Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 24


Swaragini cone back home.all see laksh standing in front.they get angry.laksh goes to swara and apologizes to her.swara doesn’t respond and stands still like deads.all are tensed for swara.ragini gets angry and slaps laksh.
Ragini:its all bcz of you.u will never change.how could u do this.i was fool to love you.u are just selfish and egoistic.
Laksh tries to hold her but she shoves him away saying that u r a murderer.dnt come near me.u have done a lot of murders.
U killed swara’s child.u killed ur own child.u killed our trusts.u have killed our love for you.u have murdered all the relations.how could you??u finished ur own child.look at swara she was so excited about her child.she was about 7 mntgs pregnant and had to go for abortion just to save ur wife whose life lies in her sis and u tried to kill her.laksh cries.
Laskh:ragini plz listen to me.
Ragini:no not at all.just make sth very clear Mr laksh maheshwari.unfortunately I m ur wife and I have to fulfill this duty but I wont allow u come near me.i won’t go under any treatment to give you a child.its better to Stay childless than siring a child with you who is himself the reason of his child’s death.
All are shocked and laksh is distraught.swara without saying anything walks into her room like a walking dead.ragini bursts into tears and Annapurna consoles her.diya comes running and asks ragini why is she crying?ragini hugs her and cries more.
Adarsh:papa,laksh went to mandir for the 1st time and showed faith jn God by climbing stairs and all…it mnz he is repenting.
Dp:yes adarsh u r right he is really guilty for what he did.even if we forgive him swaragini will take time to do so.both have lost their children.and faith in laksh os shattered.swara’s condition is more critical as 2 mnths were left in her delivery but she lost her child.she is deeply traumatized.he says to sanskar to take care of her.sanskar goes towards room.
Swara reaches rokm and opens it to find baby photos all over the room.the cot at side.tears flow down her eyes and she remembers herself and sanskar preparing room for their would be child.she sits on bed.sanskar comes and tries to cheer her up but in vain.she sits in just a same manner.
Ragini is in the room and eyes laksh’s pic and says I will forgive you for wt u did to me but I wont forgive you for wt u did to my swara.
Swara says in heart that laksh u broke my sis trust and she lost her child bcz of ur revenge on me.i will forgive u for wt u did to me but not for my sis.
The screen freezes on split pics of swaragini….

Next epi:A suicide attempt….(guess who will try….)

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Oho i think it is laksh who is try to commit suicide

  2. laksh..will suicide…

  3. Is it laksh or ragini..

  4. I guess its laksh

  5. wowwww yar..another heart touching epi..I think laksh will attempt suicide..u r tooo good writer..plz plz plz upload next epi soon..

  6. Lakah will suicide

  7. Laksh or swara

  8. Good episode.. It must b laksh or swara…

  9. Guys for twist it can even be swara.

  10. Wow…very touchy episode…and may be swara…

  11. Wow a heart touchng epi n jt can b swara who wud suicide

  12. i think swara

  13. swara I guess

  14. hai angel
    am fouz frm kerala am a regular follower of your ff
    day by day it is becm more nice
    ur way of writing is awsme
    may gid bless uuu dr
    heart touching story
    I this its laksh
    plz update fast dr plzzzzz
    can’t wait more to read next epiiiiiii plzzz update it yar

    1. Thnk u so much

  15. plzzz udate it tdy evnggg
    plzzz dr it’s a humple request u yaar

  16. i think its swara

  17. Nice !♡
    I think it’s ragini

  18. i think swara

  19. can someone plz continue swalak(true love never dies)

  20. Ragini

  21. nice story angel …………i have been a silent reader here …………but not anymore
    superb story and pls continue ………. i think ragini will try to suicide

    1. Thnk u?

  22. Nice

    I think swara

  23. Angel your real name is Aila

    1. Yeah…who told you???

  24. Nys Story yaar,,
    bt post nxt part fstly,,
    im eagrly waiting fr it,,,,

    1. Thank u

  25. I thnk Laksh wil try 2 suicide

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