Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 6

Swasan compose themselves.every1 appreciates them.ragini smiles.swara leaves in haste and sanskar follows her.laksh gets a call and he replies go now.the comparers come to stage and announce about paper dance.they take out chits to announce the pairs.last pair is of raglak.both are surprised but comply.the dance starts.both move.laksh senses ragini’s nervousness but still he holds her hand,pits hishand around her belly and pulls her close towards him there is a tight embrace.both shut their eyes and start moving.paper is folded twice and ragini has to stand on laksh’s feet now but is hesitant to touch him.laksh is amused.ragini tries to stand on his feet without holding him and is about to fall when laksh calling out her name holds her in time.both have an eyelock. ragini’s hair come on her face and laksh blows air to move them.ragini shuts her eyes.the music of rabta plays in bg.laksh circles on paper.then paper is folded for last time and laksh holds ragini in his arms.both are lost into each other and finally announced as winners.ragini asks laksh to put her down.laksh unknowingly replies that he wants this moment to freeze.ragini surprisingly looks at him.he realising what he has said puts her Down.ragini smiles.
meanwhile swara is walking in garden thinking about sanskar.just then some goons come and misbehave with her.she slaps one of them and tries to shoo them.the goon says boss was right u r really ill mannered.he slaps her hard and swara falls on ground.her lips start bleeding.the two goons holds her hands.the third one who slapped swara takes off his jacket.comes close to swara.swara shouts for help and cries badly and is scared to death.goon hold her face and is about to kiss her when sanskar punches him hard.swara is relieved to see him.sanskar pushes the other two goons and the fight starts.
Otherside laksh appreciates ragini for performing well.she smiles and thanks him.he then asks if she is elder than swara.she says that both are of same age.he is boggled and doesn’t get her point and says that u both are not twins so??ragini is tensed but then tells him that swara and she are daughters of same father but sumo us not her biological mom.laksh is surprised to hear this.
Ragini says that she needs to go to swara.both head towards garden.
Sanskar shoos all the goons, he gets hurt and scared swara stands up and immediately hugs him tightly.he responds back sensing her fear.she cries badly remembering the recent event.raglak come thee and are shocked to see them.ragini sees swara’s blood on lips and gets concerned.laksh is concerned fir sanskar as he sees his hand deeply hurt and filled with blood.
Swara hugs ragini and tells her everything who consoles her.ragini says I cant take swara home like this.what do I do.laksh suggests them to take her to our house.ragini is tensed but sanskar assures her that everything will be fine.ragini calls her dad and tells them that they will stay at their friend’s home and will come tomorrow.shekhar asks her to take care and wishes them goodnight.
Laksh asks sanskar to leave while he just comes.all leave.laksh standing in the garden calls someone and asks him to cone right now.within 5 mins some shadow is seen approaching towards laksh.those are the same goons.laksh slaps them and reprimands them for hurting his brother.they apologize.he says that he asked them just to teach girl a lesson but they could not.u r useless.just get lost.meanwhile swara who has just come back to fetch her mobile hears the convo.,confronts laksh and slaps him.she reprimands him for stooping so low and asks him not to ever dare mess with her again.she goes and laksh fumes.he says that this enemity will cost u a lot swara.
Swasan and raglak reach sanlak home.sanlak introduce swaragini to the family.swaragini take elder’s blessings.they say that being modern it seems j have moral values.sanskar says to dp that plz let them stay here today as swara is not well and she cant go home being unwell.dp complies and asks parineeta to show them the room and give them clothes.swara takes a bath,changes and cries.ragini comes and consoles her saying that u r my strong sister.how can u break so easily.life is a series of events both good and bad.u have to kearn from everything.swara hugs her.
Sanskar is trying to bandage his wound when swara comes and sees him struggling.she goes to help him.she thanks him.he smiles and asks her to forget everything.parineeta calls them for dinner.while coming down swaragini collide with diya who appreciates their beauty.sanlak also come there.diya asks sanlak if they are her would be chachis.swaragini are embarrassed.laksh laughs and says dnt think like that.sanskar says you have no control over your tongue.all sit for dinner.dp asks sanskar about his wound and he replis that he got hurt.laksh asks for water.ragini passes him the glass.their fingers meet and they have an eyelock.swara sees this.laksh winks swara and she turns away in disgust.parineeta says to diya that its time to sleep now.diya says that can she sleep today with swaragini. annapurna says that they are guests.dont disturb them. But swaragini ask them to let it be.swaragini take diya into room wishing everyone good night.diya asks them to make her sleep by singing a song.they comply and both sing chandaniya Lori Lori.all hear their sweet voices and feel so relaxed hearing the melody.sanskar and laksh do not wish for the song to stop.diya doses off.screen freezes on smiling faces of swaragini.

Next epi:swaragini make dp meet shekhar and both are glad.ragini realises her love for laksh.both families enjoy with each other.laksh tells sp that he wants to marry swara.dp is happy and tells shekhar and his family.swaragini and sanskar are shocked.lksh thinks that this is the only way to avenge swara.

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Make swara confess her love for sanskar or sanskars for swara

    1. Dnt wry it will surely happen….

  2. Swasan is the pure love

  3. Pls dont bring d track of avenging and all let it b a sweet one we already r seeing revenge on d current track of swaragini so please no revenge

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