Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 16


Its ragini’s bday.she is happy but to her surprise no one wishes her.not even swara.she gets angry and asks swara if she remembers wts date today.she tells her.then she asks if there is any occasion?swara replie no.ragini asks her to think.she replies oh yes ragini!bday.ragini gets happy but swara disappoints her by saying that its her friends bday.ragini gets angry and leaves.swara smiles.ragini says even laksh didn’t wish her.not even ma baba dada dadi or dida.no one remembers it.she doses off again.by evening the lights turn off.she wonders wt happened.she sees many candles glowing.she asks who is there?lights come and swasan wish her.she is overwhelmed and says I thought u forgot.swara says how could u think abt it?she is happy and hugs her.sanskar arranges laptop and gododia family is online.she is happy to find maheshwari family with them too.all wish her.she gets emotional.sumi says u thought we forgot.ragini says I m sorry ma.i was stupid to think that my ma can forget my bday.the woman who loved me more than a daughter cant let her daughter miss this special day.she says though I m not your daughter still I gave me alot if love.I m very lucky.sumi says dnt talk like this again.u r my daughter.they all smile.raginj cuts cake and opens gift.they bid goodbye to laptop ? people.ragini thinks about laksh.swara says its late we should leave.u rest.after they are gone ragini gets laksh’s message to open the window.she is surprised and opens it and sees a gift ? hanging,she takes it and finds a beautiful white and pink saree in it with a note that come to this place right now.she smiles and complies.
She reaches the place and finds it beautiful decorated with balloons with a cake in the middle of table.she calls laksh.laksh comes from behind and sings bday song.she smiles and says ur voice is really bad.he sits on his knees and apologizes to her for all his bad deeds and says that I cant live without you.i always think about you.seeing you in pain I was pained badly.if u are not around me I feel incomplete.ragini I…I LOVE ❤ YOU…ragini is moved and says I LOVE YOU TOO…but wt u did to swara…he instanwstands anwhugs her.he says I m already guilty.plz forgive me.he says I wanna start afresh.plz give me chance.he says let bygones be bygones.she smiles and tears roll down her cheeks.he wipes them.
He twirls her and both close their eyes.then that start dancing on MERE RANG MEIN RAGNE WALI PARI HO YA HO PARITON KI RANI YA HO MERI PREM KAHANI…during dance wind blows and laksh kisses ragini’s neck causing her to get more excited and dancing beautifully.the dance ends with their tight embrace.
Other side sanskar keeps irritating swara about the divorce and she says stop it.i won’t divorce you.he asks why.she says I cant hurt my family.sanskar says but I can’t hurt you.she asks wt do u mean.he says I LOVE YOU swara.swara is overjoyed.but u don’t.she gets sad.he says we cant compromise.she is quiet.he says don’t worry I wont let u down in anybody’s eyes.i will say that I dnt want to live with you.she gets sad.she tries to Talk but slips and they fall on bed.they have an eye lock while the song TU JO HAI TAU MAIN HUN plays in bg.swara requests God to stop the time.sanskar requests God to give strength to swara to confess her love.
Just then there is a knock at the door.its raglak.they come in and ragini tells about laksh apologies.laksh apologizes to swara and says sorry for everything.i want to forget past and make a new start.he extends hand for friendship.swara looks at ragsan and complies.all smile…

Next epi:ragini hears laksh talking romantically on phone with sm1.she gets angry and takes mobile.she checks and its annapurna.she is embarrassed.laksh says jealous and pulls her toward him.they have eye lock.heavy rain.swasan in car.sanskar again irritating swara,swara gets out of car and angrily confesses her love.swasan romance in cottage(oooolala,wait gir next epi)….

Credit to: Angel

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