Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 7


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While swaragini are sleeping sanskar cones and sees swara sleeping.he sees hurt lips of swara.he touches her lips with his hand and a tear rolls down his cheek.he is boggled as to wts happening to him.he goes to his room.laksh remembers ragini and then swara.he thinks that both are so different.the reason is that they are Half sisters.ufff!!!
Next morning while annapurna and everyone are preparing for pooja.swaragini come and sujata suggests them to sing bhajan in their melodiuous voice.they comply and do the pooja together. annapurna and dp bless them.ragini gives Prasad to laksh but he refuses saying that he doesn’t believe in all this.ragini is boggled and tries to make him understand but he angril leaves.ragini is tensed.swara gives Prasad to sanskar he takes it from left Hand but she tells That its taken from right.sanskar sees his hand bandaged and swara remember him getting hurt during scuffle.she feed him with her own hands.sanskar does so and they have an eyelock.
A man comes and greets dp saying namste dp maheshwari.ragini are surprised to hear the Name.swara asks sanskAr that u told ur father’s name is ram maheshwari but he is dp.sanskar tells that he is laksh’s dad.my bade papa.laksh and i are czn brothers.man takes dp’s sign on papers and leaves.dp turns around to see swaragini eying him excitedly.he asks them the matter and they ask him if he knows shekhar gododia.he is surprised and says yes.they do and hug him and tell that they are his daughters.he overwhelmingly hugs them back and blesses them and pleads them to take him to shekhar.annapurna is glad.all smile.swaragini and salak reach home.shekhar is reading newspaper.dp says shekhar?shekhar looks at the door and is surprised.he recognises him and both emotionally hug each other.swasan look at each other happily.ragini unknowingly grabs laksh’s hand.all are happy.both introduce their children and swara and laksh eye each other with venomous rage.ragini sees laksh and smiles.all chat and enjoy.do and shekhar talk non stop.when dp is about to leave sumi tells that tomorrow is durga pooja at home.we welcome your family.he complies and leaves.swaragini go to see off sanlak.laksh tells ragini that it did not seem that sumi Aunti is your step mom.it seemed as if she is your true mom.ragini smiles.laksh is about to fall backwards when he tries to take ragini’s support but ragini too falls on him.ragini’s hair cover laksh face.ragini jerks her head and her hair blow in Imair mesmerizing laksh.he moves ragink’s hair behind her ears.she shakes with a feeling of excitement.they are disturbed by swara.laksh leaves and swara asks ragini to stay away from him.he is not good.ragini says that he is not that bad.swara thinks what to do to save ragini from laksh??
Ragini wears Dark pink saree and swara wears yellow saree.ragini has left her hair open while swara has made a bun.both looked gorgeous.maheshwari family arrives.sanlak cant take their eyes off swaragini.pooja begins and swaragini dance on dhol baaje.ragini throws colur on laksh’s face and he runs behind her.sanskar is seeing swara’s photo on his mobile.swara snatches the mobile and says let me see who is that girl.sanskar also runs behind swara.ragini enters her house and laksh finally catches her and pins her against wall,ragini lausghs and shuts her ayes when laksh is about to throw colour on her.but laksh smoothly touches his coloured cheek with ragini’s cheek which also gets coloured. Tjhko Jo paya plays in bg.ragini smiles.
Otherside sanskar pins swara against a pillar and keeps his hands on both sides not letting her move.she look into his eyes.he cleverly takes mobile.swara calls him cheater. sanskar turns,comes close to swara.she shuts her eyes.he opens her hair and says that u luk beautiful in open hair.he goes and she smiles.
All gather after pooja for lunch.laksh sees swara and says time to take revenge.laksh says to dp that you should change your friendship into strong relation so that it is fixed forever.dp asks him to talk clearly.laks says that he loves swara and wants to marry her.swaragini and sanskar are shocked out of their wits while shekhar and dp are happy.dp is surprised and says that laksh wants to be responsible.he hugs him.swara look at sanskar who is teary eyed.swara thinks I m sorry sanskar but for saving ragini from this vamp I have to agree.swara agrees to laksh’s surprise.ragsan are shocked.sanskar thinks I love you swara how can u say yes?ragini thinks that my first love laksh cant be mine.swara thinks why I m feeling bad for sanskar?laksh thinks now u r gone swara.screen freezes on distraught faces of swasan and ragini and smiling face of laksh.

Next epi:ragini says that if laksh loves swara then I should back off for my sis.swara sadly gets engaged to laksh.while dancing ragini gets hurt.sanskar picks her and takes her to room.swara is jealous.laksh flirts with swara and kisses her hand much to swara’s disgust and sanskar is teary eyed to see this….

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  1. Swara overacting

    1. I dnt get it..plz tell I u feel sth wrong in the story…plz…?

  2. Very interesting…keep going ?

  3. nice ….its something different from other ffs.Good job angel.hope u continue it…….I’m eagerly waiting for next part……….plz upload as fast as u can its a request …plz

    1. Thnk u…i will try my best

  4. why laksh is taking marriage as joke?

    1. He is bad boy right now dear

  5. Good I really wanted swalak finally in some way they r together

  6. Please make swasan together and make swara to tell truth to sanskaar and make lakshya to realise ragini love please angel make swasan together and make raglak together as the story is taking a dramatic turn and sorry if I hurt u

    1. No no sathvika I did not get hurt…dnt wry u will see a huge twist…?….just need ur support…

  7. please tell me in your story is swasan and raglak or swalak and ragsan or pairs…. which pairs you are going to show please tel me……

    1. The one whom evry1 loves in majority…hope u got it…?

  8. Ppz don’t separate sanskar and swara .

    1. Dnt wry…i cant think abt it…

  9. plz yr dnt separate swara and sanskar…
    serial me kuch nahi hota isliye ff padte h hum…

    1. No one can separate them.dnt wry.keep reading and u will see the twist

  10. Can you reveal the pair angel

    1. The pairs are those which majority wants…hope u got it…?

  11. Very very very nice ! Superbbbbbbb !
    Nice part ! You’ve done a great job

    1. Thnk u so much yashal

  12. Plz continu 😀

  13. Superb yaar. I hope the twist will b that swara will marry sanskar in the mandap. Ur story is really very nice. Mostly raglak colour exchanging scene was very good.

    1. Nice guess…lets wait for twist

  14. i want only sanskaar not laksh

    1. No one can separate swasan…dnt wry swara?

  15. Plz don’t separate swara and sanskar . dono ki chemistry bahut achi hai . plz Dino ki love story continue karo .aur laksh air ragini ka pair hi achaa lagta hai . don’t separate them .

    1. I wont u will see an immense twist soon

  16. yeh kya hain…koyi mujhe samjhao….kya yeh sachme swaragini mein hone wala hain????!!!!!

    1. No its a self made story

  17. Good one Angel,keep going..

  18. When u will upload the next part angel

  19. Pls change d track yaar i dont want any fights and break ups pls make it swasan pls

  20. sruthi robin

    no yaar pls no
    pls make it swasan plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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