Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 31


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Ragini is about to fall when someone pulls her up.he is neither laksh nor sanskar.
Guy:r u mad??why r u committing suicide??
Ragini:leave me alone.
Guy:no I wont.plz tell wts the problem??
Ragini cries vigorously:I have lost my husband.I love him a lot.I want to die.
Guy:oh!!cm on baby.if he is gone then I m here for u.
Ragini is shocked.

Swasan are hiding behind a tree and give hi fi to each other.
Sanskar:wow the actor is good.
Swara:I cant see ragini in this state.stupid laskh is eating apple in th car.i will just pull his ears.
Swara goes to car and opens door.laksh is enjoying apple.
(fb shows that actually when ragini’s face was turned laksh threw a statue down and before ragini could turn he ran towards swasan.he had hired a man for teasing ragini so that they could know if ragini has forgiven him and to make her realise laksh’s importance in her life)

Swara:hits him.shame on u.mean person my sis loves u a lot.u r making her cry.what was the need??
Laksh:u know everything Na.i won’t go till she calls me herself.
Swara:laksh u r so mean.

Guy:come Jan.
Ragini:don’t just stay away.
Guy:why??I wil fufill all ur husband’s duties.come to me Na.
He holds ragini’s hands.ragini jerks him and tries to run.he hold her from back and she makes desperate efforts.

Sanskar is shocked and is about to run for her help but the guy’s friend hit him with a stick and he falls unconscious.the guy along his friend make her sit in the car and drives off.

Lahs and swara who heard ragini’s cries come there and are shocked to find sanskar unconscious.swara asks him to wake up.he says in dizziness to save ragini.laksh are swara are tensed and swara cries that they shouldn’t have done this.sanskar is back to senses and swara hugs him
Laksh:we should follow the tyre marks.
Swara:hurry up.we cant lose them.
They start following them.

Guy reaches a house.its evening now.he asks his friend to leave.he takes ragini in.she is shouting for help.its a little dark in there.she pleads him to leave her.he eyes her lustily.
Ragini shouts for help and cries for laksh.
Guy:ur husband wont come now.

Ragini shouts:laaksh!!!u have to cone to me.u promised me that whenever I will call u,u will come.plzz come to me.i forgive you for everything,I promise I wont fight with u again.i love you a lot,we will have babies and we will live our life.plzzz.

Guy is enjoying her situation and pins her against the wall.she runs here and there and throws things on him.she falls and man leand over her and tries to molest her.
She again shouts Laksh!!!!!

Just then someone makes a heroic entry and ragini is shocked to see laksh!!!
Laksh is in a fit of anger and fights the guy.he beats him madly and he falls unconscious.
Laksh goes to ragini and asks her if she is ok??
Ragini is still in shock.
Ragini:u r alive.
Laksh:ragini I will tell u everything.
Ragini:nothing happened to you,u r fine.u r ok??
Laksh tries to speak but she hugs him tightly and cries badly and continues saying u r alive.u r alive laksh.
Laksh is overwhelmed and hugs her back.both share a tight embrace.

Ragini breaks hug and unknowingly continuously starts kissing him.forst on forehead then in one cheek then another cheek again 1st cheek and then 2nd and hugs him again.both cry.

Laksh:ragini I m ok.nthing happened to me.ur love was with me.
Ragini:how did this???….
Laksh tells her everything about plan and the man.
He apologizes and says he didn’t know the man will do this.actually he also got lost in ur beauty.laksh smiles while ragini us in full rage and SLAPS him….

Next epi:raglak and swasan’s BLOSSOMING LOVE…….

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Credit to: Angel

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  1. no swasan scene yr… only the hi -fi one.

    1. Sorry but there had been a lot of swasan scenes in my ff so this epi was for raglak….read nxt epi for sure

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  4. superb..you are just amazing

  5. want more raglak scenes and make ragini pregnant soon

    1. Yeah it will happen really soon

  6. Angel aweeeeeeeeeeesome…. Waiting for next episode.. For so long I was waiting for this episode…u may not know me as iam a silent reader…

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    1. Thnk u ND sorry….u will surely see the BLOSSOMING LOVE in nxt epi

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  16. Hi angle..how were ur exams….i think u did best…finally u r here I am happy…i was waiting for ur updates…

    Today’s episode was awesome..plz make it long yaar….i love to read ur ff..??

    1. Hi khushi…still 2 to go but the remaining 4 were great….thnk u

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    But update soon

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    1. Sorry dear I wont take long….i can never forget swaragini….

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    am waiting eagerly plz add more raglak scenes

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