Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 30


Sorry guys I couldn’t update it before as I was ill but now I m ok….enjoy and throw ur comments…..

All go home and tell the good news to family.all are overjoyed.diya asks if her bro or sis is coming.parineeta happily nods yes.she then asks if this time also he/she will die.all are tensed.ragini look at laksh who is feeling guilty.
Laksh:no beta.this time we will take care of swara.
All get happy.

Ragini goes to her room.she finds swasan at the door and asks wt happened.both advise her to forgive laksh and move on with her.she denies.
Sanskar:oh come on ragini.wts wrong with you??all have forgiven him so why cant you?why the hell r u over reacting?don’t u understand how much he loves you??he is trying hard to get your apology but u r not bothering.how will u be normal??tell me??will u be happy if laksh dies??

Ragini and swara are shocked to see sanskar’s rage.
Sanskar:fine sit here ma remember your lovely moments with him.but dnt be so egoistic.might be u have to regret one day.
He leaves while swara is tensed and ragini cries.swara consoles her and says sanskar did not mean to say all this but he said right.she leaves.

Swara goes to her room.sanskar is doing his work.swara silently changes and starts brushing her hair.
Sanskar:why are u so silent?
Swara:I got really afraid to see this part of u.
Sanskar smiles and cones to her and hugs her.
Sanskar:sorry but I did all this to make ragini understand.
Swara:so u acted
Sanskar:yes my love
Swara:wow..i did not know my husband is such a nice actor.
Sanskar:u know i never am proud.
Both laugh

Swara:nice anger act
Sanskar:I can also do romantic act
Swara:that’s not fair.romance in acting and not real??
Swara smiles.
Sanskar picks her up and lays her on bed.he kisses her gently and turns off the lights…..

Next morning laksh collides with swara.
Swara:hey where r u going??
Laksh: I was coming to u
He gives chocolate to her and she smiles.
Swara:thanks.i love this change in u
Laksh:thnk bhabhi,I will remain like this only.
Swara sees him sad and says dnt worry all will be ok.
Sanskar comes from behind:it will have to be ok today
He tells a plan.
Swara:wow.so intelligent,
Sanskar puts a hand on swara’s shoulder and says all are your teachings.
Both have an eyelock.
Laksh coughs.they compose themselves.

At noon ragini gets laksh’s message.she goes to meet him.he is at cliff and asks her to forgive him.raginj doesn’t reply.
Laksh:I love you a lot and u know that I m repenting.all have forgiven me.why r u not?
Ragini:bcz I love my sis
Laksh:but she has forgiven me.
Ragini:bcz she loves me too
Laksh:and I love you too
Ragink:laksh plz stop it
Laksh:not today.if u don’t forgive me then I will die to prove that I m changed.
Ragini:stop this drama
Laksh:I m serious
Ragini:u can never be serious
Laksh:ragini I m not joking.i will really jump
Ragini gets irritated and says JUMP shocking laksh
She starts leaving.
Laksh:I love you ragini and I m sorry

Ragini hears the sound of stone falling and stops.a layer of fear paralyses her.she stealthily turns around and finds that laksh has jumped.ahe shouts his name and goes near the cliff.she shouts and calls for him.she reminisces sanskar’s words about wanting laksh’s death and regret one day.she cries badly and says I love you laksh.i forgive you plz come back.

Ragini says I cant live without you.she is about to jump when someone holds her hand and pulls her towards him….(guess who is it???)…..

Sorry for late and short update.this is my exam week so it might be late….
Tell ur guess too guys….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Obviously laksh

  2. Sanskar or swara to advice ragini. She ll realise and laksh may cum then ☺

  3. Obviously laksh

    1. No shona

    1. No dear

      1. sweata singha

        hii angle … liked ur article alot. Hoping u’ll update the next soon.

  4. i guess it is lucky..thanks for update angle I was waiting for it..as usual very nice epi..sanky’s lec to rag was too good..take care and update soon..all the best for ur exam

    1. Thnk u so much niti….

  5. Veena(Vini Ross)

    I haven’t read many episodes in between,sorry,bt this one was really nice, keep writing ,please,to end on a surprise note,good.

    1. Thnx veena…glad to see u back…

  6. Nice….
    I think Lucky….

  7. Nice story…..loved it….continue…..

  8. I think it is sanskar or swara…nice episode………

  9. May be sanskar…BTW nice episode??

  10. Nice is it laksh

  11. Whrs the episode 31??? Iam a silent reader never comment…didn’t see the next part so commented

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