Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 29


Swara goes to ragini and tells her about college reunion party.
Ragini:I m not in a mood of going,
Swara:why??I wont go without you.
Ragini:go with sanskar.u r married now.
Swara:ragini!!if I m married does that mean we sisters have lost right over each other.
Ragini notices that she had hurt swara and apologizes instantly.
Both have a sisterly hug and ragini agrees to go and swara gets happy at her plan as she was the one who asked the principal for arranging the party.she thumbs up to sanskar and laksh.

Both couples are getting ready.swara is wearing beautiful red saree.sanskar comes and holds her from back.he kisses her neck she smiles.
Swara:uff o…all the time romance…leave Na sm1 will see.
Sanskar:so wt??wts weomv in romancing with wife??
He turns her and she smiles.he tries to kiss her when swara says sanskar ma is watching.
Sanskar:plz don’t lie while romance.
Swara:I m not lying she is really seeing and smiling.
Sanskar:then its ok.let her enjoy to.

He is holding her hand and had put his hand around swara’s belly and is about to kiss her when AP coughs alerting him.he is shocked and both separate.
AP:I think u don’t wanna go to the party?
Sanskar:no no….i mean yeah we were just coming.
AP:really??I can see that.come fast now.
AP leaves while swara bursts into laugh.sanskaf gives an angry look and runs behind her.both fall on bed a,d sanskar kisses her cheek.both share an embrace while lying.

Ragini is wearing a beautiful tea pink saree.laskh is mesmerized to see her.raginj is standing in front of dressing table.she is trying to tie the knot of her saree but cant make it.laksh offers help.she looks at him and then moves her hair forward.

Laksh ties the knot of her blouse and she shuts her eyes feeling the proximity.she after a long time allows the love to have a feeling,she wants the love to blossom fully but her mind doesn’t allow it.

She turns around and emotionally looks at him.he takes the sindoor bottle and fills her hairline.

YE MOH MOH K DHAAGE plays in bg.

She looks at him and leaves while laksh smiles and is still hopeful.
The 4 of them reach venue.they meet their old friends and have a hearty laugh and chat reliving their old memories.

Their friends tease them for fighting at the beginning in college and now being the lovely couples.swasan and raglak reminisce their old moments.

Some pics of college are shown at slide projector.all enjoy it.swasan shy to look at their pic where swasan are dancing sensually and sanskar caresses swara’s arms.(it happened in recent epis)

Raglak scene is shown where ragini is about to fall but laksh holds her and both have an eyelock during their paper dance.both look at each other.
All enjoy the dance again.swara and sanskar dance beautifully lost into each other while raglak are also lost into one another.

Suddenly swara feels dizzy and falls unconscious.ragini rushes to her and shouts to wake up.sanskar sprinkles water at her face.ragini turns to laksh and says did u do sth laksh.
Laksh:ragini wts wrong with you.u were with me all the time.how could I do sth.
Ragini:I was with you.yeah its my mistake I should have been with Shona.ots my mistake.
She panics and cries as swara is not getting up.
A girl steps forward and says let me check her as I m a medical student.swara gets conscious.she tells sanskar that she is pregnant.all are super happy.swara hugs sanskar and cries.she then hugs ragini and both cry,laksh congrats sanskar and hug.

Next epi:Raglak reunion….

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Credit to: Angel

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