Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 18


RAGLAK ROMANCE……hey guys if u missed swasan romance read it in previous epi that is “swaragini(blossoming love) epi 16″….
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If its your Diwali festival then…HAPPY DIWALI…I m not sure if it is or not but I read in another ff….??

Swasan come back after sometime and meet raglak.swara tells ragini and she gets happy that finally u realized ur love for sanskar.ragini hugs them.sanskar says thanks.je tells swara that ragini gave me the power and tips to make u confess ur love.she gets teary eyed and says thanks for being the best sis.ragini says we are SWARAGINI sisters so no sorry no thank u…laksh comes there and asks them to do packing as we have to leave tomorrow.they agree and leave at night.they are in the car.laksh is driving and ragini is sleeping sitting at the front seat.swasan are sleeping at back seat in each others arms.laksh keeps hand on ragini’s.he eyes swara and remembers his slap and smirks.
They reach home in the morning.all greet and meet them.annapurna says she is happy that laksh has changed.they thank swara for realizing sanskar’s love.they do the proper grahpravesh of swaragini.all are happy.dp asks them to rest.at night after the dinner swara is arranging her cupboard sanskar comes from behind and hugs her.she smiles and says Mr.maheshwari wt if sm1 sees.he says so what?we r married and allowed to romance.she smiles and turns around to give him a kiss on his cheek.he smiles.they hug.
Ragini is standing in front of mirror.laksh comes and takes sindoor and fills her hairline.she smiles.laksh switches off lights.wing is blowing.its night.


Laksh kisses ragini’s neck and keeps romancing.she breaths heavily and turns around and hugs him tight.ragini kisses laksh’s forehead and cheeks.laksh cups her face and they have a lip kiss ?.ragini turns and smilingly touches her lips.laksh keeps hand around her belly and they lie on floor.laksh takes a rose and starts moving it on ragini’s face making ragini nervous and excited.ragini nevously gets up and goes to window.he comes to her and keeps his hand at window’s corner not letting her move.he undrapes saree from her shoulder and removes the dupatta of saree.he puts hand on ragini’s naked belly and kisses her ears.he takes ragini into his arms and make her lie on bed.he mives finger on ragini’s belly.she clutches at him.they consummate their marriage finally….???❤❤???….

Next epi:swara faints.swasan and raglak decide to go for dinner.someone will be hit by car…..any guesses???(Wait for next epi)….

Sorry for short epi.i did not get time…plz comment….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Only…i m commenting i feel….
    Bt yaar hats off angell…ur writing s r lovely

  2. its short bt nice nd romantic…. Hope to see more of such romantic ones 😀

    1. Thnx yashal

  3. Loved it

    1. Thnk u dear

  4. so nice yaar:-)

    1. Thnx sri

  5. dear frnd
    ur ff is one of my favorite .plz continue it
    I like ur story line.nd happy diwali dr

    1. Thnk u and same 2 u

    2. its so good to see an arshi fan all again :)… z ur real name fauz? just asking out of curiosity becoz in sanaya’s interview i had heard her fan named fauz

  6. Hey my frndz….i am not sure if its ur Diwali festival but if it is then HAPPY DIWALI…..?….and thnks for ur comments

  7. Hapy to c raglak romanc, they nvr show it onscreen. Thank u 4 a wondrful updt. 🙂

    1. Thank u and welcm dear?

  8. angel plz uplod it’s fast dr
    am waiting for so longgg

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