Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 2

Sanlak and swaragini reach college.laksh stops and starts flirting with girls calling them babe,love,hotties etc.sanskar makes his way into the college.swara gets a call and she asks ragini to go while she just comes back.swara starts walking and talking.laksh while flirting with girls spots swara and gets mesmerized seeing her.he thinks to lure her.he runs behind her and bumps into ragini and falls over her with the all the nites of ragini in air and falling on them.the tune of Tu hai k nahin plays in bg.

Whereas swara while talking slios and falls in sanskar’s arms.they have an eyelock.the tune of kya pya karoge mjhse plays in bg.

The 4 of them compose themselves.laksh gets up and gives a hand to ragini who is lost in laksh.swara apologizes to sanskar who can not take her eyes off her innocent face.the screen freezes on swaragini’s face.

Next epi:laksh tries to talk to swara but she ignores him.he holds her and twirls her towards him and caresses her hair.she gets shockea,frees herself and gives a tight slap on his face.meanwhile in library sanskar and ragini keep hand on same book and exchange glances.

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Sorry for mistakes guys but it was not getting published and I tried thrice.this was the third try and finally its here….hope u like it

  2. Nice ! Very nice ! ! Superbbbbbbb!!!
    But plz plz plz make swalak and ragsan :-D:-D:-D

  3. I am confused pls clear ragsan or raglak

  4. Plz angel… make swalak… sanrag plzzzz

  5. plsssss angel ragsan.or give me reply

  6. Dears I m also not sure abt pairs yet.majority likes swasan but I want to keep the hearts of both swasan and swalak fans.there r gonna be twists and turns.just want ur support nd comments….thnx

  7. I am not gonna cofuse but do what u like what ur heart says than mind u will be happy with your decision

    1. Plz angel make it swalak yaar plzzzzzzzz.plz

  8. pls tell me hw to post ff

  9. Plz plz swasan!!!!

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