Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 28

Its morning.swasan wake up and swara is resting on sanskar’s chest.he kisses her forehead and says thank God that evrythng is fine again.she says not yet as ragini is still angry with laksh and till evrthng settles in ragini’s life I cant get peace.he assures her that evrythng will be fine.she smiles and says I know till u r with me evrythng will be ok.both smile and share a tight embrace.

Ragini is worried for swara.all ask her to relax and enjoy breakfast.she complies.laksh starts coughing and she immediately gives him water.both have am eyelock she remembers how she mixed spice in his food.she turns away.

Swasan come back by noon and all are happy to see them laughing.the thank God for bringing their swara back.swara si also happy.

Laksh hugs sanskar and says that finally u got ur old swara back.
Laksh:I m soorry swara….swara bhabhi….
Swasan are surprised and smile.
Swara:its ok laksh.i forgive u for wt u did to me but I wont forgive u whole heartedly till my sis forgives you.
Laksh:I know but she is very angry and doesn’t wanna see my face.
Sanskar:wt a big problem these sis are.
Swara:wt did u say??
Sanskar:I mean that u guys love each other immensely and this deep love is a problem for my bro in getting forgiveness.
Laksh os amused at their nok jhok and reminisces his and ragini’s moments.
He promises that he will leave no stone unturned in winning ragini back.

Weeks are passing and laksh daily sends sorry card,letters,gifts to ragini but she still has not forgiven him.on swara’s insistence ragini is getting herself treated a.d now ragini will be able to sire a child.all are happy to hear it but are waiting for the time when everything will be fine between laksh and ragini.

Laksh:hey swara.i m,tired now and I m not understanding wt to do??
Swara:I know ragjni is not listening to me.o think we have to do sth different.
Sanskar:but what???

Swara says sth to them and they appreciate her.

Sanskar:wow!I got such beautiful and intelligent wife.
Swara:thnk u thnk u…actually I m beauty with brains.

Sanlak raise their hands and bow down before her.
She raises her hand and blesses them(funny scene)
Swara says in mind ragini u have to let happiness come to u again….

Next epi:Swara pregnant.raglaks revive old memories….

Sorry for short update guys but I m burning with fever…throw comments in the box plz….thnk u….

Credit to: Angel


  1. episode was cool …………u take rest n when u will get well then u can update long episode………..the episode was nice ………………..u please take care of your health first ………….get well soon…:-)

  2. Neha

    Hey angel…i am a silent reader..but I read all the parts of blossoming love and thanks for such a nice ff…and ha get well soon dear..so that u can write more…

  3. Niti

    superb dear.. 1st please take care of your health..get well soon.. n then update next part immediately as we can’t wait much..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.