Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 20


As the truck approaches swara,she is given a push by RAGINI who herself is hit badly by the car and flies off falling far.swara also falls on ground and she feels stomach pain badly.sanskar and laksh are shocked to see this.sanskar rushes to swara.je sees laksh standing still in a shock.he asks him to see ragini and get car but he doesn’t move.sanskar is boggled and angry.he goes to ragini and is shocked to see her in blood.he hurries to get car.he lplaces swara on front seat who is screaming and worries for ragini.sanskar then eyes laksh and picks ragini and places her on back seat.he drives off fastly leaving laksh behind.
Sanskar reaches hospital and shouts for doc to check the ladies.doc arrives and takes them.sanskar calls family there.both families come running along with laksh.sanskar tells them everything.sumi cries and says both her daughters are suffering.sanskar faces laksh angrily and asks why was he still and not help him.laksh tries to speak but sanskar shuts him.all are tensed.soc comes after an Half an hour.doc tells that swara is fine and her baby too.she has got an injury on head.she will be fine soon.all are relieved. Sumi asks about ragini.doc tells that ragini is very critical.the truck has hit her really badly.he says that we couldn’t save ragini’s child.all are shocked out of their wits as they didn’t know that ragini was pregnant.laksh is taken aback as he remembers ragini was about to tell a surprise.all are crying.
Doc says that even ragini’s kidneys are damaged and she needs a transplant.he says that its tough to find a donor so soon. Sumi and shekhar offer their kidneys and but doc refuses pointing to the age and complications.laksh is distraught when doc says that u have to find a donor within a week or else ragini will die.sumi and dadi burst into tears.Annapurna cries at the fate of her bahus.sanskar composes laksh.
Laksh leaves from there.he reaches a deserted place.he remembers all his doings.he remembers when swara insulted him and he tries to push her into pool.he remembers falling for ragini and their romantic moments.he remembers his fake friendship with swara.he remembers swasan excited for their child.he remembers ragini wanting to give a surprise.be remembers calling goons to do swara’s accident and doc telling that the child died.he shouts loudly.he screams badly with teary eyes and calls himself a KILLER.he says wt have I done.i have killed my own child ?.I ve put my love in danger.what should I do?its all bcz of my ego,it has ruined me.he reminisces swara telling him that your ego will teach u a lesson.he says yes swara u were right this ego has snatched evrythng from me.how will I face ragini?I m sorry swaragini.he shouts yes i did this accident but it was for swara.ragini is in danger now.i can’t face any of the sisters…he is distraught…he remembers everything again.
CHHIL GAYE NAINA plays in bg…..

Next epi:swara decides to save ragini and takes a huge decision SHOCKING everyone.
(guess wt is that decision?????)….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Good.You r really talented keep writing.

    1. Thnx shipra

  2. i think swara will donate kidney so she will abort her child.. am i right?
    but pls don’t make so sad bcz real serial also have to much sad scenes. i am sorry if i said anything wrong. Its a nice storylines.

    1. Yeah u r right…dnt say sorry u guys have right to comment…thnk u?

      1. Dnt wry it wont be that sad as in serial

  3. swara abort baby and give kidney to ragini right

    1. Yes anjali?

  4. whch ws lm said n prvs episd was rght na..?

    a lyk ur ff angel..

    u r a genius..me nahi..

    wht r u doing nw angel?..

    1. *wht Iws said

      1. Yes niya…i replied u in previous ff That u r genius…?

  5. Angel ? waiting for nxt episode…since yesterday….plz update fast….

  6. very nice..finally laksh ko akal ayi..this was very emotional epi..ur ff is amazing yar..plz update next part soon..

  7. Next part plzzzzz

  8. Ye kab hua.. Swara pregnant… Ye episode toh TV main nhi dikhate

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