Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 15

Swara wakes up but doesn’t find sanskar but thinks about her moments with him.she sees a gift ? at bed and opens it.she finds a beautiful dark blue and light blue frock with churi pajama.there is also a note which says that I will make ur day happy and car will come to pick u up.she smiles.she calls ragini and asks if she is okay.she tells she is suffering from fever but will be fine soon.she asks her to enjoy.swara asks her to take care and cuts call.ragini sees laksh bringing tea and us surprised.he gives her meds and she thinks if its a new plan.swara gets ready and makes a puff of her hair.with curls at end.she wears beautiful jhumkas and leaves.she reaches a beach.she is overwhelmed to see a beautiful set up for eating in the middle decorated with flowers and balloons.sanskar comes and greets her she smiles.he turns her around to show her the stalls of gol gappas,chaats,golas and ice creams.she is impressed and hugs him excitedly but then composes herself.they sit fir lunch and he makes her eat.she eyes him lovingly.he asks her fir a dance and she happily complies.thay dance on ZEHENASEEB.
Dance ends up with swara leaning in his arms and they want time to stop there.
Meanwhile laksh comes after bath naked and ragini,slips but he holds her.
Zehanaseeb is still on…
Both couples have eyelock in a leaning manner.ragini composes herself and is to go when laksh stops her.he caresses her hair and cheeks.she is shit nervous and asks him to leave her.he complies.lajsh’s towel is about to fall and raginj screams much to laksh’s amusement?
Swara eats gol gappas and starts talking non stop forgetting all tensions and worries.sanskar smiles,they leave to have an ice cream.swara diverts sanskar’s attentions and lots chilli on his ice cream.he unknowingly eats it and spills it out.swara laughs.he runs behind her.he stops seeing swara enjoying madly.spinnind and playing with sea water.he says hope this smile always remains.he gives swara teddy bear.then gives a couple bear ?? holding heart ♥.she wishes that may she and sanskar always be together.at night swasan lie under sky watching stars.swara holds his hand.he smiles.he comes over her and swara is nervous and eyes him lovingly.he says let,me see you as after 2.5 mnths we will be on our ways.she is boggled and remembers her promise.she laments herself and says to samskar that I dnt want to hurt my family so let it be.no divorce.he says that we can’t compromise throughout.u wanted this so iy will happen.no one will be sad.dnt worry.she is tensed.sanskar smiles and says ragini’s idea worked.samskar thinks that till u dnt accept ur love for me u have to be irritated.sanskar sleeps and swara eyes him,keeps her he’s on his shoulder and sleeps….

Next epi:sanskar keeps irritating swara about divorce and she gets angry.laksh plans for ragini’s birthday ?.he arranges a beautiful set up for her with music,flwers,cakes gifts etc to make her feel special.he asks I she will give him a chance.she is glad to see change in him and complies…

Credit to: Angel

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    1. Yeah I m sorry as its been published twice….

  2. Sooooo sorry guys its not epi 15….its been published twice its actually epi 14…really sorry….

    1. Angel plz update next part fast 🙂

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