are DP and Annapurnas son, DP and Shaurya are not in good terms because they argue a lot, DP thinks that both of his sons are bad and Abhi has no problem with DP, DP thinks that they will tarnish their respect so he kept them away since 11 years.

I’m sorry if I hurt any of you, I didn’t mean to, I hope you enjoy. Thank you

Shaurya – Vatsal Sheth
Abhi – Shehzad Shaikh

Credit to: Halima

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