Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 8


Sanskar reminisces his moments with swara and cries saying that I love you a lot.ragini cries reminiscing laksh and says he loves swara.if this is his happiness then I will sacrifice my love for my sis.swara is not able to sleep and says that I m doing this for ragini’s safety then why I m thinking abt sanskar??hamari adhuri kahani plays all through in bg.laksh is dancing with earphones in ear and saying swara gododia time to malign your respect.he smirks.
Next day swara is wandering in park when she slips and sanskar holds her.they have an eyelock.laksh comes and asks sanskar wts he doing with his would be wife.he hugs swara.sanskar is teary eyed.he then kisses swara’s hand much to her digust.swara sees sanskar upset and takes her hand away.she says that she has to go.laksh says of course as u have to do engagement preparation.swara is boggled.he says that tomorrow is our engagement.she is shocked and says so soon.he thinks why wait to take revenge.sanskar leaves and swara is tensed.laksh us amused to see her upset.swara reaches home ragini informs her abt engagement.swara tries to say that its really soon but they tell her that everything should be done on time.ragini pretends to be happy and ask her to go for shopping.swaragini reach the same mall and reminisce their moment with sanlak in the mall.both are unhappy.swara asks ragini if she is okay.she nods.both do shopping and leave.swara is extremely tensed at night that what will happen tomorrow.if she is doing right.sanskar also cant sleep and says that why is it happening to me.
Next day all gather for engagement.swara is unhappy and ragini wipes her tears.she takes swara down and engagement ceremony start.dp and shekhar are happy.laksh puts ring on swara’s finger and thinks that its first step to victory.her sees ragini upset and is confused.swara sees sanskar and thinks wts happening.she then puts ring in his finger.engagement is complete.?
Dance starts.ragini dances and gets hurt.laksh is tensed.swara rushes to her.sanskar sees her foot hurt.he holds her in his arms and takes her into room.swara is jealous to see this.function ends and all decide marriage date which is fixed after 2 weeks.pandit says that kundli doesn’t match good but all say its fine.swara is tensed to hear this date and laksh is happy.sanskar cries by window remembering swara.ragini keeps hand on his shoulder and says that I know everything.i noticed your sadness.u love swara too.sanskar says that u too love laksh.both are sad.sanskar says why I feel that sth bad will happen.ragini hugs and consoles him saying that we have to do This for our love’s happiness.laksh sees them and is upset.
Swasan and ragasan think abt each other.2 days pass.marriage preparations are on full swing.laksh comes to shekhar and says that he has to take swara to meet his friends in a party.he complie.swara is sad but agrees.she leaves to get ready.laksh thinks that u will never forget this party.the screen freezes on his smirking face.

Next epi:laksh enjoys swara being irritated by his friends at the party.one of his friends try to take off her saree and laksh clicks pic.the back of swara’s saree is torns.she pushes them and runs madly on the road in a distraught state in a heavy rain.she comes home in a dishevelled state where both families are gathered to discuss the marriage.they are shocked to see her like this.

Credit to: Angel

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  1. OMG !!!!

  2. It’s awesome yaar waiting for next episode. Please upload it fast can’t wait. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. And after that what happen swasan will reunite and laksh will be punished and ragini will be relief that swalak are not marrying and she has a chance to reunite in lakshya house is it correct??

  4. omg very bad laksh i don’t like him

    1. Haha he will change soon

  5. OMG!laksh!…plz plz update nxt prt sooonnnn

  6. Nice dear…..

  7. Nice epi. Gud going n plz update soon if u r free

  8. update next episode soon, i’m eagerly waiting

  9. Nice imagination

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