swaragini ( it can be a dream ) episode 1

hi friends and in my ff parirs are swasan and raglak but don’t worry friend for swarya fans i’ii write another ff….

there is a big house shown in earl in the morning at 6 a.m and someone is singing bajan….a girl is shown…wearing a beautifull long floral sleevless dress and cover her head wirh showl doin puja…..the girl is none other than she is our lovely ragini….afterdoing arti she goes and take blessing from all the elders.her ma ,papa,dadi,dadaji,and dida…. sumi: ragini beta can i say someting ragini: of course ma. sumi: sachme the boy who gonna marry u he ‘ll be really lucky prson to have a girl like u and ur in laws… sahekar:yeah i think she’s right. ragini: ma…papa i ‘ll never go anywhere leaving both of u………and beri paari behe na…. sumi:waise where is ur pyaari behen…is she wakeup or still sleeping. shekar :misti don’tstart early in the morning . sumi: shekar ur pampering her too much thats why she don’t take anyting seriosly ragini:ha ma ……..

sumi :do what ever u all papa and his ladli betoyo i,m going to make breakfast… ragini:ok papa even i’m going to check her….otherwise ma will come again… shekar : she will start her blebberibg .(they both lough loudly) ragini cometo the roomand saw her sister is sleeping like a little girl.swara get up swara …. swara : 5 minutes more pls…ragini ragini : no not at all … swara :uff…..still 7 a.m what’s ur problem ragini u na excactly like ur mother…. ragini : swara ….get up …. (ragini dragged swara and pushed her to the washroom…..after sometimes swaragini came down and swara is wearing in a short jumpsuit and both are look adorable and stunning…) swara run to shekar and hugged him…. and she also wished dada ,dadi and dida to good morning….and she goes to the kitchen swara :good morning misti…..sumi : good morning madamko atleast yaad agaya apni ma ko …woh bhi
kapi he…. swara :oh….misti u know what u r the best and she hugged her…. ( swara calls sumi as misti since childhood….)and after that all the family started having breakfast…

precap: sanlak intro and sanskar bitter past…..

so friend please tell me it is good or what i want to improve…… i’m not a good writer…..but please read it tell about how is is

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  1. Bhagi what is ur other ff called that is about ragsan and swalak

    1. i haven’t posted it.but soon i’ll post it

  2. Wow superb

  3. It’s nice but again sanskar’s bitter past

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