Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 32

Ragini slaps laksh and starts shouting that do u have any idea that how much scared was???I was going to commit suicide.wt would have I done without u??how could u do this??I hate u…
Laksh feels guilty.ragini starts hitting him.he tries to stop her and she hugs him tight and says I LOVE U laksh.laksh is overwhelmed.

TJHKO JO PAYA plays in bg….

swasan come in clapping.they apologize to ragini for playing such game and they hug.
Ragini:if lalsh had not come in time then this man would have….
Laksh:I told u Na that whenever u will call me,I will come.even after death…
Ragini hugs him again and swasan smile.

They go home and whole family is surprised to see raglak coming hand in hand and understand that the plan was successful.they all smile.

Swasan and raglak come for dinner after changing.while eating sanskar holds swara’s hand and she smiles.
Swara:sanskar!leave my hand
Sanskar:oho!I didn’t hold ur hand for leaving.
Swara:yeah right.but plz right now leave it as I ve to eat
Sanskar:all the time u eat my head swara.isnt it enough??
Swara gives him an angry look and starts eating with left hand.

AP:swara beta any problem with ur right hand?
Swara:no badi ma.it was paining a little.
Dp:its ok swara.u can eat with left hand.
Swara messages ragini.ragini smiles and asks laksh to indulge sanskar into talk.
He complies and starts talking to sanskar.meanwhile swara mixes red chilli in his food.

Laksh is talking nonsense and sanskar says that u have gone mad bcz of ur reunion with ragini.
Laksh:but bhai
Sanskar:shut up laksh and eat.

Sanskar starts eating and spills the food and gets up.swara and ragini burst into laugh.all,are tensed for sanskar as starts coughing badly and has tears in his eyes.
Ragini realising the sensitivity of situation gives him water and signals swara not to laugh.
AP:u ok beta
Sanskar:yeah maa.
Sujata:go and take rest.
Sanskar eyes swara angrily and laksh gives an angry look to ragini.laksh takes sanskar to his room.

Swara:oh no.wt did I do?
Ragini:we both did it
Swara:now I have to patch up with him.
Ragini:me too.i dnt wanna waste this night.i and laksh were far for so long,
Swara smiles and says so u r gonna become naughty tonight??
Ragini blushes and both say all the beast to each other and go to the room.

Swara sees sanskar lying on bed and says sorry.sanskar doesn’t respond.
Swara:sorry sanskar
Sanskar:just sleep
Swara:but I m really sorry.it was just a joke.
Sanskar gets up from bed and says this joke would have cost u if sth would have happened to me.
Swara is guilty and cries:sorry.

Sanskar moves towards bed but she holds his hand.sanskad tries to move but she keeps pulling him towards herself.both are applying force in opposite directions.

Finally swara turns him,holds his collar and gives him a kiss on his cheek.


Swasan open their eyes and look at each other…..

Next epi:hot and sizzling romance of Swasan and Raglak….(LAST EPISODE)….

Credit to: Angel


    • angel

      Hey hima….plz dnt be sad…i will be back with new ff very soon…it has to be last epi…really sorry….thnx

    • angel

      Sorry to hurt u diya but it has to end…i promise to bring new ff veryyy soon which will be entirely different…..and I would love to see ur comments there….plz…this ff has been really long…thnkz for ur love…love u loads frnd….by

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