Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 22


Swara announces that she will abort her child to give the kidney to ragini.all are distraught.laksh is shocked and cries with guilt.
Sumi:Shona,wt r u saying?
AP:beta u know how much important this kid is to you?
Sanskar:we know Bari ma.but right now rgini’s life is more important.we have to do it.
All are tensed.swara holds sanskar’s hand and they both go to doc.doc tells swara to come in evening and have her child aborted.she complies and looks at ragini and says that u have done a lot for me.its time to pay u back.she goes home and sees the gifts and toys swasan had selected for their child.she cries badly.sanskar comes and consoles her.all family members are tensed to see this.

In the evening swara is taken to OT.whole family is worried.doc comes after some time and says that operation is successful.now we are ready fir transplant.whole family cries.
Sanskar asks doc about child and doc says it was a boy.be calm as your wife is very sad.dp hugs the crying sanskar. Laksh comes to him but sanskar pushes him and shouts him to go away.all are shocked at this.
Dp:sanskar why r y behaving like This to ur bro?
Sanskar:he is not my bro.he cant be my laksh.he is behind all this tragedy.
Shekhar:wt do u mean?
Sanskar tells them everything and they are taken aback.
Dp slaps laksh tight and reprimands him for playing such a dirty game.all holler at him
Sujata:swara lost her child due to you.u got punishment by losing ur child.
AP:I m ashamed to be ur mom.

Sumi:I gave u my daughter to keep her happy and u r the reason that her life is at stake.
Laks sstays silent.doc comes and says that operation is about to start.he says that both sisters are mentally disturbed.after their operation within few days they may start behaving differently.they may shout,scream,cry,disrespect others.they may get out of control and sth very important that they might try to kill themselves.all are dazed and curse laksh.laksh is super tensed.doc goes for operation.all pray.

Doc comes and all enquire.doc is silent.finally he speaks that condition is worse.he says that due to abortion swara is having complications in her body and some tissues of her body have been damaged.he says she also needs a kidney to survive.doc says that only one sis can be saved either RAGINI or SWARA.now u have to decide.all are shocked out of their wits at the irony of situation.
Sumi hollers at doc that wt king of doc u r?u r useless.u don’t know wt u r talking about.u r asking us to let one of our child die?r u crazy.

Dadi composes her but cries herself.laksh says save swara.sanskar asks him to stay away.all are tensed.doc asks them to reply fast.all ask him to save both.
Dp:both are our daughters.plz save them don’t wry about money.we will give as much as u want but save our children.doc says we will try but its very tough.now only prayers can save ur bahus.
All sit to pray and cry…sanskar breaks down,laksh looks on with teary eyes…

Next epi:laksh steps in mandir for the first time climbing the stairs on his knees with burning diyas on his hands ….

Credit to: Angel

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