guys as i uploaded intro and this story will go in the way that swara will be very poor and how she will earn money and how she will live in this bad society nad her love story with sanky will be funny and she will think that he is poor and love story will go this way but this story will be continued in other name “swaragini love me” so please go through this new name

one more big sorry to all my freind those who read intro of my story in the name of “swaragini how can i love him” and

those who read “swaragini different love story” because i will not able to continue this both name story in this name

but i will continue in different name that is “swaragini love me”
guys i haave commited realy a bunder mistake
guys this all happened due some confusion between me and telly update and u all are suffering due to my fault

hey freinds please read my story in this new name “SWARAGINI LOVE ME”
guys for compensation today evening or night i will upload one more intro of my story in the name of prologue so guys

guys i uploaded its intro and another intro in the name of prologue that is “SWARAGINI LOVE ME PROLOGUE”
and till today late night i will upload two episode of my story in the name of “SWARAGINI LOVE ME EPISODE 1” and

i know freids my sorry is not enough but please understand my problem and continue reading the story in this new name

telly update please upload this episode

Credit to: pathan

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  1. guys i am realy rea;ly sorry but please and i continued this story in the new name swaragini love me whose episode 1 will be uploaded after an hour
    please read it

  2. Kk wating for ur ff

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