Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 23


Laksh is extremely distressed and guilty to see everyone’s state.all are praying and sanskar is lost.laksh leaves.
Laksh arrives at a well known mandir.he reminisces ragini telling him about it that when u climb the stairs on your knees with burning diyas in your hands and pray with heart then God fulfills the wish.
Laksh lights fiyas and puta it on his hands.he starts climbing the stairs on his knees.his knees start bleeding and his hands are burning.tears are rolling down from his eyes.he is continuously praying in his heart for swaragini’s life.
Ragini is losing her breath.doctors are trying to control it.swara’s bleeding is not stopping.both sis are in trouble.
Laksh reaches top of mandir after climbing 150 stairs in a dishevelled state.he is sweaty.he musters up courage to stand.he is limping and holds bell of mandir.
Laksh:hey God!I never trusted you.i did not have believe in you.but my family had.my ragini had.its due to ragini that I m standing here.i m very bad.i ve done wrong.give punishment to me not to those sis.u snatched my child from me.dnt take ragini.save swara also.i m their culprit.i will do the penance.butbsave them plzz.
Laksh starts to ring the bell continuously.all look at him in shock and start gossiping.laksh continues it till his hand starts to bleed badly.he gets tired and collapses on floor.
Ragini’s breaths are under control.swara’s bleeding had stopped.transplant us done.both are saved.laksh is unconscious.
Doc comes after some time and informs that both sis are saved.all are relieved.sujata AP and sumi hug and cry happily.
Doc tells that there are chances that ragini might not be able to sire a child again.all are shocked.doc says don’t wry.she will be under treatment.sumi requests to meet them.he says after they get conscious.
They hear some sound.people are rushing with a guy on stretcher and shout fir doc.all are dazed to see laksh on a dishevelled state.doc takes him in.dp inquires people and they tell everything.sanskar says he was doing penance.
Swaragini get conscious.ap hoes to ragini and sumi to swara.doc asks them to tell them everything.they comply.ragini is distraught and touches her belly.she cries and says my child,my baby.no noooooo…
AP cries and hugs her while she is in tears.
Sumi tells swara that ragini si fine while swara is still and stern.she is lost.sumi,is tensed.
Ragini asks about swara.she says that she did this for me.they were so much excited for the child,how could they let baby die for her.its not fair.they snatched my nephew/neice from me.she cries.sanskar comes and she scolds him saying why did u save me??wt has happened.sanskar cries and hugs her.
Ragini gets furious to see laksh.she doesn’t notice laksh injured and hollers at him to get out.if u don’t I will kill you.laksh isteary eyed and tries to talk but AP asks him to go.ragini curses him.
Sumi tries to make swara talk but she doesn’t respond.sanskar then cones there and tries to cheer her but in vain.doc comes and says that swara will take time to be normal.she is deeply hurt.all are tensed.sanskar cups her face and kisses her on forehead.A tear rolls down swara’s eyes….

Next epi:laksh spologizes to swaragini.swara doesn’t respond and ragini SLAPS him and reprimands herself for loving such a devil.laksh tries to hold her but she asks him dare not and says she wont go under treatment to give him a child again.he si shocked….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Oho but laksh ko maff karna chahiye na because mistakes sab karthe hein ek chance tho bantha heina…

    1. Everything will be fine by time…no one can forgive so easily if sm1 your own does sth so cheap…

  2. Very touchy episode…Please update next part soon ..

  3. Good effort dear!! But please make it long

    1. Thnx Saba

  4. Angle its awesome yaar…heart touching episode…..plz post nxt episode sooooonnnnnn…..waiting….for it yaar…………..

    1. Thnk u khushi…

  5. ohh..it was dam emotional yar..I got tears in my eyes..thanks for showing the actual sister love btwn swaragini..nd hs nt made any joke of relations just like the original track of serial..loved ur ff..plz make everything alright asap among them..??

    1. Thnk u so much niti….glad u liked it…

  6. Awesome
    Next epi plz

  7. plzzz forgive laksh very touching scenes

    1. Thnk u…it will take a bit time bcz wt he did was really bad…but dnt wry all will end well

  8. hrt touching yaar

    1. Thnx sri

  9. Supe yaar no words

  10. I felt like crying

    1. I wish I could give u handkerchief….?

  11. tooo emotional episd?
    laksh desrvd ?
    …u r going vry wll angel..keep it up?..

    ..ma fon lost frm car befr somdys…
    thts y ur last2 ff episds meine nahi read kiya n koyi commnt nahi kiya?
    ..but when i gt ma siz’s fon frst i read ur last2 epsds of blossmng luv frm google n abhi cmmnt bhi kiya..

    i forgt to say onething …sanskar n ragini scnce (when he hugs her ti consl)was gud..i lykd..

    u r the bst wrter amng all ff wrtrs(plz othr wrters dnt take it -vely …u all r dng wll..bt frm ma point of view angel is bst..)..

    plz update nxt epic soon yaar..whn ma siz’s fon gt i wll read it….

    srry fr tooo late cmmnt?

    1. Thnk u soooo much niya…

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