swaragini ( it can be a dream ) intro

hi friends i’m bhagi.this is my frist ff ….i don’t know wether it will be a good one.but please friend help me reading it.so here is my story plot.swaragini are very rich and gadodias and maheshwaris are busness friends and also family friends. swara :swara is very beautifull and she she’s a full western type girl and she loves her family and sisters lot.and also she’s very aggressive girl … ragini : she’s a wears western dresses but she’s very innecent and like swaragini serial our lovely ragini.and she loves her family and her sister a lot.

sanlak and swaragini are friends sanskar best friend is ragini and swarya best friend on the other hand.sanskar loves the girls who follows rituals…she doesn’t like swara …and also she avoid him they don’ttalk much…if by chance will they talk they are stating fighting.raglak are friends ….

so friends please tell me about the couple if i should make lovestory between swarya ragsan or swasan raglak…..

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  1. Swarya and Ragsan please

  2. Swarya ragsan

  3. And 1 more thing it’s ur wish u can do this, but polls always go on swasan side, so I don’t think it’s is direct win and lose

  4. Swasan raglak
    Please continue…?

  5. i think u can make swalak as a pair becoz sometimes wr get our true love in our best frnzz ..and we can feel secure ,enjoy his company.In short we loved it .
    choosing a best frnd as life patner is like we are in heaven becoz he knows u better than u
    i will loved it if u choose swalak as couple ..
    and yaa mostly we considered sime as a best frnd but in true is that we love .
    and yaaa plzzz answer u wanna make swalak and swasan

    1. hi angle thank u for sharing u r point and also like swarya better than swasan so i had decided that in my ff pairs are swarya and ragsan …..oh…angel don’t forget to read my ff i must say one thing it will be a super romancing one….

      1. hi angeli’m writting 2 ff with different pair

  6. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    Swasan n raglak as it is d most loved couple

  7. as always swasan best

  8. swasan raglak

  9. I hope this ragsan and swalak ff

  10. Raglak

  11. Swarya and ragsan plz

  12. Opposite always attract so swasan

  13. It’s ut own wish whch pait do u like ,.u can follow iit ,.,….and here for thhis plot. Swasan seems to be better since they don’t like each other much it will be. Cute when luv blossom in between them ….. . this is just my opinion.

    1. Ohh too many typing. Errors ………?

  14. Swasan are truly made for each other

  15. Yes ragsan swaya will be better

  16. ragsan plz

  17. Swarya and ragsan

  18. ragsan and swarya …

  19. Plz swasan as swasan used to fight nd don’t like each other so if will be gud if they became pair

  20. swasan n raglak plssssss

  21. swaya ragsan

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