Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 17


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Swara forgives laksh and he eyes her longingly thinking sth…they decide to do breakfast together.in the morning they enjoy breakfast and sanskar says to ragini that I have to talk to you for a moment.he says he is haply for laksh and you.now tell me what should I do??she tells him to keep irritating her and getting her angry.she asks him to take her out somewhere first.he complies.laksh asks swara if she has forgiven him.she says yes and thinks how can I forgive you.ragsan come and sanskar asks swara to get ready by noon we will go out.ragini thinks sanskar is so eager.he leaves with laksh.swaragini have a chat.ragini tells swara that they will leave within few days and says that I told papa and ma about laksh’s changed behaviour and they are very happy.swara smiles and thinks that about sanskar.she tells ragini abt her divorce demand and feelings.ragini acts to be shocked and reprimands her.she asks if she loves sanskar?swara complies.ragini says tell him be4 its too late.she promises her that she will say it today as I know that he love me so why m I afraid??ragini smiles and both leave for shopping ?.swaragini select dresses for themselves and their respective husbands.
Swara gets ready mesmerizing sanskar nd they both leave.they arrive at a restaurant and when waiter asks order sanskar tells everything that swara likes and swara orders sth that sanskar likes.waiter compliments them for their love.both smile.
Meanwhile ragini sees laksh trying to prepare cake ? but much to her amusement he makes his face dirty with flour and his cake bursts.ragini is in fits of laughter while he is disappointed.
Swara and sanskar walk and talk.swara thanks him and he says that he wants to make his every moment special with her.she smiles and he says that he will miss her once she is gone.she is tensed.
Ragini goes to laksh and cleans his face with her dupatta.he eyes her lovingly and she says that she will help him.both start making cake.
Swasan are on their way back home.it starts raining,sanskar again irritates swara and she asks him to stop it as she won’t divorce him as its her final decision.he says u cant take all decisions.why cant you leave me as you were the one who wanted this.she gets angry and asks him to stop car.she gets out and he asks her to stop as its raining and we are standing in the middle of road.
Sanskar:wts wrong with you swara
Swara:wts wrong with you.dnt u get it that I wont divorce you.
Sanskar shouts:why?
Swara blurts out bcz I LOVE YOU DAMN IT!!!
Sanskar is happy at the success of plan and says I LOVE YOU TOO.
Swara is about to hug her but he says why did not you say it be4?
Swara says why did you not understand it?
Sanskar says I just wanted you to speak.
Swara I ve spoken now and instead of meking everythinwfine in this beautiful rain u r fighting,he laughs and lhugs her tight.
Raglak make cake and laksh writes on it I love you…both smile.later laksh is talking sweetly and lovingly on his phone and ragink asks whom is he talking to.he says his gf,she gets angry and snatches phone but is embarrassed to find Annapurna on other side.laksh teases her and asks if she is jealous.he pulls her closer and kisses her forehead saying that since you came in my life I cant think abt anybody else.she smiles and hugs him.
Swara starts spinning and enjoys rain while sanskar continues looking at her.

BOL NA HALKE HALKE plays in bg…

Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her closer.swara’s back is towards him.he moves swara’s hair from neck and kisses her on neck.swara is breathing heavily when sanskar moves his finger on swara’s neck who is fully drenced.he picks her up and spins.
They then find a cottage and move in.they are drenched in rain.swara finds a white saree there and goes to change.sanskar ignites fire and takes off his shirt.swara comes.he holds her hand and kisses it.


He then kisses her forehead.swara turns and he opens her saree’s back and moves his hand on it.swara turns around and hugs him tightly.he then cups her face and they share a lip kiss ?.swara lies down.sanskar kisses her foot.she is shit nervous and excited.he starts moving up.swara takes a turn.her belly part is exposed and sankar kisses her back.she shuts her eyes.sanskar then kisses the back if her neck and straightens her moving her toward him.he kisses her eyes,cheeks and then takes off her saree.he romances her neck and a tear rolls down her eyes.they consummate their marriage.they wake up next morning with both covered in a sheet and clothe less.sanskar says last night was unforgettable.swara smiles.sanskar says I u don’t want divorce now.she hits and says of course not.he says if would want I wont give you.she smiles and they again hide under sheet….???❤?? ❤ ?

Next epi:couples go back home.raglak sizzling romance…

Credit to: Angel

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  2. Awesome episode. <3:-)

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  3. awsm yaar…pls continue….in real shw we cant get any swasan scene swasan ff maintain all dat probzzz…so thnk u guyzzz for dat…..

  4. awsm yaar…pls continue….in real shw we cant get any swasan scene swasan ff maintain all dat probzzz…so thnk u guyzzz for dat…thnk u aditi nd all other swasan ff writers

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  5. wow super dear exciting tomorrow episode

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  7. its a first tym i am reading dis, its really romantic bt i just felt dat swasan cottage seen was inspired or same as arnav and khushi’s hut scene in ipkknd…

    1. I don’t know abt ipkknd…wt is it??

      1. u dint see iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? wid arnav and khushi… :O
        its really awesome and romantic show though it ended long ago…. its still my favourite of all… if u ever get tym, i recommend u to see it… i guess ull too love it 🙂

  8. It was adorable

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