Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 21


CcccccccOoooooNnnnnnnCcccccEeeeeeRrrrrTtttt starring
1-Sadia shamroz
2-Annie Khalid
3-Bilal saeed
4-Ali zaffar…..
Enjoyed it so I was not able to give update…
Ssoooooo sssooooorrryyyy

CHHIL GAYE NAINA plays in bg and laksh admits his crimes.someone puts hand on his shoulder.he turns around to find sanskar.he is shocked when sanswin a fit of fury slaps him tight across his face.laksh says bhai.
Sanskar:no don’t call me bhai.u r not my bro.my laksh cant think of taking sm1s life.but wt u did.u tries yo kill ur bro’s wife.u tried to kill the girl who is carrying your bro’s child.who is carrying ur nephew.how could u forget it?how the hell can u be so egoistic.u got punished as u wanted to harm swara but now ragini whom u love is suffering in front of u.
Laksh:I m soory bhai.i lost my mind.i was wrong,plz forgive,
Sanskar:how can I forgive.
Laksh:but bhai swara is fine.
Sanskar:wt abt ragini?u think I dnt care about her.she is my best pal.she is sincere friend,not a betrayer like you.
Laksh:plz listen to me for once.
Sanskar:just shut up laksh I don’t want to hear you.make it clear that if sth happens to ragini or swara I will kill you for sure.
Sanskar leaves and laksh cries.

*in hospital:
Sumi is sitting by ragini.she is crying badly.
Sumi:rago.i wish I could help you.plz wake up.u always used to say that u wanna pay me back for giving mother’s love to me.pay me by coming back to me plz.plz cum back.i beg you to wake up(really emotional)???.shekhar comes and consoles her.dadi and dida are praying for swaragini.
Swara shouts for ragini.all rush to her room.she is calling out ragini and asks sumi about her.sumi asks her to calm down.but she doesn’t listen to her.she expresses her fear about accident and how ragini saved her.she cries.sanskar comes and she hugs him.she asks about ragini,sanskar says I will tell u everything but right now relax and think about urself and baby.she silences and keeps hand on her belly and hugs sanskar.he consoles her.laksh sees it and is teary eyed.
Laksh goes to ragini and holds her hand asking for apology.he says I m sorry.i m really bad.i don’t deserve you.plz forgive me.i wish I could do sth.its all bcz of me.i want you back.i love you.
Sanskar tells evrythng to swara.she is shocked and cries.she wants to go to ragini but sanskar refuses and consoles her.swara is restless at night thinking about ragini.laksh comes and she gets angry.he asks for apology.she hollers at him for stooping so low.she says that how dare u fo this to me.my sis is suffering bcz of u.he says I know I m the culprit and I want to rapay.she says just get out of my sight and remember if anything happens to my sis then u r gone.
Next morning doc tells everyone that ragini’s condition is very critical.we need a donor or else we will lose hr.all are taken aback and laksh is distraught.dp consoles him.swara is tensed and excuses with sanskar for a moment.she tells sth to sanskar hearing which he is shocked.she says this is the only way and we have to do it for ragini.tears roll down their eyes.sanskar remember his friendship moments with ragini.how they met and became friends,supported each other, how ragini helped sanskar in realizing swara his love,ragini saving swara twice andthen accident etc.he cries hugging swara and agrees.
Sumi:wt will happen now?my daughter is dying.
Annapurna:there is no way now.
Swara:there is a way.
Laksh looks on surprisingly.
Dp:wt do u mean?
Swara:sanskar and I have decided sth after thinking a lot.it is the only way to save ragini.I will abort my baby to donate the kidney to ragini.all are shocked and distraught to her it.laksh cries with guilt….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Oh god in serial also if ragini will be like this so how cute na

    1. Thnk u…happy to read u back hayathi?

      1. Plz rply

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  4. NYC .. Bt dnt understand what is it… It is real episode.. Ya you write

    1. Hey sachita…these are the ff..self made stories….just search for swaragini(blossoming love) on google and u can read it from epi 1 and onwards…?

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    Don’t no what will be reaction ragini to laksh ,after knowing t truth..
    Waiting for next episode eagerly….

    1. Hey gopu…thnx…glad that u read both of my ffs..,

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    what happen to raglak in
    next epi ???

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