Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 1


The episode begins with a girl sitting at the Mandap, she is nervous, she has her Pallu over her head and face, it is none other than our Ragini, she is smiling with her eyes down,
Pandit: Where is the groom?
Sumi and Shekhar are worried, Shekhar starts calling someone but he doesn’t pick up, Daadi starts looking out but does not see anyone coming, Ragini looks up and sees everyone tensed and gets tensed, suddenly Ragini gets a call, she looks at her phone, her fingers were just reaching the screen but Daadi takes the phone, she sees Swaras name and disconnects it, Ragini looks on and Daadi nods no.
Ragini thinks: What happens if he doesn’t come? What happens if he doesn’t want to marry me?
Sumi tries calling someone but the call keeps disconnecting.
Ragini is worried by the questions that are running through her head,
Pandit: The Shubh time is running, where is the groom and his family?
All the people start talking,
Lady: What happened?
Lady2: Has the groom left the bride at the Mandap?
Ragini and Daadi hear them, Ragini is worrying while Daadi gets angry, Ragini stands up and all look at her, she runs upstairs while crying.

Ragini reaches her room, she locks the door and stands in front of the mirror and starts crying, Daadi comes up and knocks on the door,
Daadi: Laado, open the door, get ready the Baraat came!
Ragini looks up and wipes her tears, she goes near the window and opens it, she sees the Baraat and the groom on the horse.
She smiles and nervously moves back. She fixes her self and opens the door, Sumi comes up and smiles, she takes her and places her in the Mandap, a man is apologising to Shekhar, it is DP,
DP: We are sorry Shekhar Ji, we were abit late because of the traffic.
Shekhar: It’s okay DurgaPrasad Ji, you don’t need to say sorry, it’s not your fault.
DP nods and Shekhar smiles, they turn around and see the bride and groom ready, the groom is shown as Lakshya,
Ragini is thinking: How must he be? How does he look? People say he’s innocent and sweet so he must be nice.
Ragini smiles and blushes.

AP and Sumi throw flowers at them while they take the pehres, Laksh is smiling and Ragini is blushing, DP looks at him, AP nervously lets a smile out and Sumi notices,
Sumi: What happened Annapurna Ji?
AP: Nothing
Sumi: Are you sure?
AP smiles and nods,
Laksh puts Mangalsutra on Ragini and then applies Sindoor.
Everyone clap, Sumi, Shekhar, Daadi and Daada Ji smile, AP signals Sujata, but Sujata is seen having samosas and pakoras, Sujata turns around and was about to eat a pakora but she sees AP and stops,
She then nods her head and puts the plate down, she starts clapping,
Sujata: Wow Chore, you got married, good luck!
Laksh smiles and Ragini looks down,
Sujata: Uh…you were this small and now you became so big that you got married, I can’t believe you were the same small Laksh.
Sujata smiles awkwardly and looks at AP,
AP hugs Sumi and Sujata leaves, she then let’s a sigh out and goes near the place where she kept her plate.

Ragini looks up but misses to see Laksh’s face cause he turns around, she then looks back down, Laksh misses to see her too because of the ghunghat that’s covering her face.
Ragini thinks: I can’t believe I said yes before looking at his picture, Daadi brought the proposal so I trust her completely.!
Sujata was about to eat the Samosa when DP starts talking and she stop,
DP: We will leave now!
Sujata upsettingly puts the samosa down and walks towards DP,
Sujata in her head: I can’t even eat a samosa peacefully because of Bhaisa, I guess eating samosa wasn’t in my fate!
Sumi emotionally hugs Ragini, the Daadi hugs her after Sumi breaks the hug, Daadi breaks the hug and places her hand on her head, Ragini then sees Shekhar and walks up to him, Shekhar is hiding his tears, but everyone knows that he cannot hide it from Ragini for too long.
Shekhar: Ragini.
Ragini hugs him as tears flow out of the father and daughter.

Ragini then breaks the hug and wipes Shekhars tears and nods no, he blesses her and she walks towards the door, Laksh looks at the time, Shekhar blesses him and Laksh smiles,
Daadi: You better keep my Laado happy!
He nods and smiles, Ragini takes some rice and starts throwing it, Sumi catches the rice in her Pallu and Daadi does too, Ragini remembers her moments with her family, she then remembers her sister, Swara. Ragini then reaches the car and looks back, Shekhar and Sumi are waving at her and she waves back, she sits in the car with Laksh and the driver starts driving.

Precap: Ragini comes to MM and is nervous.

(Here’s the first episode, I hope you like it, I hope you enjoy it too, Thank You?)

Credit to: Halima

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