Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 26


Soooooooooooooooooooo sooooorrrrryyyy for this very late update…our net was not working properly….plz read and comment…thnk u……

All reach the picnic spot and try to be happy and enjoy.swasan and raglak remember their old times.

SAU DARD plays….

Swara cries.all ask to play antakshari.
Uttara starts.all sing.
Its ragini’s turn.ragini sings SANAM BEWAFA and looks at laksh.all get tensed.

Swara stands up and goes.she is wandering here and there when she sees a child.she reminisces her own child and thinks that its her child.she sits on her knees and calls that boy.
Swara:beta plz come here.i m ur mom.
Boy:no Aunti my mom is at home.
Swara:but plz can u hug me for once.my child left me.plz…
He goes to swara and she hugs him.swara is overwhelmed and teary eyed.sanskar comes from begin and says finally u spoke.
Swara says look he is my child.sanskar frees the child disappointedly and says no swara he is not.
Swara:why r u saying like this?he is my son.u said he us gone but look he is here.
Sanskar:swara plz.
Boy runs from there.swara asks him to stop.she tries to run and sanskar holds her.she starts screaming that don’t let my child go away plz.all come there and get worried to see her state.they decide to go back.
All come back home.swara eats pill and sleeps.sanskar is really worried when laksh comes.

Laksh apologizes to sanskar and he hugs him saying its ok.forget it cuz everything wont become fine again if I stay angry with you.
Laksh:bhai I wanna rectify my mistake.i don’t know how but I wanna help swara get out this problem.
Sanskar:how will you do this u know she hates to even hear your Name.
Laksh:I know but I will tell u a plan and u will have to fulfill it.
Laksh:yes bhai.u remember doc said that swara has to get out her pain.i have a soloution.
He tells the plan to sanskar.
Sanskar:u think,it will work.
Laksh:yeah I hope so.all the best.
Sanskar:thnks lucky.
Both smile and go to sleep.

Next morning ragini sees her room decorated with flowers.she wonders who did it?she sees sorry cards everywhere.she reads the name and its by laksh.she gets angry and teary eyed as well.she tears the cards and cries.laksh sees this and is teary eyed himself.

Sanskar comes to swara and says that be ready at night I wanna take u somewhere.
Swara:I m not in mood.
Sanskar:I did not ask u but I have told u that u will have to be ready.
Swara:sanskar plz.
Sanskar:no..thats it…
Swara resignedly complies and he leaves.

Sanskar then goes to ragini and sees the room and ragini crying,he goes to her and consoles her.
Sanskar:ragini forgive laksh.
Ragini:what??u think,I will after what he did to swara.
Sanskar:I know its not easy but he has changed a lot.he is not that laksh which we knew.he is sm1 else.this laksh is repenting badly for what he did.ragini!!he is the one who went to mandir amd now is having full faith in God.he saved swara’s life amd risked his own.he has changed a lot.and now he is helping me to get swara back to normal.plz think about it.
Ragini is set to thinking and remembers her lovely moments with laksh and cries.

At night sanskar brings swara to a place and she is shocked…..

(Can u guess what is this place????)….

Next epi:Swasan romance….

Credit to: Angel

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