Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 19

Sooooooooooooooooo soooorrrrrryyyyyyy for the veryyyyyy late update….i was veeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy busy….hope u liked swasan and raglak romance in the previous epis….keep commenting plz….thnx guys….

Next morning raglak wake up.laksh kisses ragini’s forehead and says that I cant forget last night.ragini shys and says me too.Annapurna calls them and ragini gets afraid and says wt to do now?laksh says its ok mrs laksh maheshwari door is locked.she shys again and he kisses her.
Swasan and raglak come down for breakfast.
Dp says to laksh that I ve got a very good consignment and it has to be fulfilled in Bhopal.its a 4 mnths project.i want you to go there.all are happy while ragini is upset.swara sees tagini sad and says bade papa can ragini also Go with him?ragini is surprised and dp allows them.she gets happy but gets sad again thinking about swara.swara says its only about 5 months and doesn’t matter if we stay away our hearts and spirits are always linked.ragini hugs her.
Next day while all are doing pooja swara faints.all are tensed.sanskar picks her and makes her lie on sofa.doc comes and checks her.she tells that swara is pregnant.all are extremely overjoyed.sanskar is dazed unable to believe that he is going to be a father.ragini hugs swara.sanskar asks swara how couldn’t u know that u r pregnant.swara asks how could I?this is my first pregnancy.
Sanskar:but u r girl.u should have known.
All are amused.swara gets angry and says have u been pregnant ever?
All laugh.
Sanskar:swara wt r u saying?
Swara:tell me Na.have u been ever pregnant that u r telling about changes and all.
Sanskar:ok baba I m sorry.
Swara:ok fine but stop scolding me.
Sanskar:swara relax.lets go to room.anger is not good for you.
Swara:no I wont.
Sanskar:swara plz.
Swara:no no no
Sanskar:so u wont agree.
He picks swara and swara shouts not to do this.he takes her to room and whole family is overjoyed to see their cute love fight and care.

5 months leap….

Swara calls ragini and says that she is very happy that u guys are finally coming back.ragini replies me too.
They cut call.sanskar comes from behind and asks swara to take meds.he makes her sit on bed.sanskar kisses swara’s cheek and talks to his child.he kisses swara’s belly.swara gets emotional.sanskar says he wants to have a girl just like you.swara says and I want a boy like you,they both argue and sanskar kisses swara’s lips to stop her from talking further.she gets shy and hugs him.
Next day ragalk arrive.swara hugs ragini.they cry after having met for a long time.dp blessed laksh and says that I m proud of you today that u r now responsible and have completed project.ragini gets excited about being aunt.swara says I hope soon u will give good news too.ragini smiles and remembers sth.laksh asks dp if they can go for dinner today cuz of my project.dp allows and asks them to rest first.
In the room ragini comes to laksh and says that tonight I will give a surprise too.laksh asks wt surprise.she says soon u will know.he pulls her towards him,and is about to kiss her when she stops him,and says that once I tell u surprise u won’t stop romancing,she leaves by kissing him on cheek and he thinks tonight there will be a surprise for swara too.he thinks about swara’s slaps,annapurna’s slap,swara insulting him in hotel and says that u have hurt me a lot swara.i cant forget it.i have fallen for ragini but I cant forget my insult.
They go for dinner,all enjoy a lot.
Raglak dance romantically on ZEHENASEEB…
Swara and sanskar keep holding their hands.they all enjoy.swara feels nausea and goes out for a walk with sanskar.both walk on road.sanskar gets an unknown call and goes to receive it.laksh thinks it a good chance and says on call just hurt her a bit so that she feels the pain I felt.ragini asks laksh about swasan.she says she will just call them as she has to give a surprise.she goes.laksh thinks his plan will spoil and tries to stop her.
A truck is approaching swara who is obliviously walking on road….
Accident occurs…
(guess who met with accident?????)

Credit to: Angel


  1. Sunheri

    That pregnancy part of swara and sanskar was copied from asad and zoya tym in qubool hai …..even the words were same

  2. ☺chiku☺

    Sanskar..shit..please..not sanskar..please…make it ragini please please please or someone else! yes…bring a new entry!

  3. fouz arshi

    plz update the nexi epi fastlyyyy
    am waiting to read eppiii and very much exiteddd.angel u r doing well . continue

  4. niya

    hei…i think ragini….

    and her misscrrg hojayegi..

    (i thnk she s prgnnt…n that was her surprs for laksh n fmly)….

    aftr all thz we can c lakshs nw face in a ve role..

    am l right angel??



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