Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 25


Sanskar asks swara to sleep but she cant,he give her sleeping pill and she doses off.he caresses her and kisses on forehead and sleeps.
Laksh comes to his room but ragini shut the door on his face saying that u have no place in my heart,in my life or in my room.get lost.both sit by the door on opposite sides and cry.
Ragini reminisces what laksh did with swara,their marriage,laksh’s attempt to kill swara at honeymoon,swasan and raglak falling for each other,pregnancy excitement,laksh’s betrayal and accident.
She sees hers and laksh’s pic and breaks it


Laksh sleeps at the door.ragini cries vigorously and sleeps.

Next morning AP comes and wakes laksh and asks him to move.he tries to talk to her but she ignores him and calls out to ragini who is not responding.laksh says ma.ap asks him to leave.he goes while she keeps calling out ragini to open the door but she doesn’t.she gets tensed and calls dp.

Swasan wake up,sanskar greets swara while she is silent.uttara knocks at the door and tells that ragini. Habhi is not opening door.come fast.swara sits tensed while sanskar rushes out.all asks her to open door but she doesn’t.

Ragini inside is reminiscing everything.she takes the glass piece and remembers swasan and them laksh’s betrayal,she CUTS HER SLIT.she falls unconscious.
Dp asks sanskar to break the door,he does and all are shocked to see ragini in blood.

Sanskar takes her in his arms and asks Uttara to stay with swara.he places her in car and all rush to hospital.uttara tells swara and she is moved.swara starts moving on the road oblivious to where she has to go,she is walking unknowingly when a car is about to hit her but at the spot laksh jumps and both roll down to the other side of the road safely,Uttara who was running behind swara sees this and shouts bhabhi,

Swara gets hurt on head and sees laksh.she stands up he asks if she is ok.she eyes him and rage and heads to go but starts feeling dizzy.

She falls and laksh holds her.he takes her in his arms and moves towards the house.uttara is tensed and gets a call that ragini is fine as we took her to hospital on time.she is glad and cuts the call without telling about swara.

Laksh places her on bed and apologizes.uttara asks him to leave.she calls doc.
In the hospital all reprimand ragini for such stupidity.sanskar tells that we can take her home.all head towards home.

At home doc tells Uttara that swara is mentally disturbed and she has to be happy and for that she has to let out her pain from heart.he prescribes meds and gives to Uttara,.Laksh overhears it.all come home and are surprised to see doc leaving and wonder if swara is fine.all rush to her and see her unconscious.ragini eyes her emotionally.

Uttara tells evrythng.all are relieved that laksh is guilty.dp asks Uttara to stay in. ragini’s room with her and take care of her.she complies.

The next morning at breakfast table sanskar suggests to go for picnic.dp complies and says that it will be agood change.swaragini sit silent.Uttara takes ragini to room.swasan go to their rooms.

Uttara is packing ragini’s stuff and cracks a joke to cheer her up.she smiles and remembers laksh telling her jokes.tears roll down her eyes.

Swara is packing stuff wrongly and sanskar sees and gets upset.he holds her hand annd asks her to stop punishing herself.be asks her to speak sth.its been days that I heard your voice,plz say sth. He says can fight with me,scold me but plz utter a word.he cries and says that you have no idea how much I m getting hurt.he hugs her.
All get ready for picnic.

Next epi:swara sees a child playing and assumes him to be her child and acts mad…..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. So emotional and heart touching.. I hope soon there will be some happy moments between family.

    1. Thnx…yeah very soon

  2. Oh god dr i am going to cry yaar read this update…. such an typical situation

    1. No plz dnt…i wont be able to give u a handkerchief

  3. Very nice n its so emotional?????

  4. such a pathetic situation for swara… good going… but can express more feelings of sanskar….

  5. omg.. again it was very emotional.. heart touching episode yar.. I can’t control my tears..?. thanks for this beautiful ff.. ?

    1. Thnk u dear…glad u like it…?

  6. Emotional and heart ♥ touching episode

  7. very emotional…. make swara speak atleast with sanskar

    1. She will speak very soon dnt wry

  8. Heart touching and imotional episode yaar..

  9. Sry…emotional episode

  10. tooo emotional
    keep it up yarrr

    1. Thnk u so much

  11. wow Angel it is so emotional.. I won’t control myself.. ur episodes are far better than original episodes

  12. Very nice episode….really very emotional…keep it up…

  13. Pls upload next epi
    Make it long
    more raglak and swasan scene

    1. I will try my best…thnk u

  14. Don’t u think u are dragging it too much……

  15. swasan trishika

    When are you uploading the next one can’t wait

  16. Swasan is awesome.

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