swaragini (CGPA)


hey guys
the CGPA was held this sunday and can u guess who won the best jodi award??????

yea u r right its our swasan!!!!!!
nd not only that they won the award for the best actor as well as that of best actress!!!!!

so guys arent u happy???
our swasan did it

Like every year, Colors hosted the Golden Petal Awards last night. It was one rather grand affair with who’s who of Telly world making it to the do right from Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani to Bollywood hotties Salman Khan and Arjun Kapoor among others. The red carpet appearances looked super impressive. The performances were electrifying. However, the highlight of the event had to be the winners who stole the thunder like never before. Swarigini lovers Varun Kapoor aka Sanskaar and Helly Shah aka Swara walked away with maximum awards including Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Jodi categories.
Oh! They truly owned the awards night this year. In fact, Varun  and Helly even won the best fandom award which is courtesy their crazy fan following. Well, if this doesn’t explain their big win at the Golden Petal Awards, then I dunno what will.
Here check out the full winners list below:
Best Actor (Male)- Varun Kapoor for Swarigini
Best Actress (Female) – Helly Shah for Swarigini
Best Jodi – Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah for Swarigini
Best debutante (Male) – Manish Goplani (Thapki Pyaar Ki)
Best Host- Manish Paul
Longest running show on television: Balika Vadhu
Best show – Mouni Roy and Arjun Bijlani’s Naagin
Best Supporting Actor: Manish Rasinghan for Sasural Simar Ka


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  1. i am so happy literally on cloud 9
    feeling like i got the award…… lolz…
    i know i am stupid…

  2. Omg i m tooo happy!!!!!!!

  3. Hey… So happy…
    Tq for posting

  4. Sree harini(Divya)

    Hey arohi, no need of guessing because we all swasanaians were sure that they are gonna bang the awards dear but I have a slight disappointment regarding it. Tejaswi must have won best actress instead of helly. Swara is a charecter which was positive from the first episode and it is obvious that everyone likes her but ragini is such a charecter which had many shades in it play and I guess tejaswi became successful in playing the role as many of the viewrers started hating her for her charecter. According to me, Portraying a positive role is common but the best part of an actor is to showcase the emotions in different ways in the same charecter. I don’t say that helly is not capable of acting but for the show SWARAGINI, tejaswi had opportunity to showcase it by having a cruel mind behind the mask of innocence…. So I wished that she may win but it’s okay and please don’t bash me. It is just my view.
    And yeah, varun kapoor deserves this award. I am not saying it because I adore him but seriously, his acting as a mentally disabled person in his initial episodes were just….(fill what you want in that gap). I think he was the only actor in the present aired colors show who has got to play such a versatile role I mean a person who returned to his home for revenge as a mentally challenged person and then turned positive, later stood by swara as a good friend and then made us taste the intense lover in him and finally still we are unable get out of the charecter sanskar for his immense trust and love on his Valentine..I mean most of the audience hated him equally as ragini in the initial episodes but soon everyone got obsessed with the love inside him. Rarely, this type of charecters click, an antagonist tirning to protogonist and varun kapoor had acted infact lived in it which made all of us ‘sanskar diwanis’
    Thank-you arohi for posting the pictures even and please don’t offend or bash me guys..

    1. Hate u yaar shreee.u read ur comment at last episode you had a problem.read comments there.people showed love toward you and u?????????
      At least 1 reply???????? I u did not reply after coming back.u r really fake person.

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        No yaar..I have replied to everyone but not in that story..but in sindhu’s OS. I know very well how it hurts being fake so I never do that. Please try to understand me if possible and yeah if you don’t trust me then you may contact vaishnavi, needhi and Sindhi even but due to exams and issues in my house I am not getting enough time to chat with you all.

      2. Hi joya di ,u can check sindhu di’s os swasan-my crazy girl. She narrated her problem there. U can check it out if u want.i can understand u felt cheated but in reality she is an adorable girl with golden hurt.She is quite trustworthy and reliable.

      3. Sorry heart

  5. It’s really awesome
    Hellyvarun both are superb……..
    Aka.. Swasan most adorable couple…sweet…. Nice… Talented couples onscreen,
    Their chemistry…. way of giving expressions…. Everything is nice… Nobody can beat them..

  6. I have varun’s pic..he is looking very handsome n hot…sry dhanya mam can’t stop myself from admiring him..n helly her lehenga n make up was too gud I saw in sbs n sbb…for ragsan fans tevar pic is also with me..wanna post that..I donno how to do that..if any1 knows do tell me..

    1. give the pic link i will post it

  7. Thank u at pho for the news but we or probably most of us had known the news from Insta and Facebook.. Even I saw it so I thought may be others saw it .. No prob u told may be who didn’t may come to know but anybody knows when will it be telecaster in t.v. Any guesses

    1. I too want to know when it will be telecasted.waiting for that

  8. hey congrats to helly varun and all the swasanians our votings has worked so much happy

  9. Best actress Tejaswi deserved for pulling off all shades of Ragini.Helly is a good actress but Tejaswi,my votes were for u and Swasan,also for Varun.

  10. Tejaswi deserved it more than helly…anyways happy that swaragini won 3 awards

  11. i am very very happy that helly & varun won the award not for only their acting but also i like them personally.so i always want that they win

  12. They had to win.I voted a lot for them. They r the best. I knew that they will be some updates of yesterday’s shooting so cane to check it. Plz give varun kapoor pic also. I saw his photo. He was looking damn cute. And swasan were looking amazing. They only deserve the best award. I wanna know who hot the award for the best child actor. Plz tell that if u know.

  13. I m suuuppppprrr happyyyy. Honestly speaking I thought de ll gv all d awards to naagin casts coz de r rulling in trp but to my surprize de did justice by giving it 2 our fav swasan . swasan 4ever n swasan rockssss. N vahe b frnds 4ever coz I feel smwhere yr frndship helped u both to act a perfect couple n actor/actress onscreen. Wishu both remain frnds4ever even after swaragini n god bless u guyz . keep rocking.

  14. thnk u for posting…..on cloud nine….they deserve it….nd plz tell me how do u post these pic in here??

  15. I am very very very happy

  16. Tehreem (swasan)

    Feel like I am on cloud 9
    You really made my day

  17. Happy for swasan n herun…But i think teju deserve best actress than helly … Helly is good actor but teju is also best..

  18. We didn’t need to guess as we know that it was only swasan and will always be swasan!!!!!!!! Yippee I’m so happy but I also agree with meghs tajeswi deserves it she was really a nice!!!!
    But I’m soooooo soooooo soooooo happyyyyyyyyy they won the best couple award and even the best actor male/female. There is no doubt that Swaragini fans have cross the boundaries of their love towards the show. 😀 🙂 😀 😛
    But I’m really sad, I didn’t knew that awards shows are being held!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Can anyone please give me links of awards show please please please please please please please 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. OMG is it true??? I m so happy for ma cute helly nd also for varun…i voted for helly nd swasan..bt in bst actor category i give ma vote for arjun bt he didnt got it;-( bt i m happy for varun…is namish got any award??? I m so happy for ma cute helly…congratz dear..ummahh…i wish sanskar’s princess got many awards in her future…LOVE U HELLY ..LOVE U SO MUCH…stay blessed

  20. Tejaswi deserved the best actress award…….anyways happy for varun & swasan the best Jodi everrrrr

  21. helly got what she deserves.. really so much happy for herun and herun.

  22. i am happy for helly…


  24. Hello everyone…the show has not been aired on TV still. Actually shooting has finished and I guess they will air somewhere around holi. Damn excited for helly and tejaswi performance.

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